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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 16th, 2020

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February 16th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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In the morning Deserea and Ezren headed to Nulb with the rescued prisoners and the captured gnoll.

Locke, Leve, Izelda, and Schmidt went back into the temple with Jacob and Robert. While Jacob and Robert helped Izelda haul the gnoll and hobgoblin bodies outside, Schmidt checked out the two doorways at the end of the hallway across from the door the gnolls were spying through.

Schmidt listened at the door on the right, checked it for traps, and found it to be unlocked. As he opened the door, Leve and Locke heard something behind them - the sound of stone scraping on stone. They couldn't agree on which direction the noise came from, but they could agree that the stench from Schmidt opening the door was overwhelming.

Locke stepped forward and swung his sword as if there were something standing in front of him. Leve created water over the intersection of the two hallways. As the water spilled onto the floor, it pooled around shape beneath where Locke had swung. "There's something short on the floor," Leve reported.

Schmidt held off while Biff sniffed the air. Leve created water directly above where is previous water avoided, revealing that whatever this was, it was flat. He braced his tower shield between himself and whatever it was. Locke moved up beside Leve and pulled out an alchemist fire. The thing on the ground slammed into Leve's shield.

"It's a grey ooze," Schmidt declared, casting resist acid on Leve. "It's immune to fire." Leve leaned around his tower shield and attacked with his mace, but the ooze grabbed the mace from his grip. Locke drew his axe and put away the alchemist fire. The ooze tried to grab Leve, but missed.

Schmidt cast resist acid on Locke. Leve punched the thing, and Locke hit it with his axe. It tried to hit Locke, but missed.

Schmidt pulled out his shield and stepped in behind Leve. He couldn't get up to attack, but he could help protect the inquisitor. Leve grabbed his mace and pulled it back out of the ooze which was dissolving it. Locke swung and missed/ It hit Locke but was not able to grab him.

Schmidt held off doing anything, and Leve punched the thing and it lost cohesion.

Izelda got back as Leve was walking down the hallway creating water every few feet to see if there were any other oozes lurking about.

They went back to the room that Schmidt had opened. The rancid smell was overwhelming, but Locke pushed in to find just a mess of broken barrels and kegs, and mixed wines, beers, ales, and other liquors on the floor rotting. As Locke came out, Izelda went in and looked around as well. Neither of them found anything.

Schmidt checked the door across the hall and went in. This room was another smashed-up armory, but unlike the last one, it did not have any magic items hidden in the rafters.

The consulted the gnoll's map and decided to head back to the south and clear out anything south of them before proceeding any further north. From the map, they figured that would keep them away from the trolls until Deserea could get back with the additional alchemist fire and other equipment from Nulb.

They headed back to the intersection near the bottom of the stairs, and then proceeded east to the wide corridor heading north they had turned back from previously. As they had planned, Schmidt went on past this passage, followed by Leve and Locke then Jacob and Robert. Izelda, bringing up the rear, threw the small stone she had cast light on down this wide side passage, expecting it to connect to where they were. However, the stone clanged against large brass doors much different from the doors at the front of the temple. After the clang they heard a commotion of growls, hoots, and hissing from the corridor. Everyone moved back to the intersection in time to see the light go out.

Schmidt cast lead blades on his weapon, and Leve cast guidance on Locke. Locke instructed Robert and Jacob to move back toward the exit, and if things got really bad, to head back outside.

As Jacob and Robert moved back, darkness fell, greatly reducing the effectiveness of Locke and Schmidt's everburning torches. Izelda lit a torch of her own, but it cast no light though she could see the flame. Locke called flame to his sword. Schmidt readied a potion. Leve pulled his tower shield up to provide cover. Jacob and Robert continued back out of the darkness toward the entrance.

A ray of something came out of the darkness ahead, but missed Schmidt. Izelda retrieved and lit another torch. Locke moved up saw a troll, and swung with his flaming sword, missing. Schmidt drank the potion, enlarging himself and moved forward beside Leve. Biff ran to Jacob and Robert. Leve uncovered his everburning torch and moved forward.

Out of the darkness a troll stepped up and shot fire from his hands, hitting Schmidt. Izelda cast stonecall, raining stones of various sizes all over the darkened area. Locke healed himself. Schmidt moved up toward the troll and was attacked out of the darkness by a hydra. Leve cast shield of faith. The hydra bit at Leve twice, missing, then breathed fire repeatedly on Leve, Locke, and Schmidt.

Another ray came out of the darkness, but fizzled. Izelda moved up and cast bull's strength on Leve. Locke moved up and the hydra missed him. Schmidt attacked, hitting twice. Leve stepped up again, and planted his shield. They hydra breathed again with the two heads that bit previously, then bit at each assailant in reach in turn, hitting Schmidt.

Izelda healed Schmidt. Locke power attacked and hit the hydra. Schmidt power attacked but missed. Leve moved up again, planted his shield, and drew a wand. The hydra withdrew into the darkenss.

A ray came out from the darkness, hitting Schmidt this time, and a troll swing his polearm at Schmidt, but missed. Izelda conjured another aqueous orb and rolled it onto the troll. Locke used a smite against the troll and hit. Schmidt attacked as well. Leve used the wand from behind his tower shield to heal Locke.

The armed troll dropped his weapon and attacked Locke with claws and fangs, ripping into the paladin violently. The other troll cast burning hands again to hit Schmidt and Izelda. Izelda moved up to heal Locke...

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