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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 26th, 2020

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July 26th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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They proceeded to gather up everything they had gotten and haul it back up to camp and refreshed for the rest of the day and over night.

Izelda, Schmidt, Biff, Leve, and Locke headed back down into the lower part of the temple and proceeded directly to the room with the two pit traps out side its doors. Bypassing the one pit trap in the angled hall before the west door, they entered the barracks and crossed to the door in the north wall.

They headed west down the corridor before turning left to head south, Schmidt and Biff in the lead. Just before the corridor dead ended in an odd angled wall, they made a hard right and headed northwest in another corridor. After some distance, this corridor turned to the north and forked to the northeast. There was a door to the west.

As Schmidt leaned in to listen at the door, there was a scream of anguish from the other side that nobody needed to strain to hear. The door was not locked, and appeared not to be trapped when Schmidt checked it. The hinges were new and well oiled, so opening the door silently was no problem.

Schmidt cast owl's wisdom on himself from a scroll, and Izelda cast bull's strength on Locke. Locke used the wand to cast bull's strength on Schmidt.

Schmidt opened the door and signaled for silence and waived the rest to follow him. Schmidt moved silently into the well lit room and down a flight of the exceptionally steep stairs as seen elsewhere in the temple. Izelda cast cat's grace on Locke and Locke barged into the room and loudly clanked down the stairs, drawing the attention of the bugbear and human standing at a torture rack in the center of the room.

Locke moved into the room and hit the human who was obviously torturing whatever was on the rack. Schmidt sprang past the torturer and hit him from behind. Izelda sent Leve to watch the corridor they had come down, pointed Biff to the corridor to the northeast, and stepped a few feet down the hall to the north until it forked again. The human in the torture chamber hit Schmidt, then missed him twice. The bugbear tried to move into position and was hit by Locke for his efforts. The bugbear then missed Locke.

Locke power attacked the bugbear, hitting, but his cleave missed the torturer. Schmidt hit the torturer, then missed. Izelda rolled her light down the corridor to the north, revealing doors alternating on either side of the hallway. The torturer hit Schmidt then missed twice.

Locke used a smite on the torturer, then hit the bugbear, killing him, and hit the torturer on his follow through.

Schmidt hit the torturer then missed. Izelda shouted to see if they needed assistance. The torturer missed Schmidt three times.

Locke hit the torturer and killed him. Schmidt stepped over and released the human from the rack.

There were also two cells off the torture chamber. One held two human women who were begging to be let out and taken out of the dungeon. The other held two half-orcs who were waiting calmly watching the proceedings.

David, the guy on the rack, was a mercenary recruited from the garrison at Homlet. He was being tortured for refusing to participate in the evil practices of the temple.

The women were local farmers who were captured in a raid. They just wanted to get to their farm north of Nulb.

The two half-orcs were paladins of Iomedae on a quest to eradicate returning evil. They had gotten into the dungeon from a lower level, guided through a fissure in the ground by the light of Iomedae. They wanted their holy symbols back, as well as their armor, but could see that the party did not have that.

After confirming as much of their stories as they could, and verifying that they were not evil, the party helped the prisoners back up to camp. The paladins healed the human so he was able to walk under his own power.

Once in camp, it was evident that David and the two orcs, Hakak and Tsadok, wanted to help eradicate the evil in the temple. The two women just wanted to get back to their farm. It was agreed that David, Robert, and Jacob would take the women home and then return.

Izleda, Leve, Locke, Schmidt and Biff headed back down again. Hakak and Tsadok stayed in camp with Urak and looked through the weapons and armor to get themselves armed, and to see if any of their equipment had been retrieved yet.

The party started down the hallway to the north of the torture room and Schmidt checked the first door. It was not locked, and he could see three cowering figures in the straw and filth on the floor. He reported the prisoners. Izelda took the form of a hawk and flew off to try to catch up with David, Robert, and Jacob to let them know there were more prisoners being freed.

Locke checked through the door as Izelda disappeared into the darkness. "Well," Locke said, "prisoners or not, they're evil."

As soon as Schmidt opened the door, the three stood and walked to the door, attacking Locke as they passed.

Locke and Schmidt stayed in flanking position on either side of the door. Schmidt hit one, and Biff killed it. Locke killed a second. The third stepped up and attacked Biff, missing. Schmidt hit it and Biff killed it.

The next door was on the opposite side of the hall and was locked. Schmidt picked the lock and opened the door to reveal a room just like the other, only vacant.

The third door was on the same side as the first, and was unlocked. Like the first, there were three evil occupants. Locke and Schmidt took up position on one side of the corridor while Biff stood across from them.

Schmidt opened the door, and just as before the three occupants came out, attacking. As they closed, Biff was able to hit and kill all three in turn.

The fourth door, back on the far side of the hall, was locked again. Schmidt was unable to pick the lock. Locke hit the door with his sabre, doing little damage. Schmidt hit the lock with his mace, shattering it. Opening the door, the cell had a single occupant, a gagged gnome hanging from shackles on the far wall. He turned out not to be evil, and wanted his gear back and to dispose of those who were in the temple and had captured him.

They kept the nearly naked gnome with them as they went to the next door, back on the near side of the hallway. It was again unlocked and had three cowering evil occupants. They took up positions again, and as the three occupants came out to attack, Biff was able to dispatch two of the three. Locke took out the third.

The final door, on the far side of the corridor, was locked. Schmidt was able to pick it once again, and it revealed a vacant cell.

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