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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 31st, 2020

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May 31st, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Locke hit one fighter, then missed the other. Robert waited for instructions or a chance to get into the combat. Izelda got up and healed herself. She also shouted for her pack. Schmidt healed himself. The fighters missed three times, then hit the paladin.

Locke laid hands on himself to heal, then missed the fighter in front of him. Robert ran over to get Izelda's pack from behind Leve where it had been dropped when she went down. Jacob blocked the door and shouted that there were a bunch of guards trying to get in behind them. Charles the bugbear walked over to help Robert with Izelda's pack. Leve healed Locke. Izelda healed herself and moved toward Jacob through the room the gnolls has been in. Schmidt healed Biff and commanded biff to fetch the pack from Robert. He then moved to the south door where Izelda had left. The guards stormed the door Jacob was holding. He was able to block two, but a third made it through, even though Jacob hit him. At the other end of things, two fighters missed Locke, and one of them stepped back.

Locke laid hands on himself again, then cast bull's strength on himself. Robert passed Izelda's pack to Biff with Charles' assistance. Jacob withdrew back through the door to Izelda. "They took down that door with four solid hits, strong enough to move me bracing on the other side. And it didn't make any noise. They have a mage with them," he said, grabbing her and moving toward the next door where Schmidt was waiting. Izelda slammed the door Jacob just came through and followed him to Schmidt. They closed that door and leaned on it. Schmidt healed himself, and moved back one door, toward Locke and Leve. Biff carried the pack to Izelda. One of the fighters charged Locke and missed. The other stepped back. Two of the guards shot, one hitting Locke.

Locke swung at the fighter and missed, but his second hit killed the fighter. Robert and Charles retreated back to the mounted crossbow. Leve healed Locke. Jacob retreated to the next door, and Izelda moved with him and healed herself. Biff and Schmidt moved down the hallway they hadn't been down, opposite the crossbow. One of the fighters threw a javelin at Locke and missed, two others shot their crossbows at him and missed as well.

Locke charged the guards and missed. Leve stepped up behind Locke and healed him. Charles cut the strings on the mounted crossbow. Jacob and Robert started toward the door about to be breached, weapons drawn. Izelda pitoned the door shut. Schmidt looked both ways down the hall, then he and Biff walked back toward the doors. Four guards tried to hit Locke and failed.

Locke hit and killed one of the fighters, then hit and killed one of the guards. Leve healed Locke again. Robert checked the pitons Izelda used to wedge the door. Charled joined Biff and Schmidt in the hallway. Izelda headed toward Leve and Locke, healing herself on the way. Schmidt put his shield away and healed Biff, heading to follow Izelda. Guards swung at Locke, missing.

Locke critically hit a fighter, killing him, but missed one of the guards. Leve healed Locke again. Charles followed Schmidt falling behind Biff.Robert and Jacob started piling Izelda's firewood against the door their assailants were beating against. Jacob noticed the silence and stepped away to shout to the rest of the party. Izelda moved up to Locke and healed him. Schmidt healed himself and drew his claymore. The remaining guards retreated out of the room with Izelda, Locke, and Leve.

Locke moved up to the last of the retreating guards, but missed. Robert lit an extra torch and stood beside the door. Jacob moved Izelda's (now much lighter) pack out of the room and Charles took it and headed toward Schmidt. Izelda moved up and healed Locke again. Schmidt moved into the room, followed by Biff who grabbed the bag from Charles. The guards at the south end finally burst through the door, and Robert and Jacob dropped their extra torches on the pile of firewood and timbers. Several guards and fighters moved through the fire, some getting burned in the process. Behind them a cleric released a burst of negative energy, harming Jacob and Robert, as well as his own men. Two guards hit Jacob dropping him and a fighter critically hit Robert dropping him as well.

Locke stepped forward and looked through the door and down the dark corridor where the guards had disappeared. Not seeing anything, he stepped into the hallway. Two guards swung at him from the darkness, missing. He returned the favor, missing as well. Leve moved up toward the door but could not see who or what Locke was swinging at. Jacob stabilized, but Robert continued to bleed on the floor. Schmidt, not hearing anything from the other room, instructed Charles to lock the door and they proceeded down the corridor toward Leve, Locke, and Izelda, leaving Robert and Jacob behind. Three guards missed Locke.

