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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

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August 23rd, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Across from this last door on the left, the corridor turned and headed to the right. At the end of the corridor, some 60 feet away, they could see a room or passage lit by torches. Between them and that light, it appeared there was a door on the right and a passage to the left.

They didn't want to go far while Izelda was away to stop Robert, Jacob, and David, but they did turn back and check out the passage to the west just south of all the cells. After a short distance, that passage turned to the north for a fair distance, then turning to the east again and ending with a spiral staircase heading down of the north side of the passage. The steepness of the odd stairs in this place really stood out on this spiral staircase where the outer edge of the stair had a tread width near eight inches to offset the twelve-inch rise, and the inner edge ten feet away was almost a sheer drop, not even an inch of tread on any step...

They returned to the hallway with the cells to await Izelda's return, Wonillon the gnome grumbling about not having his gear. Izelda returned before too long, at which point they let her know that there wasn't anyone other than the gnome that needed released, and he wasn't leaving until they found his gear. Without knowing where his gear was, they should probably send the boys and the farm girls on their way. So Izelda headed back up to tell them they could go, and to hurry back.

It didn't take long before Izelda returned, though to those waiting in the dark it seemed like quite a while.

When Izelda finally got back, they headed down the corridor to the east with the light at the end. About half-way down there was a door opposite a flight of stairs heading down.

Turning his attention to the door, Schmidt determined there were no traps, and pushed the door open. Somehow the three bugbears on the other side of the door were completely surprised.

Schmidt sprung in past one of them, turned and hit his target. The three bugbears all missed Schmidt.

Izelda cautiously moved up with the gnome, who had taken a distinct dislike to her due to her carefree manner and lack of respect for the gnome's personal space. And the fact that her presence made him violently ill. Locke moved into the room and cleaved through the first bugbear, missing the second. Leve moved in behind Locke and missed. Sdhmidt hit twice, killing the first bugbear. The other two dropped their glaives, raised their hands, and shouted, "No hit, no hit."

The group questioned the bugbears, learning that they were jailers responsible for the six cells to the west, and that they reported to the turnkey, whose name they did not know, but who was probably torturing someone. They didn't know where the turnkey kept his loot, including Wonillon's gear.

They also helped keep the cressets on this side of the temple clean and lit.

The bugbears didn't know who Belstro was, but did know that Hartsch was one of the high priests of Earth who lived on the other side of the temple. They wouldn't go into the temple itself, which was just around the corner, without Hartsch or Romag since the dirt was mean.

They took the two bugbears to the last cell and locked them in, telling them they would come back and take them to the surface, if they promised not to come back.

Returning to the bugbear's chamber, they found a small amount of foodstuffs and some weapons, but not much of value. However, while Izelda was rooting around and Leve and Locke were convincing her not to take items that were obviously of no value, Schmidt spotted a secret door.

Opening the secret door revealed a dusty corridor heading some thirty feet to the west with a passage to the south and an iron door at the west end. The floor was covered in thick dust, obviously undisturbed. "Well, there's obviously nothing back here," Schmidt said, closing the door. "No one's been back here in years."

"There could be something missed when the temple was first looted," Locke offered.

"And what's behind that door? Or down to the south?" Izelda asked. "Maybe they just never come back here."

They proceeded through the secret corridor to the west. The passage to the south had two other doors on the west wall, and an old, dusty, gray blanket hanging on the east wall about halfway down. There were footprints in the dust from the blanket to where the corridor ended in a blank wall to the south.

The three doors each had a sliding panel. Sliding the panel to the side and looking through, Izelda and Locke were able to recognize that these doors opened into the three eastern cells, the cells that had housed the zombies. There was no way to open the door or the sliding panel from inside the cell, they could only be opened from within this secret passage.

Behind the blanket was a small room. In a pile on one side was Wonillon's gear and some other supplies, including some of the equipment the two half-orc paladins were missing. In addition to some general supplies and foodstuffs, there was an iron chest which was locked. Schmidt was unable to pick the lock, but Wonillon offered to open it in exchange for whatever was inside.

Izelda refused Wonillon's offer and attempted to just pry it open with sheer strength, but failed. The gnome offered again, but was again refused. Locke explained that if they got it open, the contents would be taken upstairs to their camp, where the gnome would get his portion of whatever the trunk contained or an equivalent value of other equipment they had collected.

On another attempt, Schmidt was able to pick the lock and get the chest opened. It contained some money and a small wooden box. Izelda handed the box to Schmidt and asked if he could open that. Upon examining it, Schmidt slid the polished brass hook out of the loop it rested in and handed the box back to Izelda. The box contained two potions.

