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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

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December 2nd, 2004, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Well, this week, after a little blue-booking, Giggy got a call from Sama's secretary, who informed him that Mr. Sama wanted to see them 'promptly.'

Giggy called Raven and Buckwheat, and the three of them converged on the Hippogryph, assuming, since they had not been given a location, that the standard location would be appropriate.

James, one of the bouncers, was obviously expecting them, and waved them each through as they showed up, without even checking for weapons or restricting Raven's spurs.

Sama was waiting for them in the meeting room, and when all three of them had arrived, said, "It is now 5:45. There is a ship, the Wang Tzu, coming in from Nanging. It is due in at 8:15. On it is a cargo container number 67243-14010. I need you to render the contents of that container undeliverable. Payment will depend on methods used and the profile of the job. I require evidence that the cargo is destroyed or otherwise rendered undeliverable. Go." With that, Mr. Sama got up and left.

So, our heros trekked out through the club and onto the elevator, where they decided they should just go to the dock and wing it. Buckwheat rode across town with Raven and they met up again with Giggy at the dock, where Giggy sleazed their way past the gateman with some cooked up story about Giggy's girlfriend (who happened to be Raven's sister) being on the crew of the Wang Tzu, and that they were there to meet her and take her into town. High charisma can pay off...

By this time, they could tell, by process of elimination which pier the Wang Tzu had to be tugged to, so they went straight to that berth. Giggy climbed the dock crane, and let the operator know that he was here to relieve him so he could get his union mandated break. The operator, more than happy to get an extra break, got up and left the control to Giggy.

Meanwhile, a black van pulled up at the end of the berth. Raven and Buckwheat watched it for a minute from behind the leg of the crane, then Raven decided he would get a closer look. As he got close to the van, a Chinese man stepped out from behind it and told Raven that he and his friend should leave.

At this point, Raven recognized the man as the man who beat up Buckwheat in the Hippogryph a couple of weeks earlier. Raven drew his shotgun, but the other guy was quicker. Raven took a shot to the torso and then was able to return fire. As Buckwheat came out from behind the crane, the van pulled up between Raven and Buckwheat. Buckwheat dropped to the ground and threw a Power Ball at the feet he could see under the van. having not cast this spell - or any other area of effect spell fot that matter - since getting his power focus, Buckwheat was not prepared for the blast of the spell, a blast which rocked the van, breaking all of its windows and shook the leg of the crane.

"I didn't hear anything about there being a problem down there! What's going on?" Giggy yelled over the radio when the crane shook. The worker who Giggy had relieved had come running back and was banging on the door, which Giggy had blocked shut.

"We have to radio for someone. There's gunfire and something has to have hit the crane!" the worker shouted when Giggy opened the door.

Giggy calmly pulled out one of his guns and leveled it at the guy. "Everything's perfectly under control. Why don't you have a seat and nothing will have to go wrong. And don't touch anything," Giggy replied. He then started to swing the boom of the crane around to try to push the van into the water.

Meanwhile, the crippled van started to pull away and Buckwheat turned himself invisible to try to get to Raven to see how bad he was hurt. The other mage, recognizing Buckwheat and his power focus, decided to take the power focus out from astral space, and hopefully Buckwheat with it. Unfortunately (or maybe that's fortunately), the mage underestimated the power of Buckwheat's focus, and the spell was easily deflected. Buckwheat projected himself, but by the time he had, the mage had already taken off, and Buckwheat had no idea where he was. Buckwheat then proceeded on to Raven, as Giggy got a good swipe at the van with the crane, and was able to push it into the water. Two of the people in the damaged van were able to get out before it went into the water, but Buckwheat quickly took one out with a Mana Bolt (which knocked her into the water), and Giggy split the other's skull open with the crane.

Buckwheat cast a healing spell on Raven, and was at least able to undo the damage that his own Power Ball had done, and Giggy was able to get the crane prepped for the incoming ship, which was being pushed into the berth by a pair of tugs. Then three guys from port security showed up. Buckwheat was still concentrating on his healing spell, and did not notice them approach, until he looked up and one of them was standing right in front of him.

"What's going on here?" the security guy asked when Buckwheat finally looked up.

"You're here with your roommate to meet his girlfriend who is coming in tonight," Giggy whispered over the radio. Buckwheat relayed this information on to the security.

"So, what happened?" the security guy asked.

"We were standing behind the crane there, waiting for the ship to come in, when these two showed up and, well..." Buckwheat replied.

"It looks like this guy is stable. Is there anything you can do about the other guy there?"

"Not really, look at the size of the hole in his neck."

"Well, you're gonna need to come with us. We've already got an ambulance coming to pick up this mess. Do you know where your roommate is now?"

"No, I don't know where he got off to..." Buckwheat replied, walking with the security guys back to the yard office.

"I'm switching off my radio, no sense in you getting caught with a live radio if they decide to search you. Best you get rid of it if they will give you a chance," Giggy said over the radio, then switched off. Turning through the cargo manifest, Giggy quickly found the listing for their target crate, which ws simply listed as holding 'HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.'

To be continued...

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