Locke hit the first guard twice, killing him. Leve healed Locke and Izelda stepped up beside Leve and healed Locke as well. Biff moved up to Izelda and Schmidt ran up behind Biff. Charles followed along at a leisurely pace. Three guards missed Locke.

Locke, again, hit a guard twice and killed him. Leve waited. Izelda cast call lighting and stepped back to see what was coming up behind them. Schmidt cast longstrider from one of his scrolls. Charles moved up to Schmidt and Biff. The assailants to the south broke through the door and were heard by Schmidt, Leve, and Charles. Two guards missed Locke, but the third hit him.

Locke missed on his first swing, but hit a guard on the second. Leve healed Locke. Charles, having heard other temple guards breaking down the door and knowing they were all trapped, ducked around a corner into the alcove the first fighters had thrown the javelins of lighting out of and hid. Schmidt and Biff moved to block the corridor to the south and Schmidt healed himself. Two guards missed the paladin, and archers from the south shot at Schmidt and Biff, missing the ranger twice and hitting the wolf.

Locke hit a guard and killed him, then missed a second. Leve healed locke. Izelda called lighting on one of the bugbears coming up behind the guards Locke was fighting, killing him. Schmidt took a potion to enlarge himself. Two of the guards both hit Locke. Schmidt missed an attack of opportunity as the guards from the south closed on him. One of those fighters hit Schmidt, the other missed. Suddenly, the room Biff, Schmidt, Leve, and Izelda were in got darker as the cleric cast.

Locke attacked the fighter who had worked his way to the front, hitting twice. Leve healed Locke again. Izelda called lighting on a guard down the corridor Locke was engaging in. Schmidt sprung into the midst of the guards and attacked the cleric, then moving beyond the group of guards. Biff moved to the space just vacated by Schmidt. The fighter missed Locke. The cleric attempted to blind Schmidt, but the ranger saved. The guards in the south corridor moved back to regroup and Biff missed his attack of opportunity. A guard hit Schmidt, but a second missed. Two guards missed Locke.

Locke missed twice. Leve healed Locke again. Izelda called lighting on one of the combatants with Schmidt. Schmidt hit one, then missed. Biff stepped forward and hit a guard, killing it. Three attackers missed Locke. The cleric tried to poison Biff, but Biff saved. A fighter hit Schmidt.

Locke called flame to his sword, provoking from three guards who all missed. Leve healed Locke. Izelda called lightning on the cleric. Biff hit a guard and killed him. Schmidt hit the cleric and killed him as well. A guard stepped up and missed Schmidt. Another stepped over and missed Biff. The third in that hallway dropped his weapon, dropped to his knees and raised his hands, palm toward Schmidt. Three guards at the other end missed the paladin.

Locke missed then critically hit a guard, killing him. Leve waited. Izelda called lighting on one of the guards Locke couldn't reach, killing him. Biff killed the last guard in their hallway (other than the one who was surrendering). Schmidt headed back toward Jacob and Robert. One guard hit Locke, but the other two missed.

Locke hit and then really hit a guard, killing him. Leve healed Locke. Izelda moved up and healed Locke. Schmidt reached the brothers and used his want to heal Robert. One guard hit Locke, but the other two missed.

Locke missed twice. Leve healed Locke. Schmidt healed Jacob. Three guards missed Locke. Izelda healed Locke.

Locke missed twice, again. Leve and Izelda moved back. Three guards missed the paladin. Schmidt healed Robert again.

Locke hit a guard and took a step back into the room. Izelda summoned a badger to appear behind the guards fighting Locke. Schmidt started back toward the rest of the party, followed by Jacob and Robert, Robert closing the doors as they went through. Two guards missed Locke.

Locke hit one guard, killing him, and took a step back from the door. Leve and Izelda got ready to attack whoever came through the door. Schmidt moved up, Jacob, Robert, and Biff following. Guards came in the open door into the dim room where Izelda and Leve were waiting. Izelda hit the first through the door, and Leve killed him. The second through the door missed Izelda.

Locke again missed twice. Leve hit and killed one guard and Izelda hit and killed the last guard.

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