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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 28th, 2020

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June 28th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Schmidt opened the door to the north and Biff moved up behind him. Schmidt saw several ghouls in the room and stepped up to them. He hit one from behind before the ghouls even realized there was someone in the room.

Schmitd swung, hitting the same ghoul and killing it. On a second swing he critically hit another, killing it as well. Biff moved in and bit a third, killing it. Robert moved up to the door and watched. The last of the ghouls stepped up and bit at Biff, missing. Izelda moved up to Biff to see if he or Schmidt were injured. They weren't. Locke and Leve moved into the room. "I think the ranger's got it," Locke commented.

Schmidt stepped over and hit the last ghoul, killing it.

Schmidt walked over and checked the door in the southwest corner of the room. It was not trapped or locked, so he opened it. Meanwhile, Izelda gathered up a broken chest from the room the ghouls were in. They appeared fascinated by it, so it must be worth something.

Schmidt and Biff walked through the door into the next room. Izelda followed them grabbing some old pewter plates off a table and shoving them in the broken chest. Robert stepped in behind Biff and Izelda while Schmidt checked the door at the other end of the room.

Schmidt opened the door, and was immediately attacked by two ghasts that were laying in wait behind it. Only one hit.

Robert waited behind Biff to see what was happening. Schmidt sprang past the ghasts and hit one. Biff hit that ghast and killed it. Locke waited and watched from the other room. Izelda checked again to see if Biff was injured. The remaining ghast tried to flee, but was hit by Schmidt and killed by Biff.

They searched this room, obviously an old bed chamber from the remains of furnishings, then returned the way they came. When they got to the first four-way intersection, they headed north down a hallway they were arguing whether they had been through before or not. They got to a fork in the corridor and veered east. About thirty feet down this hall, it opened into a large hexagonal room with the ceiling lost in the darkness at least 45 feet above them. There was a foul odor from this room, and more bones and rubble on the floor. A broken stone throne was near the north wall.

Schmidt stepped back out of the room and cast barkskin on Biff. Leve and Locke stepped into the room and crossed to examine the throne. Izelda stepped up into the room and threw the pebble she had cast light on up toward the ceiling. This light revealed some kind of bats or something at the far up the walls. She reported this to the rest of the group.

Schmidt cast leadblades and Locke used the wand to cast bull's strength on himself. Izelda tossed her stone up again, and tried to convince the bat-things to stay calm. Robert moved up behind Biff. Suddenly the room was filled with the bat things flying around. Three of them hit Schmidt and attached themselves to him. The other dozen or so missed and continued flying around. The things attached to Schmidt bit in and started draining blood.

Schmidt attacked one of the ones attached to him and killed it. Then attacked and killed a second. Biff bit the third one attached to Schmidt and killed it. Izelda moved back down the hall out of the room and prepared a spell. Robert moved into the room and chucked his spear at the flying things, missing. Two of the bat things attached to Biff and one to Schmidt. A fourth attached to Robert. The attached things bit in and started draining blood from Schmidt, Robert, and Biff.

Schmidt attacked the two on Biff, killing both. Biff attacked the one on Schmidt, killing it. Locke killed two that were flying around him. Leve killed one in the air. Robert killed the one attached to him. The remaining flying things flew back up into the darkness.

Keeping an eye out for another attack from above, Locke and Izelda searched through the rubble for anything valuable and found a magic ring. Then Izelda and Robert stood in the center of the room and Robert would throw the light stone in the air, and Izelda would take shots with her sling until all the flying things appeared to be dead.

They returned to the main hall and headed north again. Eventually the hall turned to the west and Schmidt and a gnoll were both surprised to come face to face around a corner.

Schmidt drew his sword and stepped toward the gnoll. Robert moved up behind Biff and waited to see what was happening. Locke and Leve moved up to Robert, but stayed together. The gnoll stepped back from Schmidt. Izelda moved up to the closest gnoll and offered him something to smoke.

A gnoll behind him stabbed at Izelda with his spear. Schmidt sprung around the corner and attacked one of the gnolls from behind. Biff stepped up and bit at a gnoll, but missed. Robert moved up into the corner, provoking a gnoll who missed him. Locke moved up. One gnoll missed Locke, a second missed Schmidt, but the third hit Izelda. Izelda swung and missed.

Schmidt hit one and killed it then hit a second and stepped out of the way. Robert missed. Locke hit one and killed it then stepped back. The last gnoll dropped his spear and started barking at Schmidt. Izelda stepped past and started on down the hallway, casting light on another pebble. "He's begging you not to kill him," Jacob relayed from his rear position down the hall.

"If we manacle him, can you keep him?" Leve called back.

"He is evil, and they did attack us," Locke offered, "but maybe we can get some information from him."

Questioning the gnoll through Jacob, they did learn that these three gnolls had just been recruited in some wooded area to the south. They were given instructions on how to come in through a cave and tunnel, and find Hartsch, but they haven't found him yet.

They proceeded along, following this corridor to the southwest to where it intersected a hallway running east-west. They recognized this as where the gelatinous cube had consumed all the bodies Izelda piled up for it. To their right was a door, and to the left and across the hall was another hall heading off to the southeast. They followed this corridor for about twenty-five feet before it connected them to the east end of the wide, necromantic hallway.

They turned back and went to the door. After Schmidt checked it, he went in and it revealed a narrow room with a bench on one side, and brown robes hanging from new pegs in the freshly plastered walls. Two torches had burnt themselves out in wall sconces.

Through a door at the end of this room was a significantly larger room, also with burnt out torches in sconces in the wall. A table was set with food that had only been out a couple days. A partial wall blocked visibility into an adjoining room. Locke commented that this would make an excellent defensive position.

The third room had additional foodstuffs set out on a large table, and several more bunks. They have clearly gotten into some kind of barracks.

Through a door in the north end of this room was some kind of officer's quarters. Again, as with the previous three rooms, there were torches that had burnt themselves out in sconces on the walls.

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