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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 5th, 2020

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January 5th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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They discussed the methods for getting over to the tower for a while. Possibly scaling the temple, crossing the roof, and then jumping off the other end and making their way through the remaining distance on the ground, or possibly just going along the ground all the way. Eventually Izelda walked down the narrow ledge past the door they had entered the temple through and where that met the wall, she jumped into the bushes. She was immediately attacked by one of the plants, but it seemed to ignore her when as she climbed back up the steps to the ledge.

"I think we need to find another route," she said.

"Maybe there's a tunnel from the basement of the temple," Schmidt suggested. "We know of at least three ways down..."

Locke and Schmidt headed back into the temple and started making their way to the west stairs, past the sandstone columns. Izelda and eventually Leve and Deserea followed.

They made their way down the stairs with light from Schmidt's light spell and Locke's ever-burning torch. A short distance past the bottom of the stairs, they came to an intersection and headed right. After about 20 feet, this came to a T and they went right again. This eventually came to a room that was obviously an armory. There were broken racks for holding weapons, and many broken weapons and pieces of armor. After looking around a while, they returned from whence they had come and proceeded down the other arm of the T. This ended in another armory that mirrored the first. However, Deserea spotted a magical crossbow bolt with her detect magic.

Not finding any other exit, they returned the way they had come. When they got to the four-way intersection near the bottom of the stairs, Izelda commented that the floors were clean. Deserea went back and looked, and they were clean to the T, but not in either of the side passages where their tracks could be seen.

Returning to the four-way, they proceeded straight, which would have been a right from the bottom of the stairs. Izelda checked the direction to confirm they were still heading north and nothing odd had happened.

They came to another four-way. To the right they could see the end of the passage, with a door, as well as a door on the south wall about half-way down the corridor. to the left they could see a door on the north wall just before the end of their torchlight. To the north the passage just continued into the darkness.

They decided to head to the right, and Schmidt checked that first door. It was locked with a deadbolt and was chained and padlocked. Both locks were new and well maintained. He moved on to the door at the end of the hall. This was locked, but it was just a bolt, which he quickly released. Opening the door, he was attacked by a trio of ghouls.

Izelda backed off. The three ghouls missed Schmidt, as did two others behind them. Deserea started singing encouragement. Leve moved up and cast resistance on Schmidt. Locke moved forward through Schmidt and the door and power attacked with cleave, hitting one and killing another. Schmidt stepped up next to Locke and hit one of the ghouls.

Izelda ran up through the opening Locke had created into the center of the room. More ghouls poured in through a door to the north. One hit Locke, several hit Izelda, and one hit Schmidt. Deserea tried to cast fireball from one of her scrolls, but failed. Leve swung at one of the closest ghouls but missed. Locke, beside Leve, power attacked and cleaved, killing two. Schmidt hit two, killing both.

Izelda swung and missed. The ghouls moved in, hitting both Izelda and Schmidt but missing Locke. Deserea was suddenly sickened by the appearance of some other undead at the end of the corridor behind her. Deserea continued singing, but defended herself against the new foes. Leve stepped forward and healed Izelda. Lock again used his power attack and cleave to kill two ghouls. Schmidt attacked, killing on and injuring another.

Izelda stepped up, attacked, and missed. The creatures that were approaching Deserea turned and fled into the darkness. The remaining ghouls in the room hit Schmidt and turned and ran. Deserea continued singing and took a step toward the intersection to look and see if she could tell where the creatures ran to, but they had disappeared into the darkness. Leve healed Izelda again and stepped past her to where the ghouls had run through a door to the north. Locke stepped up and power attacked the two trailing ghouls, killing both. Schmidt ran past Locke after the one last ghoul and killed it.

Locke walked back into the corridor and used his mercy on Deserea so she was no longer sickened. The room that most of the combat took place in had several piles of torn tapestries and pieces of upholstery that had been used as beds for some of the ghouls. It also had a carving in the south wall of a deformed face with demons dancing around it. There was a box along the north wall next to the door, and another door, still closed, with a peep hole, at the north end of the west wall.

