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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 14th, 2020

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June 14th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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The half-orc archer they captured was named Urak. He let them know that they had just decimated three different groups of guards, but there was at least one more. He couldn't get to them because he can't get through the temple without one of the priests, and both had been killed, and the other route was trapped.

Locke, Leve, Robert, Jacob, and Charles started gathering all the bodies together while Izelda and Schmidt checked them for magic items and other valuables. After almost half an hour, Schmidt noticed a gelatinous cube coming down the corridor. he and Izelda drug a couple of bodies over to it, and that seemed to slow it down. "Well, now we can dispose of bodies without having to carry them up the stairs," Izelda commented.

It took several trips out for them to drag everything up to their camp in the vestibule on the west end of the main floor of the temple, mostly because Izelda insisted on taking all the armor and usable weapons.

The next morning they charged Urak with keeping camp and preparing lunch, and headed back down. They went down the corridor where they had killed the first group of gnolls several days earlier. There was one corridor off to the right which led to a room that had been used for dumping waste. They decided not to investigate further.

Continuing down the corridor, they took the next right at an intersection, then a right again at the next intersection. This led back to the ramp down to the bronze doors where the hydra and all the trolls had been.

They backtracked to the nearest intersection and took a right, then right at a "T." This led to a broken up armory, much like the first room down here they looked in. Heading back and across to the other arm of the "T" led to a nearly identical room.

Heading back to the intersection, the final right took them to stairs that went up to the green wing of the main floor of the temple.

The went back and right again, then right at the first intersection past the trash room and the crossbow corridor. This took them to a large room with columns which had also not been cleaned. Without crossing the threshold they could see bones on the ground and some feces scattered about, particularly at the bases of the columns.

Schmidt came forward and checked and was able to confirm that there was a trap. Looking around further, he found two pressure plates in the floor. He was unable to determine what they did, but he was able to disable them.

"It's all clear," he called back, and got up and walked toward a door in the southwest corner of the room. As he walked, he heard what sounded like a piece of the stone floor cracking under him. "Only one at a time in here," he called, "the floor's weak."

He got to the door and examined it, determining that it was not trapped. Leve and Locke stepped up to the archway into the columned room.

Schmidt opened the door and exclaimed, "Oh, crap." Leve and Locke stepped into the room and toward Schmidt.

Izelda moved up toward the entry. "You three keep an eyes open for something coming up behind us," she said to Robert, Jacob, and Charles as she stepped past Biff in the intersection.

Two ghouls attacked Schmidt through the door.

Schmidt attacked one ghoul, killing it. Leve and Locke stepped up, but were just out of reach. "Step back, and we'll have a nice corner to contain them," Locke suggested to Schmidt. Izelda stepped into the room and a heavy portcullis dropped behind her, separating Locke, Leve, Schmidt, and Izelda from Robert, Charles, Biff and Jacob. Izelda tried to lift the portcullis but failed. A shrieking cry came from the upper reaches of the room, as two more ghouls attacked Schmidt through the door, one hitting him.

Leve walked across the room toward the horrible noise. Schmidt attacked one of the ghouls, killing it, and stepped back into the corner of the room. Locke seeing that Leve was in some kind of trance, moved to follow, using a wand to cast bull's strength on himself. Izelda cast shillelagh on her spear and moved to follow Leve and Locke. Two harpies came down from the ceiling, one attacking and hitting Leve, the other hitting Izelda. The ghouls came through the door now that Schmidt had stepped back, three attacking him and all missing.

Schmidt hit two of the ghouls, killing one. Locke hit both harpies. Izelda hit the harpy that had attacked Leve. Both harpies attacked Izelda, each hitting her once and missing once. Three ghouls attacked Schmidt, all missing him.

Schmidt hit one ghoul, killing it, and hit another. Locke critically hit one of the harpies, and followed through to the other. Charles and Robert, under the harpies' spell reached the portcullis and started trying to lift it. Izelda hit the harpy Locke hit first, killing it. The remaining harpy tried to fly away, and Izelda and Locke both swung at it, Izelda hitting and killing it. Both remaining ghouls bit and clawed at Schmidt, but couldn't get purchase.

Schmidt hit and killed both of the remaining ghouls. Charles and Robert managed to lift the portcullis with the harpies' song fading. Leve came around and put his hand to his arm. "Why am I bleeding?" he asked.

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