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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 17th, 2020

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May 17th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Schmidt moved toward the door and opened it. "There's a crossbow in there," he said, pointing toward the archway by the door. Several humans moved up to the door from the other side, and Schmidt missed the one he swung at. Two others shot at him from behind, but only one hit. Izelda moved over and blindly flailed through the door with her tentacles, grabbing one of the humans and dragging him forward through the door past Schmidt.

Locke ran over to the large crossbow mounted in the alcove and fired it down the hallway through the notch in the wall. He hit one of the humans with all four bolts the crossbow fired, killing him. Robert moved over and threw a spear over Schmidt's shoulder, missing one of the people attacking Schmidt. Schmidt stepped forward, hitting one of the guards twice, killing him. One of the guards reloaded his crossbow while two others fired at Schmidt and missed. The bugbear who had run out of this room to rouse the guards stepped up to Schmidt, attacked, and missed. Izelda killed the guard she had grabbed and moved toward the door. She again lashed out with her tentacles, hitting five times and killing two of the guards.

Locke moved in beside Schmidt and struck and killed one of the assailants. Robert moved over to the mounted crossbow and started reloading it. Leve and Jacob moved up closer to the action. Schmidt crossed the hall passed a guard who missed him. Schmidt hit and killed another guard in the room. Charles the bugbear moved over in front of Robert. Izelda moved through the doors and across the room into another hallway heading off at an angle.

Locke moved up past Izelda. Robert continued to load the crossbow. Schmidt moved up and called Biff. Izelda moved up to the front of the group.

Locke moved past Izelda, and Schmidt followed with Biff. Then two lightning bolts came down the hallway, striking all four of them. Izelda moved up toward the two men who threw the lightning bolts, but stopped when she was hit by a guard off to the side of the corridor.

Locke moved up, passing two of the guards, who both missed him. He then attacked and killed one of them. Schmidt moved up and threw an alchemist's fire into the group of guards. Biff headed back to the last room. Jacob and Charled moved up. The one guard who was on fire put himself out. Their leader stepped up and hit Locke. Another fighter hit Locke as well. Izelda hit four guards, killing three and grabbing the fourth.

Locke missed then hit the leader. Robert finally finished loading the crossbow. Schmidt drew a wand and healed Izelda. A fighter moved up toward Izelda and she hit him as he moved. However, he was able to hit her twice. The leader stepped away from Izelda and hit Locke pretty bad. Izelda tried to bite the leader, but missed. Izelda hit six guards, grabbing two of them.

Locke missed the leader twice. Robert moved, leaving the crossbow to Leve. Schmidt healed Izelda again. The leader hit Izelda again, as did another fighter. A guard missed Izelda, and three of his companions all missed Locke. Izelda let go of the guards she had grabbed, then hit five again, grabbing one.

Locke laid hands on himself, then used a smite on the leader, swinging, hitting, and killing him. He then hit one of the guards, killing him as well. Robert was approaching the combat down the hall, and threw a spear at one of the guards, missing. Schmidt moved up and healed Locke. A guard hit Izelda, but two others missed Locke. One of the other fighters missed Locke, but another hit Izelda. Izelda lashed out again, hitting five guards and killing three of them.

Locke hit one fighter and Robert moved up closer. Schmidt healed Locke. More guards came in through a door to the west led by a caster who tried to discourage our heroes magically - only Robert was affected. Three fighters hit Izelda.

Locke missed twice. Robert ran back to get Leve. Izelda stepped back. Schmidt healed Izelda and stepped forward. The other caster cast something. More guards came into the room. A fighter hit Izelda badly, dropping her. She reverted to her human form. Another fighter hit Schmidt, but the third missed him. Several guards missed Locke, but one of the fighters hit him.

Locke healed himself again and stepped back, missing two guards as he swung. Robert and Leve returned. Izelda stabilized, so she was no longer bleeding out. Schmidt healed Locke and tumbled out of harm's way. A guard missed Locke, as did two fighters, but the third fighter hit the paladin.

Locke hit and killed the fighter standing between him and his way out, stepped into that space, and hit one of the guards. Leve came up past Izelda and planted his tower shield, just behind Locke. Robert threw a spear into the melee and missed again. Schmidt healed Izelda and called Biff up. The bad guys closed on Locke but three of the five who swung at him missed.

Locke missed on his first swing, but his second swing hit a fighter. Then he stepped back beside Leve. Robert heaved Izelda onto Biff's back, but dropped her pack where she was. Leve took a step back and re-planted his shield. Schmidt healed Izelda, then moved back away from the combat. Biff followed his master. The cleric came up and missed Locke, as did the two fighters who could attack him.

Locke hit the cleric twice, killing him. He then took a step back next to Leve. Robert retreated with Schmidt and Izelda. Schmidt healed Izelda again, bringing her around. Biff and Schmidt moved further back. The two fighters who could attack Locke both missed.


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