The room Schmidt was in to the north was similar in size and piles of bedding, but had a large water barrel in the southwest corner, a large, damaged table and two stools, and a large sack next to a door leading out to the north.

Izelda walked over and opened the box, and Schmidt yelled at her for not letting him check for traps first.

As the group got back together, Schmidt and Deserea checked out the sack, which had clothing for at least a dozen people. Izelda checked that the barrel was filled with water with a slightly sulfuric smell. She dumped the barrel revealing a hole in the floor under it that contained several coins.

Leve, Locke, and Schmidt pushed the table into the north corner to block the door, then the group returned to the southern room. Schmidt locked the door they came in through, which was easy from this side, and Locke checked the peephole in the remaining door.

"It's dark," Locke stated, "you want to check Deserea?"

She looked through the peephole and let them know that all she could see was that it was a wide corridor leading north.

They opened the door and proceeded to the north along the corridor. It jogged to the east and then continued north, opening into a massive banquet hall. There were broken tables and other furniture scattered, but mostly piled against the west wall, and several skeletons of various humanoids. One they found that was different from what they had seen outside was a skeleton of an orc, wearing a brown robe with a black triangle embroidered on it.

"Can anyone speak with dead?" Leve asked. "He may be able to tell us something."

"Not right now," Deserea responded.

"Well, I'll give him a proper burial, at least," Leve commented.

"He'll almost definitely want to be burned," Deserea informed, "not buried."

"Then last rights and a pyre."

There was a grand entrance to this banquet hall near the center of the east wall, and a smaller passage heading east at the north end of the room. The central passage appeared to return to the main corridor at an angle, so the group headed to the northern entrance. Before proceeding, they healed up as much as they could.

This corridor went around a couple corners and into a kitchen. There was a massive fireplace and bank of ovens to the north and three doors to the south. Izelda stepped forward to the fireplace and stuck her head in. She was immediately bitten by a snake.

The snake bit Izelda again, poisoning her. Schmidt moved up and the snake struck at him, but missed. Schmidt hit the snake and the snake reared back again. Locke moved up and missed. Leve stepped in and hit the snake. Izelda hit the snake and moved back. Deserea started singing from the corner of the room.

The snake bit Schmitd, poisoning him as well. Schmidt hit the snake twice. Locke missed again. Leve moved up and compelled hostility so the snake could only attack him. The snake bit at him, but missed. Izelda threw her spear, but missed. Deserea moved further back, seeing how far the snake could strike.

The snake struck at Locke, missing. Schmidt hit the snake twice, dropping it to the floor.

They checked each other's wounds and healed what they could. The poison did not seem to have any lasting effect, but rather just did significant damage.

They checked the three doors, two went to small storage rooms, the third went back to the main corridor. They returned through the banquet hall to grand entry and down the angled corridor. There was a door on the east wall just north of them, and a short distance beyond the door to the kitchen. To their right was another door heading east.

They proceeded through this door to the east, which opened into a ten foot wide, thirty foot long corridor with several piles of bedding. On the north wall was a filthy, mildew-covered shield that Deserea detected as being magical. She pulled that down as Schmidt unlocked the door to the south. This went into another, slightly larger room with several more piles of bedding and the overwhelming stench of ghouls. There was a large chest here, and a door in the southwest corner of the room.

Locke and Izelda tried the door, only to find it blocked by a table, making it difficult to open. "Well," Schmidt commented, "we know where that goes, then."

Schmidt checked the chest for traps and finding none, unlocked it and opened it, It had some old fabric, some coins, and a silver scroll case. The case contained one scroll, which Deserea immediately claimed.

Izelda threw everything else out of the chest and placed the box she had picked up from the room where they fought the ghouls in it, then hefted the chest.

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