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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 12th, 2020

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July 12th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Schmidt checked the door at the northeast corner of the room and didn't find any traps. When he opened it, noxious smoke billowed out. Izelda crept through the room, holding her breath, and created water over a brazier in the center of the room burning incense. Smoke and steam billowed out of the brazier, but the noxious smoke started to clear out now that the door was open and there was no longer more incense burning.

Izelda started pulling down the tapestries from the walls, revealing a concealed passage to the northwest. This revealed an ornate bedchamber with more tapestries on the walls, except where a large canopy bed was along the south wall near the entrance. Removing these tapestries to add to Izelda's pile revealed two archways in the north wall of this chamber. The eastern archway went into a large walk-in closet with various robes and cloaks. The other was a small alcove with a chest. This chest was locked and the lock trapped. Schmidt was able to trigger the trap, but couldn't disable it.

Izelda piled up the various items they had collected from these rooms onto some of the tapestries and started dragging that along with them. They headed back out to the last hallway they had been in and headed right. After a short distance a corridor branched off to the southwest and just beyond that the hallway turned to the north.

As they started toward this fork in the hallway, two ghouls came down from the southwest. Schmidt attacked one and killed it. Biff ran up behind him and attacked.

Locke and Leve moved up behind Biff. Schmidt stepped up and killed the second.

They argued a bit, but eventually confirmed that they had been through the corridor to the southwest and it went to the end of the hallway with the necromantic field.

Schmidt proceeded along the corridor to the west and turned north. There was a door at the end of the hallway. As he approached, the floor fell out from under him, dropping him down 10 feet. As they were discussing whether Schmidt was badly hurt or not, how to get him back up, Schmidt noticed a squeaking noise. As they confirmed that it was a sound from something mechanical, not from rodents, the pit started filling with water.

Izelda and Locke helped Schmitd out of the pit, and they watched as the water level reached nearly to the top. They were discussing how to get past it, when Schmidt walked over to the edge of the pit where there was nearly a foot of undisturbed floor, and made his way to the door fairly easily.

He checked the door from the narrow ledge and determined that it was not trapped. Opening the door while his companions watched from ten feet away across the pit, he was met with a hail of crossbow bolts.

Locke, knowing that it was risky for him to try to get past the pit on the narrow ledge wearing heavy armor, waited for a better opportunity. Schmidt was hit with more crossbow bolts and javelins. Schmidt retreated along the ledge and put away his morning star. Locke healed Schmidt. Izelda cast stonecall at the back corner of the room she could see through the door.

Locke healed Schmidt again, and Leve did the same. Someone in the room threw javelins at Locke and missed. Izelda and Schmidt could see several guards in the room heading to the southeast out of sight. Schmidt cast longstrider and put away his shield. Izelda cast stonecall again, obviously killing many of the guards in the room.

Locke healed Schmidt again, as did Leve. Three soldiers from in the room shot at Locke with their crossbows, one hitting. Schmidt retrieved his bow, shot into the room and hit one of the soldiers. Izelda cast bull's strength on herself and shouted back to Charles, Jacob, and Robert that there could be soldiers coming at them from behind.

Locke held, waiting for a good opportunity. Leve healed Schmidt again. The three soldiers in the room shot at Locke, all missing. Schmidt shot twice. Izelda jumped forward, grabbing Locke and clearing the pit, landing gracefully in the doorway and bouncing Locke off the wall adjacent to the door and into the pit where the water was receding.

Locke managed to get himself upright in the neck-deep water and reach up for Izelda's hand. The soldiers shot at Izelda, one hitting. Schmidt fired twice, killing one of the soldiers before turning to help Jacob, Charles, and Robert. Izelda pulled Locke up and pushed him into the room.

Locke stepped forward, swung, and missed one of the soldiers. The soldiers missed Locke. A guard coming up behind the group missed Biff. Schmidt drew his claymore and came up behind Biff. Biff bit and killed one of the guards. Izelda moved up by Locke and hit one of the soldiers.

Locke missed on his first swing, but hit critically on his second. The soldiers missed Locke on their attacks. The guards tried attacking Biff again, but missed. Schmidt ran past one guard, turned, and hit another, killing him. Biff hit and killed a guard. Izelda stepped around one of the soldiers and hit him.

Locke used a smite on the remaining soldier, hit him and killed him. The guards missed Biff. Schmidt hit one guard. Biff hit another and killed him. Izelda stepped over and opened the door in the back of the room.

Locke stepped past Izelda into another hallway. Two guards missed Schmidt. Schmidt sprang past a guard, hitting his companion. Biff hit the guard who was next to Schmidt, killing him. Izelda moved past Locke to see where the hall forked, first going south, then turning to the north just past that.

Locke healed Izelda. The remaining guard hit Biff. Schmidt stepped back and killed that guard. Izelda turned back and went into the room, opening the door to the southeast, stepping through, and setting off another pit trap.

Locke helped Izelda out of the pit, and Schmidt came through and was able to close the doors on the first pit and keep them from opening, but he could only partially keep the second pit from opening under weight.

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