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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

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December 22nd, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Deserea continued to examine the doors. The brass seemed consistent and solid. The lead in the seams was carefully placed. The iron chains and bronze lock were in good shape, though a little oxidized by time. The symbols carved in the doors were filled with some kind of silvery metal she could not identify, but that glowed slightly.

The magical effects from the doors were multi-layered. There was something causing the repulsion they saw in the dog and that Locke and Izelda experienced, and there was something else creating some kind of containment.

Despite her severe and damaging discomfort standing at the door, Izelda was able to tell that the repulsion was caused by some variation on an Antipathy spell.

Finally, Leve climbed up the stairs, but also failed his save. However, he too forced himself to the door with Izelda and Deserea.

Schmidt finally gave up on waiting and opened the door, Locke stepped in, sword drawn, followed immediately by Schmidt.

The interior was dimly lit in varying sickly colors cast about by the stained glass windows high in the walls. The colors of the surfaces inside did not do anything to brighten or warm the colors - or to alleviate the nauseating appearance. The large entry area had a muddy red-brown stone flooring and plastered walls with murals depicting all kinds of revolting, evil, and loathsome acts.

To the north the floor changed to a green stone similar to what was outside, and there were large pink crystalline columns supporting the high ceiling. Locke and Schmidt slowly walked over to inspect the change in the floor, being careful not to cross the line.

Locke then started across the red floor to the smaller door on the west side. The door was locked.

Leve, Izelda, and Deserea came in, and Izelda immediately made for the inside of the large brass doors. From this side she was not repulsed, and could easily approach them. Deserea joined her and they inspected the doors. From this side they looked normal except where some lead came through where the joints were sealed from the outside.

Schmidt made his way over to Locke and slipped out the bolt, leaving the door unlocked, then Schmidt and Locke moved over to the change in the floor again. Izelda watched them, and as Locke stepped onto the green floor, stated, "Don't cross onto the green, that's what causes that effect."

"Seems fine," Locke responded.

Schmidt walked back over to the other side and crossed onto the green flooring while Leve and Izelda cautiously followed Locke.

"It must just be the center section," Leve explained, "between the two rows of columns."

Deserea walked over. "I don't see any magic here," she said, "what are you guys talking about?"

"The magical effect from outside," Izelda explained, "it seems to be related to the green stone."

"Is it effecting anyone?" Deserea asked.

The rest of the group grumbled in the negative as Deserea started into the area between the columns.

This room was vast, with many columns in rows running north-to-south, but not aligning east-to-west. The space was several hundred feet in length, and over one hundred feet wide. The dim multi-colored light through the stained glass windows made it difficult to make out details from any distance. The dusty floor was littered with broken lumber which may have previously been furniture, but nothing useful was left.

As they moved along, they could see wings heading off the main room to the southeast and southwest. These spaces on their own over one hundred feet square. In the center of this main room, roughly where the two wings joined, was an altar of pink marble, and just beyond that a twenty-foot diameter shaft down into the floor. There was a depression in the top of the altar, with a drain at one end. The depression was stained dark red-brown. On top of the altar was a broken crystal knife, and there was a lot of broken crystal around the hole in the floor. The columns around the altar and hole were white marble, not the pink crystal of the rest of the columns in the main area.

Izelda lit a torch and threw it down the hole, estimating the depth of the shaft at around two hundred feet.

Izelda and Deserea examined the shaft, noting its walls were white marble. About 15' down near the northernmost point, there was a narrow ledge, which sloped downward as it went around the perimeter, turning to stairs as it reached the south edge. These stairs looked to be as steep as the stairs outside. There was some discussion about whether there was a hidden door at the top of the stairs inside the shaft, with an access somewhere else in the temple.

They moved on to the north, reaching a point where there was a grand staircase of the same steep stairs going down. These stairs were 20' wide and carved of some gray stone. On either side of these were shorter flights of stairs going up. The stairs up were about ten feet wide each and carved of some black stone. The black stone continued at the top of these stairs further to the north. From the edges of these stairs to the east and west walls of the building, and around the grand staircase down were banisters of stone. The rail was of red stone, with brown, green, and white supports.

