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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 15th, 2020

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March 15th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Deserea disguised herself on the way into town so that she would not be recognized. As they got close to town, the merchant offered that they could find their own way to the hotel, and once they got back to Dyvvers, they could send a reward to her and her friends.

Deserea took the donkeys and went to Mother Screng's. She was able to get healer's kits and some alchemist fire, and Mother Screng sent her on to the blacksmith to get the shield Leve wanted. The blacksmith was also able to provide her with the lockpicks that Schmidt wanted. The smith was also able and willing to put up the donkeys for a few days until Deserea could get back into town.

Deserea made it back out to camp that evening and distributed the few items she was able to obtain. As she was going through her pack, she found a roll of parchment tied with twine which she did not recognize. She took it out and sat to read it. Noticing Leve's interest, she shifted so he could read over her shoulder.

"Where'd you get this?" he asked.

"Never seen it," she replied, "just found it as I was emptying my pack."

The scroll had a poem on it which they read several times, passing back and forth among the group. Izelda wanted to make everyone copies, but they realized they didn't have any paper with them.

"It looks," Leve declared after some time, "like if we are going to do what we have to do, we need to find four pieces of a key which are in four separate boxes, so we can open a lock to get to whatever it is we need to get to."

"That's not entirely helpful," Lock affirmed.

The next morning they made their way back into the temple and down the stairs. They again agreed that they were going to clear out the south section of the first level down the stairs before heading north again.

As they made their way east along the hallway, Deserea was about the middle of the group, which was somewhat spread out along the corridor. She stepped into the wide passage to the north to check out the doors they had described to her. they were definitely different from the two other sets of sealed doors they had found. These ones had grinning and scowling demon faces carved into them.

While she was examining the doors from about fifteen feet, she heard hooting and the rattling of chains from the passage to the left. She made her way back to the group and informed them of the noise.

Leve and Locke grabbed their shields and swords and headed down the broad corridor again. Schmidt followed.

"I thought we weren't dealing with this now?" Deserea querried.

"We're not leaving anything behind us," Schmidt explained.

Izelda ran up from the rear and grabbed Robert and Jacob. "You two stay here," she ordered.

As they approached the doors, two owlbears with steel collars around their necks came around the corner. The first swung and hit Leve. Deserea started singing encouragement. Leve healed himself, prompting both owlbears to attack again, but they both missed. Schmidt sprung up and hit one of the creatures, at the same time sending Biff back with Jacob and Robert. Izelda moved up the corridor to the combat. Locke stepped up and attacked. Then a troll came out behind the owlbears and healed the one that Locke and Schmidt had hit.

Both owlbears hit Locke, one of them grabbing him. Deserea tried to trip one of the owlbears with her whip, but missed. Leve compelled hostility and stepped up to the two owlbears. Schmidt cast leadblades on his sword. Izelda moved the rest of the way up and buffed herself. Locke tried to break the owlbear's grapple, but failed. The troll healed the owlbear again and shouted something.

The owlbear that had Locke started away with him, prompting Leve to attack it. The other owlbear attacked Leve and missed. Deserea moved up and whipped the wand out of the troll's hand. The one owlbear tried to attack her, but was compelled to attack Leve, missing. Leve moved up, grabbing the wand the troll had dropped. Schmidt sprung up and attacked the troll. Izelda moved again. Locke escaped and called fire to his sword. The troll whipped one of the owlbears.

One owlbear swung for Locke, but was compelled to swing at Leve instead, missing. The other hit Leve and grabbed him. Deserea disarmed the troll's whip. Leve wiggled free of the owlbear and grabbed the troll's whip. this provoked all three enemy combatants, and one owlbear and the troll both hit. Schmidt sprung in again and hit the troll. Izelda moved in and used a wand to heal Leve. Lock declared a smite against the troll and hit the one owlbear who had grabbed him and Leve and the troll. The troll rapidly retreated back the direction from which it had come.

One owlbear attacked Locke, but was again diverted to Leve, hitting him and grabbing him again. Deserea moved up and healed Leve in the middle of the grapple with her wand. Leve managed to consume a potion to reduce his size. Schmidt stepped in and hit one owlbear twice, killing it. Izelda moved in, shapechanging into a badger, and attacked the other owlbear. Locke turned to the other owlbear hitting twice, once critically, killing it.

Deserea stepped up and made sure one of the owlbears was dead. leve stood and moved after the troll cautiously. Schmidt ran after the troll. Izelda ran after Schmidt, and with her heightened badger senses, noticed that there was a green glow from the walls when she got into the dim space between Leve and Schmidt's torches. Lock ran after Schmidt and the badger.

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