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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, April 26th, 2020

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April 26th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda, still a badger, ran up to the door at the back of Brek's filth-filled room. Leve followed her over. As Leve reached for the door, it swung open.

The large troll on the other side of the door looked at Leve. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Reporting for duty," Leve replied in a chipper voice. "You're Brek?"

"Not Brek. Brek should be here. You're not in uniform. What faction are you with?"

Izelda chattered at Leve.

"Water?" Leve asked, pulling a slightly soiled cloak from his pack, masking his swing at the troll.

The troll slammed the door in Leve's face, and Izelda heard another door slam. She hissed and growled, then returned to her human form.

"He's gone to get reinforcements," Izelda explained. "He closed another door in there."

"We're really not in shape for combat right now," Schmidt offered.

They headed back up to the ground level, Izelda dragging as many bodies as she could. When they got to the main floor, she carried the bodies out the side door they had come in through, and tossed the bodies out into the bushes. She made sure to mark one of the bushes she was feeding so she could identify it later.

Locke and Leve took broken debris from the main sanctuary and carried it into the top of the stairs, making a jumble that people would have to climb over or through, hopefully making noise and slowing them down as they came up the stairs. They then soaked the mess in oil so that it could easily be lit in case there were trolls coming through.

They opened a small barrel of wine that Izelda had lifted from Brek's room and shared it while tending to wounds, mostly Schmidt's wounds. Leve set to making potions as time allowed. Come morning the bugbear, whom they had taken to calling Charles, had made them all breakfast from some of Deserea's pork.

They decided to clear out the opposite wing of the main floor, as they had not explored that area. In the center of the wing was a raised dais. The base was about twenty feet across and made of dark green marble, nearly black. It was only about six inches high. In the center of that was a circular piece of jade nearly fourteen feet in diameter. Again of the darkest green. And again, only about six inches high. In the center of that was a pool of dark, stagnant water, about ten feet across. Izelda grabbed a random bone off the floor and probed the water, not finding anything, but not hitting the bottom. Leve found a piece of wood broken off something which was larger than Izelda's old bone and tried as well, still not finding the bottom. Locke took a massive greatsword they had recovered from one of the trolls they fought, and it found the bottom - about six feet deep. Scraping it around they found something at the bottom of the pool.

Leve and Izelda tried purifying the water by magic, but it only resulted in it getting warmer. Leve theorized that it was so tainted with evil that anything purifying in nature was resisted.

With some tooling and finagling, they managed to rig a net of sorts on the end of the greatsword, and with some work, Locke was able to pull up what they had found on the bottom of the pool. It turned out to be the skeleton of an infant, covered in slime and algae.

Izelda and Leve took the remains outside and performed last rights.

Leve and Locke continued to take turns talking with Charles, expounding on the teachings, great works, and wonderful and beneficial grace of Ondisso and Serenrea, respectively, and getting some bits of surprisingly philosophical refutation. Neither was sure they were making any progress in making a convert.

The group continued on through door at the end of this wing of the main floor of the temple, finding a room in shambles mirroring the one they had come up and down through at the far end of the opposite wing. They dug through some of the debris in the room before Izelda started burrowing through an overturned wardrobe. While the wardrobe itself contained only broken pieces of wood and decaying fabric, once she got under it, she found several green robes with black satin linings. These were similar to what they gathered from the room the bugbears had been in.

In their recurring conversations with Charles, he finally asked, "Why are you here?"

"There's a stick..." Izelda started.

"There's this priestess we are trying to find," Leve interrupted. "Cannoness Y'Dey of Homlet, a follower of Iomedae. Our investigations indicate that she has been brought into this temple by unknown agents, probably for nefarious purposes."

Charles confirmed that he had never heard anything about her, but that he was definitely not privy to everything that goes on in the temple, especially if one of the other factions had taken her.

After some arguing about whether or not Charles should have known about more prisoners, they finally got around to uses of prisoners. It took some convincing, but Charles was finally able to convince Locke and Leve that he had never personally taken part in sacrificing people.

Eventually they decided to head back down toward the fire temple, past where the hydra had been.

As they came down the ramp toward the carved brass doors, Izelda changed into a badger. They walked through the round room where the hydra had been chained, and stopped at the archway that led to the trolls' room on this side.

"Wasn't there a door in there?" Leve asked.

They turned and walked into the room, and sure enough, there was a door on the far side. Schmidt checked and the door appeared not to be trapped or locked, so he opened it. It led to a straw-strewn room, ten foot square. There was a door opposite the one they were entering though. Schmidt opened this door too, and was surprised by a troll on the other side.

