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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 19th, 2020

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January 19th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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As they stood in the room, Deserea reiterated her concerns about going down into these dungeons without investigating the tower first. After some arguing, they decided to go back up and head down the grand staircase near the center of the main temple. This, at least was closer to the tower, and if there was a passage from the main temple to the tower, those stairs would be closer.

They got to the grand staircase, and Schmidt and Biff started down the stairs. Again, these stairs were steep and a little treacherous. Deserea followed Schmidt down, but at a little distance.

Looking ahead, and trying to keep Schmidt's torch's light out of her eyes, she noticed a faint, silver-blue glow further down the stairs. As they proceeded, Schmidt's light fell on a pair of doors, reflecting golden light, chained shut with symbols and runes etched into them. Schmidt had a strong urge to leave the doors.

"Okay," he said, "that's it, we don't want to go this way."

Locke, who was now standing next to them agreed.

"I'm heading down to see what they are," Deserea responded. Despite her strong dislike for the doors as well, she forced herself down the stairs.

Locke and Biff headed back up the stairs, while Izelda came down. Izelda and Schmidt watched Deserea at the edge of the torchlight.

"We could tie a rope around the railing up there, and swing in," Izelda suggested.

"If these doors are messing with us," Leve commented, "I want nothing to do with them.

If Deserea is right, and these are keeping in some ancient evil, we definitely do not want to disturb the doors."

"And I don't think swinging down the stairs and into locked, chained, and sealed doors is a good idea. What if there's some trap or something we can't all deal with because we're incapacitated?" Locke asked.

Deserea made her way back up the stairs slowly and carefully. Between the steepness of the stairs and her loss of dexterity (which was much worse with these doors than with the first doors), she wasn't rushing this.

"These doors appear to be identical to the doors outside," she reported when everyone was at the top of the stairs again.

"Well, our best bet to finding a tunnel to the tower, then, is through the basement," Leve reaffirmed and started walking back toward the stairs they had already been down.

The rest of the group followed, Deserea grumbling about the unknown dangers of the rest of the lower level.

When they got back down, Schmidt lead them straight down the first corridor, not turning at the first intersection. When this led to a 20' wide ramp heading down to their left, and continued on on the far side of the ramp, Schmidt turned around and headed back to the first intersection and over to the second hallway heading east - the one the ghasts and ghouls had fled down a few hours earlier.

About a short distance down this hall, there was a door on the north side. There was some discussion about whether or not they should open the locked door, or proceed on down the corridor. They could already see another corridor to the right, and the hall jogging to the left a few feet beyond that. While they were talking about it, Schmidt noticed a peephole in the door and pointed it out to the others.

"Well," Locke offered, "they've seen us, may as well not leave them behind us..."

Schmidt opened the door, and was immediately attacked. Archers and swordsmen.

Izelda stepped over and cast aqueous sphere through the door. Schmidt attacked one that dodged Izelda's spell, killing him on the second hit, then stepped to the side. Deserea stepped back and started singing. Locke called fire to his sword and moved toward the door. Leve moved up between Locke and Schmidt and swung and hit the gnoll in the water. "Gnolls?" he asked. The gnolls tried to escape Izelda's spell.

Izelda told everyone to move out of the way as more gnolls came around the corner. Schmidt moved back behind Locke. Deserea stepped up and cast cat's grace on Schmidt. Locke moved up to the approaching gnolls but stepped into the side passage to the right. He swung and hit one, as it hit him. Leve moved up next to Locke and cast shield of faith. Izelda stepped over and moved the sphere out the door and down the hall to the first of the gnolls in the hall. The two gnolls that had been carried by the sphere dropped out of it, unconscious. Two others ran through it toward Izelda.

Schmidt cast on his weapon, hit the ones threatening Izelda, killing both. Deserea tripped another in front of the sphere with her whip. Locke attacked one in the water around the corner and missed. Leve stepped up beside Locke and attacked. Izelda moved up to the door and saw hobgoblins behind it, so she pulled the door closed and held it. The gnolls moved up to try to attack Leve and Locke, and the hobgoblins forced the door, one in the back shooting Deserea over Izelda.

Schmidt waited for Izelda to move. Deserea tripped another of the gnolls by Leve. Locke moved past Leve and killed the two gnolls there. Leve dropped his mace and manacled the unconscious gnoll at his feet. Izelda stepped away from the door and grabbed her spear. Schmidt stepped into the door and attacked one of the hobgoblins. The first two hobgoblins missed Schmidt and Izelda respectively, but the third hit Izelda with an arrow.

Deserea stepped over and healed Izelda. Locke moved over to the door and attacked, killing one of the hobgoblins. Leve moved up and pulled out the arrow catching shield. Izelda moved the sphere around the corner, taking the remaining gnolls with it. She dropped her spear, and pulled out a wand. Schmidt stepped into the room past Locke, and killed another hobgoblin. The final two hobgoblins attacked Schmidt, one hitting him.

Deserea stepped in and healed Izelda. Locke moved into the room, dodging a swing from a hobgoblin, and hit one of them in return. Leve walked right through the room as though the hobgoblins were no threat, then shield bashed one. Izelda stepped into the room next to Schmidt and attacked and killed one of the hobgolbins. Schmidt killed the last in two hits.

They looked around the room. There was a barrel in one corner, and a pile of dirt next to that. On the other side of the barrel was a door. Along the other wall was a table. Izelda walked over to the barrel, and it was filled with water, smelling of sulfur. As she bent over to grab some of the dirt to put in the chest she was carrying, Deserea warned her that that dirt was in some way sacred. Izelda scooped up a bunch anyway.

Locke and Leve gathered the weapons from all the gnolls and hobgoblins, and found a number of coins on each. They carried the bodies into the room with the pile of dirt.

Deserea started questioning the gnoll. With some persuasion, he informed them that their leaders were Ogres, and they were part of the Earth temple. There were many troops there, as well as the other four factions, and they came in through a tunnel to a lower level. He knew nothing of a tower or a human named Y'Dey, but there were prisoners in several places. He sketched out a rough holy symbol of "the great one" for Leve, which neither Leve nor Locke recognized, just that it looked like a mushroom with a smiling face.

With Deserea's persuasion, he also revealed that their priests wore brown robes; and he started to draw a map from the tunnel to where they were currently.

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