In the center of this black floor was a massive bronze brazier, nearly twenty feet in diameter, with three short legs lifting it maybe a foot off the floor. In this basin were pieces of charred wood and unidentifiable black lumps among ashes and dust.

Beyond this was a raised dais with four curved stairs leading up to it. These stairs were made of the same black stone as the floor here, and, again, extremely steep and narrow. The floor of the dais was inlaid with stone of brown, white, red, or green in ten-foot squares. Just behind the center was a massive throne of purple basalt, carved with demon heads and grinning skulls.

Leve and Locke climbed the stairs and approached the throne. Behind it there were massive letters carved into the wall - something of a relief from the depictions of sacrifices and evil acts carved everywhere else on the walls. Izelda climbed up onto the dais as well, while Schmidt, Biff, and Deserea just walked along the bottom of the stairs.

Leve spoke at the throne in abyssal, wondering if it would do anything. Expecting it to do something. Then he went back to the pink altar and cut his hand to drip some blood into the altar and came back, but nothing happened.

There was a door from this area heading east. It had had something carved into it, but whatever it was had been chiseled off quite some time ago. The door was unlocked, and opening it revealed a room that had been opulently furnished. However, everything in the room was broken beyond repair. A pile of small logs near the door was conspicuously neat, drawing Izelda to investigate. Behind it she found a small door, hiding several embroidered red robes.

Leve headed back out into the main room, and across the black floor and down onto the green, then proceeded on to the west. The rest followed him, but Deserea hung back, starting to investigate the reliefs on the walls.

The west wing had a red slate floor, and the columns here were of sandstone. On the north wall, just in from the green-floored area was another door. Leve was checking this out when Schmidt got there and looked it over for traps. The door was not locked, and Izelda declared it to be free of magic, so they opened it.

The room was an odd trapezoidal shape, and in one corner it was obvious there had been a fire. Several charred white robes and some burnt furniture. Searching around, Izelda asked Locke for a boost and grabbed an embroidered white robe out of the rafters.

Stepping out of this room, they looked around the rubble in the middle of this wing. Part of is was a large granite obelisk that had been broken apart, and a stone dais that appeared to have formerly supported the obelisk that was broken and smashed, as well as a maul which had been broken at some point. There were broken bronze chains hanging from some pieces of the obelisk, and some broken manacles on the ground.

Moving on, there was a door in the southwest wall near the westernmost corner. This door opened into a small room with stairs leading down in the southwest corner, and a broken bowl and ewer to the west. There was also some brown fabric in piles on the floor.

Deserea came into the room after everyone. "I need you to look at something for me," she said, "especially you Izelda and Leve."

She led them out and back to the main hall. "Do you see any of the symbols from the door in any of these carvings or in the paintings in the entry area?" Deserea asked.

They looked around, but nobody did.

Deserea led them out. "I think that is a very bad place for us to be," she declared. "I think we may be meant to stay out, or we may be waking something.

"Locke, I know it's hard," she continued, "but I need to you come around front and focus on the symbols on the door. Are the symbols evil?"

Locke followed her around front and looked from outside the repulsion area, but couldn't tell. He moved in with Deserea and Schmidt, and eventually could differentiate between the symbols and the door itself. "Well, I can't tell you if they're good, but the symbols themselves are not evil (but everything else is)," he reported.

As he reported this, Deserea was overcome with the strong urge to get away from the door.

Leve forced his way up to the door again, feeling slowed and uncoordinated as he did. He took another close look at the symbols, thinking of any religious contexts he may have seen them in. Then it dawned on him. These symbols were arcane symbols of good used for containment of evil.

"I think we are in completely the wrong place," Deserea decreed. "We need to go away from here and leave it alone, not even investigating the top rooms. Instead, we need to figure out that tower. That's where they're keeping Cannoness Y'Dey."

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