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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 10th, 2020

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May 10th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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After Oolgrist left, Deserea gathered their wish list and a considerable amount of their negotiable wealth and headed out to Dyvers to see about getting some magical equipment. the rest of the group set up camp in the vestibule at the top of the stairs on the west wing of the main floor of the temple, where they had camped the previous day.

After everyone had refreshed their spells and gotten rested, they headed down to the first level and toward the kitchen. They ignored the hallway toward the gnolls to the right and the ghouls (and prison cell) to the left, passed the door on the right and the door on the left to the ghouls' rooms and turned right into an unexplored hallway.

Locke and Schmidt stayed in the front for a short distance, around several corners, until they came to a wider hallway littered with bones. Many were just scattered randomly, but others appeared to be full skeletons, some still wearing the remnants of armor obviously damaged in some ancient battle.

"There's something going on here," Schmidt passed back to Izelda. "Up to here the floor has been clean."

Izelda came up to look. "There's a magic aura here. Looks like the whole hallway quite a ways down to the right." She stepped into the corridor.

"Don't step into it, you don't know what it will do!" Schmidt admonished.

"Nothing," she shrugged, unharmed.

She continued across the wide passage at an angle and into another corridor angling off toward the northeast. Schmidt and Locke waited with Biff behind them.

Izelda followed this hallway for about twenty feet before it branched to the east and west. She carefully glanced both ways then made her way back to the corridor of bones.

Schmidt stepped into the room of bones and started looking for traps. Locke followed him and after a moment stated, "the aura is necromantic."

"Maybe the magic just keeps the gelatinous cube out," Robert offered.

They progressed along cautiously, leaving Jacob and Leve back at the previous two junctions, and stationing the Charles bugbear at the angled hallway, hoping they will be forewarned of an attack from the rear.

Several feet down the corridor of bones, there was another twenty foot wide corridor heading south. Izelda stepped in and her torch illuminated two doors, one on either side of the corridor. She listened at the one for a few seconds, then, hearing nothing, listened at the other.

Schmidt walked over to the first door and checked it for traps. It was not trapped, and he was about to open it, when Izelda stepped over to him and whispered, "there's owl bears behind that door," indicating the second door she listened at.

Izelda stepped cautiously toward the rest of the group to inform them, and then returned to the door as Schmidt was stepping over to where Biff waited with Robert at the mouth of the passage.

As Izelda stepped up to the door, it burst open and a massive ogre stepped through and smashed her with his club.

The door opposite, where Schmidt had been a moment before, opened and two other ogres stepped out. The lone ogre hit Izelda again. Izelda shape changed into an octopus. Robert stepped up and hit one of the two ogres on the right. Schmidt stepped out of the way and cast lead blade on his weapon. Biff turned toward the ogre Robert hit and bit it, trying to trip it as well, but failing. Locke stepped up next to Robert and hit the ogre he had hit.

Of the two ogres that were together, the one Robert hit missed him, the other hit Izelda. The lone ogre hit Izelda again and she dropped. Robert attacked the ogre in front of him again and missed. Biff reached in front of Locke and killed the ogre he and Robert had been attacking. Schmidt sprung past Biff and hit the second ogre to come out that door next to Robert, then stepped past. Locke moved onto the fallen ogre and attacked his companion following Schmidt's lead.

Having just been hit by Locke, that ogre attacked the paladin but missed. The other ogre stepped in through the door toward Schmitd. Schmidt hit him, but he missed Schmidt. Robert stepped forward and missed the ogre. Biff turned to the ogre that attacked his master, bit him and tripped him. Schmidt hit the fallen ogre twice then stepped back. Locke missed the ogre he and Robert were attacking twice.

That ogre missed Locke. Izelda finally stabilized and quit bleeding out. Robert shield bashed the ogre, trying to trip him, but failed. Biff grabbed Izelda and dragged her out into the corridor of bones. Schmidt hit the ogre that had taken out Izelda twice, killing it. Locke killed the remaining ogre.

Locke stepped over and started healing Izelda, getting her conscious again. Izelda was able to pull out a wand and start healing herself. As Izelda was starting to get herself up, Schmidt and Robert looked into the room on the right where the two ogres had come from. Not finding anything, they went through through the ogres' possessions, finding some coins, but nothing of great value. As Izelda finally got up, they all headed into the room from which the one ogre had attacked Izelda.

Schmidt opened the door out of the room and was hit by an arrow. "Bugbears?" Locke asked, seeing something furry in the dark over Schmitd's shoulder. Izelda headed back to get Charles from his corner. A second arrow came through the door, missing Schmidt and Locke.

Locke stepped past Schmidt and power attacked and cleaved the two gnolls in the room, hitting both and killing one. "Someone just shut a door," he reported. Robert ran past Schmidt into the room and missed one of the gnolls. Schmidt ran through the room, past the one gnoll, and opened the door at the other end, revealing ranks of gnolls. Biff stayed with Schmidt. The gnoll in combat with Locke and Robert missed. The other gnolls waited, just out of reach of Schmidt. Izelda told Charles there were bugbears they needed him to talk to and started back toward the combat.

Locke hit the gnoll remaining next to him, killing it. Robert moved over behind Schmidt. Schmidt put away his sword and got out his shield and mace.. Biff backed away from the door. The gnolls stayed where they were. Izelda cast a spell while moving up with Charles. "These may be some of your friends," she explained. Charles replied, "There won't be any here. The bugbears are all with air and water."

Locke ran up, past Schmidt and Robert, into the room, and along the first couple gnolls. They missed. Locke attacked the one in the center and killed it. Robert stepped beside Schmidt and used his tower shield to block the door. A gnoll from the back ranks stepped into the place of his fallen comrade, and two attacked the paladin, one hitting him. Izelda came around behind Schmidt and Robert and cast again.

Locke missed, then hit one of the gnolls. Robert stayed where he was. Schmidt stepped in and hit twice. Gnolls missed Locke, missed Schmidt, and then critically hit Schmidt. Izelda cast again. Charles walked up behind Robert.

Locke attacked two gnolls, killing both. Robert stepped into the room, attacked, and missed. Schmidt hit twice, killing a gnoll on his second swing. One of the bugbears in the back of the room left through a side door. The remaining gnolls moved in and attacked, missing. Izelda moved into the room and shifted into an octopus.

Locke hit one of the gnolls, but missed a second. Robert swung and missed. Schmidt killed one and hit another. One of the remaining gnolls hit Schmidt. Two others missed the paladin. One of the bugbears in the back ran up and hit Izelda critically. The other missed. Izelda lashed out with her tentacles, hitting each bugbear twice, she then bit the one that hit her.

Locke killed two of the remaining gnolls. Robert killed the last of the gnolls, and Schmidt killed the two bugbears. Then they all turned toward the door the other bugbear had run out through.


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