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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 1st, 2020

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March 1st, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Schmidt stepped up and missed, but connected on his second swing. Leve planted his shield and took a defensive posture.

The troll magi moved up. The other troll bit Schmidt. Izelda dragged Locke out of reach of the trolls and cast a healing spell. Locke healed himself and assessed the situation. Schmidt hit the troll. Leve used his healing wand on himself and stepped back.

The troll magi stepped back and cast. The other troll retreated back toward the corridor from which they came, on the way he was hit by Schmidt and dropped. Robert and Jacob moved up. Izelda healed Locke again, then stepped up to Schmidt. Lock stood and stepped in front of Leve. Schmidt changed weapons. Leve healed Schmidt with the wand in his hand, then moved over and was hit by the troll. The hydra grabbed the fallen troll as it moved back into the combat.

The Troll mage stepped up and attacked Locke, but missed. Robert and Jacob continued to move through the darkness along the wall, toward the combat. Izelda moved over and healed Leve. Locke stepped up and hit the troll magi. Schmidt hit twice, but Leve missed. The hydra hit Izelda from its corner.

The troll retreated behind the hydra. Robert and Jacob moved up into the light, but still couldn't see the combat as it was in the next pool of darkness. Izelda withdrew from the combat. When she saw Robert and Jacob, she screamed, "breath weapon!" Locke stepped up and attacked. Leve stepped up beside him and planted his shield. The hydra breathed with all six of its heads, but between resistances and the tower shield, only hurt Izelda.

Robert and Jacob continued to make their way into the darkness and toward the combat. Izelda moved up and healed Schmidt. Locke stepped in again and attacked. Schmidt moved up and hit the hydra. Leve cast acid splash on the hydra, and the hydra withdrew again, injured.

The trolls shuffled position with the hydra. Robert and Jacob moved up. Izelda moved up and cast natural armor on Locke. Locke closed with the trolls and missed. The troll missed on his counterattack. Schmidt stepped up and attacked, dropping one of the trolls again. Leve poured one of his bottles of gelatinous cube acid on the troll, scorching it. The hydra attacked Schmidt.

Robert and Jacob moved up behind Leve and Locke. Izelda cast and moved up, healing Schmidt. Locke moved and attacked. Schmidt attacked the hydra, hitting and then critically wounding it. Leve untied the red cloak from the troll magi and tried to get it out from under the body.

Jacob and Robert helped Leve pull the cloak out, then retrieved two rings from the other troll. Leve acid splashed the troll magi, while Robert and Jacob retrieved firewood from Izelda and set up a pyre for the bodies. Izelda chopped the hydra into smaller pieces so it could be burnt or carried.

Leve, Robert and Jacob got the fires burning under the trolls, while Locke and Schmidt examined the room they were in. This was obviously the hydra's holding pen, and there was a ring set in the middle of the floor that the hydra could be chained to.

As Leve discovered that the body of the troll magi was not burning, Schmidt and Locke stepped down the hall away from this round room. Leve acid splashed the one troll until it fell apart while the other burned.

Down the hall the passage split - forward and right. Locke, Schmidt and Izelda went to the right and after a short distance, it opened up to a larger room, obviously the trolls' sleeping quarters. As they were examining this room, Jacob, standing at the intersection, shouted, "Giants!"

His shout gave him little time to react, but the first ogre ran at him, swung, and missed. Jacob stepped back and turned to see the party converging on his intersection from both directions.

Leve ran up and acid splashed the lead ogre. Izelda cast and moved up. Locke moved up and ordered, "Jacob, step back and lead them to the round room," where the hydra had previously been chained. The lead ogre attacked Leve and missed. Robert moved up to his half-brother. Schmidt moved up, thinking about grabbing his bow, but decided not to due to the tight quarters. Jacob swung and missed, but stepped back as instructed.

Leve swung and hit the ogre, then stepped back with Jacob and Robert. Izelda cast and stepped over to get out of the way and let the ogres past. Locke power attacked and hit, then stepping back into the side passage with Izelda and Schmidt. The ogre bull-rushed Leve and Robert, but failed. Leve and Locke took the opportunity to attack and dropped the ogre between them. The second ogre charged and attacked, missing the paladin. Robert moved back toward the round room. Schmidt jumped in, attacked with a critical, and jumped back. Jacob took a step back.

Leve hit the ogre who had charged in. Izelda changed shape into a badger. Locke power attacked and dropped the ogre. The third ogre ran off into the darkness of the corridor. Robert waited to see what his employer's instructions were. Schmidt ran after the fleeing ogre. "We don't want him getting reinforcements," he explained. Jacob moved up after Schmidt.

Leve used his liberation power to not trip over ogres or fall on corners, and ran after Schmidt. Izelda ran, but slid around the corner into Jacob, causing both of them to tumble. Locke ran after, but not so quickly. Robert moved up carefully, he knew he was not that acrobatic. Schmidt attacked, hitting the first time, but missing the second. Jacob got up and moved toward the combat.

Leve moved up, but couldn't get close enough to attack. Izelda ran toward the ogre, but also couldn't get close enough to attack. Locke ran up, but not quite into range. The ogre attacked Schmidt but missed. Robert moved up. Schmidt hit then missed. Jacob stepped up and attacked but also missed.

Leve pulled out his crossbow but missed. Izelda moved through and attacked the ogre from behind. Locke held his action, expecting Schmidt and Jacob to drop the ogre. The ogre hit Schmidt. Lock healed Schmidt, watching the ogre for another attack. Robert moved up behind his half-brother. Schmidt critically wounded the ogre, dropping him.

They dragged the ogres over to the troll pyre and piled them on, then made their way out of the building and back to camp to recuperate.

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