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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, November 18th, 2004

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November 18th, 2004, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Well, after the brawl last time, our group gathered up the client and returned to the hotel. Giggy opted to sit up in the lounge area in Mr. Benga's room for a while, and left Raven to take care of Buckwheat. A few hours later, Giggy woke up to the smell of burning synthetic fibers, and discovered a fire burning on the carpet in the room. He radioed for Raven while beating out the fire with a cushion. Raven woke Buckwheat up and got him to go look around astrally to see if anything was amiss, but Buckwheat didn't find anything.

Once the fire was out, Giggy checked on Benga-san who seemed fine, though a little disturbed at being woken in the middle of the night.

Confident that the client was safe, Giggy reported the incident to hotel security, who sent someone up to investigate, and offered them another room (which Giggy denied).

The next day, after Buckwheat healed himself, Benga-san wanted to go to visit a museum before his final meeting, a dinner meeting at the Wilson Club, an exclusive country club on the northeast edge of Sydney. The trip to the museum was uneventful and the day passed nicely.

The meeting went well, though there seemed to be a little tension between our group and the two Chinese men who were also standing outside the doors to the meeting room. However, once the meeting was adjourned, Benga-san came out the main door of the meeting room, where Giggy was standing, grabbed him by the arm, and said, "We're leaving now. If your associates are not at the car when we get there, they will have to devise their own way back to the hotel."

Giggy radioed to Buckwheat, who was standing in the main dining room, and Raven, who was standing at the door from the kitchen to the private dining room where the meeting had been held, to let them know that they were leaving immediately. On the way through the parking lot, Giggy spotted a "suspicious individual" standing over under a tree at the back of the lot, and ungraciously pushed the client into the back seat of the car just as a "large black car" pulled across the entrance to the parking lot and popped a weapon turret.

The black car took a shot at where Benga-san had been standing, doing fair damage to Raven's brand new purple Ford Americar.

Buckwheat had just gotten to the car and opened the door, when the car was shot. Standing in the open door of the car, he summoned a spirit, then managed to dive out of the way and slam the car door as Giggy, quickly and with great style, backed the car out of the parking space.

Meanwhile, Raven had jumped on his bike and grabbed his shotgun, taking a shot at the black car's window as he sped toward it. His shot took out the window, but drew the attention of the turret operator and the mage who Giggy had already spotted at the back of the parking lot.

Fortunately for Raven, the gunner missed, but unfortunately, the mage's mana bolt did not. Being uncharacteristicly graceful. Raven kept control of the bike and managed to get another shot at the black car before it sped off. And then to get another mana bolt for his troubles. Spinning his bike around to take on the mage, of course, Raven slipped back into form and dumped it, leaving himself on the ground between his shotgun and his still-running bike.

After rolling out of the way of Giggy's driving, Buckwheat sent his spirit to 'accident' the black car, and turned his attention to the mage. Giggy backed the car back up, since the black car was clearly focusing on Raven and his shotgun, and, after popping the trunk open, yelled for Buckwheat to jump in.

Buckwheat, rarely being one to follow orders (good cat), ignored Giggy and tossed his own mana bolt back at the mage. Unfortunately, the mage merely shrugged this off.

Giggy, seeing that he was being ignored, and not wanting to leave Buckwheat behind, leaned out the window of the car to try to take a shot at the mage.

Buckwheat's spirit returned, and Buckwheat immediately sent him to accident the mage, while closing the trunk and jumping into the passenger seat of the car. Raven got back up and took aim at the mage. Giggy took his shot just as the spirit got to the mage, and while Giggy shot very well, the mage did not resist at all...

Raven then gave the autopilot on his bike instructions to follow the car, and climbed in, where Buckwheat attempted to heal him, which worked somewhat. They dropped Raven off at a hospital and Buckwheat took the car and the client home while Giggy got Raven checked in.

Early the next morning Giggy and Buckwheat took Benga-san to his pickup, which was uneventful.

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