The troll had a lucky attack, severely mauling and rending Schmidt. Charles stood still, looking at the huge troll. Leve sprung to action, healing Schmidt with his wand, and retrieved a flask of acid to hand to Charles. Robert held fast, waiting for instructions or an opportunity to get closer. James stepped away and suggested they draw their foe out. Schmidt hit the troll and sprung back away from the monster. Izelda cast rage on herself and stepped to the side, awaiting the advancing troll. Locke stepped through the doorway and marked the troll as his smite target for the day, hitting him with a power attack.

"You!" the troll exclaimed. "You lie to Oolgrist. Not water minion, not in uniform," and slammed the door in Locke's face. Charles grabbed the acid from Leve and stepped back as per Jacob's instruction.

"We only want to talk," Leve shouted through the door as he heard something slam into the door from the other side. He moved back toward Schmidt.

"That's the same troll. This has got to come out on the other side," Robert declared and started running to Brek's room. Jacob ran, following his half-brother and slid into one of the walls in the hydra room as he lost his footing cornering at full speed. Schmidt treated his wounds with a wand. Izelda followed Robert and Jacob, and, like Jacob, skidded into a wall. Badger claws were not conducive to running on polished stone floors. Locke tried to open the door and failed since the troll was leaning on it, so he cast bull's strength on himself.

Locke heard the troll drop a bar across the door. Charles asked, "Is he coming?" Leve healed Schmidt.

"He's not coming," Locke responded to Charles, "he's leaving." Robert, Jacob, and Izelda continued running toward the Brek's room and the presumed other entrance, Izleda sliding into a wall again. Schmidt moved up and examined the door as Locke stepped up behind him and healed him further as he opened the door.

Charles waited on further instruction. Leve stepped across the small room and putting his head against the floor in the filth, cast acid splash under the door on the troll's toes. Robert, Jacob, and Izelda continued to run around the corner, now leaving the owl bears' triangular chamber (this time with Jacob slipping). Schmidt waited. Locke stepped back from the door and Schmidt stepped up, released the lock and opened the door.

Charles asked, again, "is he still coming?" and moved up to Leve. Leve stepped through the door, crossed the roo, and opened the door on the other side. Robert moved up to the door they suspected was on the other side of the troll. Jacob followed his brother. Schmidt crossed the room, hit the troll, and sprung back. Izelda ran to catch up with Robert and Jacob. Locke moved across the room toward the troll. This room was much larger than the small foyer they were just in.

"Go away and big, ugly troll not kill you," the troll roared.

"We may have misjudged you," Leve responded. "Parley?"

"You go now," the troll responded, "leave Oolgrist."

Schmidt started to step up, his bloody sword out. Locke put his hand out to block him.

Oolgrist looked at the several armed men in front of him. "Oolgrist give rubies, you go now," he offered, reevaluating the situation and holding a gold chain with several small, bright rubies on it that was hanging around his neck.

Leve eyed the ruby necklace. "How about Oolgrist give rubies, and you go forever."

Locke started to pull out manacles.

"Oolgrist go. No chains."

"How do we know we can trust you to go?" Leve asked.

"How Oolgrist trust pink man?"

"If you're so willing to go, why are you even here?" Locke asked.

"Fire priest want Oolgrist. Water priest want Oolgrist."

"Why do they want yuo?"

"Oolgrist great chief, Chief of three hundred trolls."

"What are you doing with three hundred trolls?" Leve asked, concerned.

"What do you do with three hundred pink-man?" Oolgrist responded.

"That's the start of an army."

"Or it's just a farm village," Locke offered.

"You're just living?" Leve asked, "Where?"

"In big mountains."

"And you'll go back? And you don't raid people's towns?"

"Never..." Oolgrist hesitated. "Sometimes dwarfs in troll mountain caves."

Leve evaluated what Oolgrist was saying, and he seemed to be being genuine, though he definitely wasn't particularly trustworthy.

Robert could hear talking through the door, so he opened it cautiously. Oolgrist jumped and turned before Locke could calm him. Leve shouted at Robert and Jacob not to do anything.

Seeing that Robert and Jacob weren't attacking, Oolgrist cautiously handed the ruby necklace to Leve. Leve squeezed past him and indicted that Robert and Jacob should turn around and start out. Izelda growled and chittered and ran off down the hallway.

They made their way back up to the ground floor, and showed Oolgrist to the door, suggesting that he stay out of the plants until he was well away from the ruins of the outer walls.

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