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Frontier Pathfinding - Friday, March 27th, 2020

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March 27th, 2020, 4:30pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Deserea stepped to the end of the corridor and slit the throat of the owl bear lying dead in the entrance to their lair. Leve cast expeditious retreat and moved after the Schmidt and the fleeing troll. Schmidt followed the blood trail on the floor. Izelda ran after Schmidt and the troll and slipped into the wall going around the corner. Locke ran after Schmidt and the troll. Schmidt heard something sounding like voices somewhere in the darkness ahead.

Deserea ordered Jacob and Robert to move and started walking through the straw-littered room the owl bears had been chained in, while trying to identify the whip she had grabbed from Leve. Leve moved and checked what the wand he had picked up was. Schmidt ran forward, caught up with the troll at a door near the end of the hall, attacked and missed. The troll missed his swing at Schmidt as Schmidt was running up. Izelda ran on and slipped again at the next corner. Locke ran past Izelda. The troll missed Schmidt with both of his claws, but bit exceptionally well. A large group of bugbears came out through the door. "Surrender or die," their leader said to Schmidt, seeing they had vastly superior numbers. Five of the bugbears were able to attack Schmidt, only one of them hitting him.

Deserea moved and yelled back at Jacob and Robert to keep up. Leve moved forward and confirmed that the wand was a healing wand. Schmidt attacked and killed the leader of the bugbears, then sprung out behind the others. Izelda moved forward and cast. Locke ran up, almost getting to Schmidt. The troll grabbed his weapon again and stepped forward toward Schmidt. Three bugbears stepped in around Schmidt and attached, one hitting, but two missing. The other bugbears moved back into the room they had come out of.

Deserea moved up. Jacob and Robert ran past her toward the others. Leve moved in. Schmidt sprung in and hit the troll. Izelda cast again and moved. Locke ran up to the bugbears. The troll stepped up, drawing his combatants forward. Two bugbears moved and attacked Schmidt, missing. The remaining bugbears moved back through the door out of sight.

Deserea cast and moved forward after Jacob and Robert. Jacob and Robert continued down the hall toward the sounds of combat. Leve took one of his mutagens and moved up. Schmidt attacked and killed a bugbear, stepping past it to its companion. Izelda missed the last bugbear in the corridor. Locke held his action, waiting for an opportunity to get in. The troll attacked, missing Schmidt. The last bugbear in the corridor also missed. Locke moved up past Izelda and attacked.

Deserea moved up and started singing encouragement since she could hear the sounds of combat ahead. Leve swung and hit the bugbear. Schmidt sprung in and missed. Izelda stepped in and hit three times, killing the bugbear. Locke stepped up and hit and killed the troll. The bugbears came back out, now behind the troll's body, and armed with bows. Several fired, one hitting Schmidt.

Deserea moved and Robert and Jacob ran up to the combat. Leve ran back and hit one of the bugbears, shouting, "Robert, get behind me!" Schmidt sprung up hitting and killing a bugbear. Izelda moved up and cast. Locke coups de gras the troll, making sure he was dead. Deserea shouted, "Guys, move the troll down here and burn it!" The bugbears shot again, one hitting Schmidt, again. Two in the front ranks stepped up into melee, but missed.

Deserea used one of her healing wands on Schmidt. Robert and Jacob moved up, Jacob swung and missed. Leve switched to the arrow catching shield to help keep anyone else from being hit by the archers. Schmidt sprung up through the door and hit one of the bugbears. He then realized he was in a room with an ogre magi. Izelda moved up and hit one of the bugbears. Locke moved up and healed himself. One bugbear stepped up and missed Izelda. Another stepped around the combat. A third dropped his bow, drew his weapon, and missed Locke. The others fired, and all their arrows were drawn to Leve, only one of them actually hitting him. The magi blasted a cone of cold over Schmidt, taking out several of his bugbears in the process.

Deserea healed Locke. Leve charged, swung, and killed a bugbear. Schmidt hit a bugbear twice. Izelda hit a bugbear repeatedly, killing it. Locke charged up and hit one of the bugbears. The magi hit Schmidt severely. The remaining bugbears retreated, reforming in the room with the magi.

Deserea moved up and tripped one of the last bugbears with her whip. Robert and Jacob stepped into the room and killed another bugbear between them. Leve moved up and healed Schmidt with a wand. The ogre magi hit Leve. Schmidt hit the ogre and retreated. Izelda ran up hit the magi, but was hit by him in return. Locke ran in and used his smite on the ogre, hitting him and killing him. The tripped bugbear stood up, grabbing his trident, and Leve killed him as he stood. The final bugbear dropped his trident and put his hands palm-out in front of his face. Stepping back he said, "don't kill me, I know things, I will help," in broken common.

Deserea ran in. "I really hope you resist," she said to the bugbear. Leve healed himself with his wand, then Schmidt grabbed a healing wand and used it on his own wounds. Izelda, still in badger form, jumped onto the body of the ogre magi and clawed through, whild Locke slit his throat.

The bugbear let them know that he worked for the water temple. He showed them the secret door at the end of the hallway that led to the air temple, which he said was very bad. But the earth temple on the level above them was vile. He identified the ogre as Vardek, whose quarters were through a couple doors to the east. He then led them back to where Brek, the troll's, quarters, of the side of the corridor next to the room where the owl bears had been chained up.

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