Schmidt headed to the south end of the corridor and quickly figured out the secret door there, and confirmed which hallway it opened into.

They returned to the bugbears' room and from there to the lit corridor.

The lit corridor was only lit from where they entered it to the north. To the south, it was in darkness. To the north there were large yellow stone triangles embedded in the brown marble floor. The floor was worn from thousands of people walking on the marble over the many years the temple had been active.

They headed south and there was a corridor to the west again. Schmidt followed it to confirm it connected back where they had been, and to check if there were any rooms or doors leading off it. Confirming that he was right and that there were not any other rooms, he returned.

Just a little further south, the corridor angled to the east, and at the bend there were more grotesque murals on the wall.

After a fair distance, the corridor turned to the east. On the right a twenty foot wide grand staircase descended into the darkness. Past the staircase, the corridor angled toward the north again. They could see that there was light around a corner in the distance.

A short ways off, the corridor again turned to the north. Again, at this angle, there were grotesque murals on the walls. Just past these murals, Schmidt spotted a secret door to the east. He easily opened it, revealing a damaged iron chest bracketed to the floor. After some inspection, Locke pointed out that Izelda had broken that chest, and they had found the back entrance to the series of rooms where they picked up Urak.

They closed the door and continued north toward the lit end of the corridor. It appeared to be cressets similar to the other end of this U-shaped passage, but these were clearly nearly out of oil, several were sputtering and they were giving off more smoke. They passed two passages to the east, the second one demarking where the lit cressets started, similar to the other end of the corridor.

"Wiat," Izelda stated, "I need to get my corpse." And she turned and headed quickly back into the darkness to the south. She returned a couple minutes later dragging the bugbear they had just killed. she tossed it up into the lit area where it landed with a thud. Nothing came around the corner, and no traps were set off.

Schmidt and Biff snuck around the corner, followed by Izelda dragging the corpse. In front of them was a large room lit by some kind of phosphorescent lichen on the ceiling forty or fifty feet above them and growing down the walls and the central column. There were lit cressets in here as well, along with empty torch sconces. The floor was a dark, loose, loamy earth, and in the center a small, steep sided pyramid rose out of the floor. The central column rose out of the top of the pyramid, and there were brass manacles hanging from it. The far side of the room had three doors. Two standard doors flanked a large, central double door. The large door was chained with heavy chains and a large padlock, and the seams were filled with iron. Across the upper portion of the door were engraved magical runes that glowed a faint silver, which was hard to detect in the various other lights in the room.

Izelda bashed the corpse against the ground, packing some of it. She then threw the corpse out into the middle of the room, landing against the pyramid. Nothing happened except that Leve, Locke, and Wonillon caught up. Schmidt cast lead blades as Leve and Locke entered the room.

As Locke and Leve approached the base of the pyramid, the earth rose up in four locations, one near each corner of the room.

Locke called fire to his sword, and Leve moved to take position behind Locke, toward the pyramid. Schmidt pulled out a potion and Biff stepped behind him. Izelda started summoning a Mephit. The elemental between Locke and Schmidt slammed into Locke twice. The other three elementals each approached their nearest corner of the pyramid.

Locke swung at the elemental, missing the first time, but hitting on the second. Leve healed Locke. Schmidt hit the elemental twice, and Biff moved up beside Schmidt hitting the elemental and tripping it. Izelda ordered her Mephit to tell the four elementals to calm down and not attack. The mephit flew over to the elemental in combat, and did just that. The elemental stood from prone. Locke hit it, Schmidt hit it, and Biff hit it and killed it. The remains of the elemental settled back into a pile of dirt and rock on the loamy soil. The other three elementals each moved directly away from the pyramid toward the corners of the room.

Locke moved along the base of the pyramid toward the elemental to the west and healed himself. Leve followed Locke and healed Locke as well. Schmidt and Biff moved in the same direction as Locke and Leve had. Izelda ran across the room and up the side of the pyramid to the column. The mephit moved to the second elemental, the same one the others had approached, and asked it to stay calm and not attack. The elemental stepped up and hit Schmidt. The other two elementals moved toward each other, approaching the center of the south wall.

Locke took one careful step to the west and detected evil, confirming that these elementals were not normal. Schmidt hit twice and took a cautious step back. Biff also stepped back. Izelda directed the mephit to check out the grand doors since the elementals weren't listening to it. The mephit moved toward the door, but when he got to within 10 feet he backed up and told Izelda he didn't want to go to the door. The elemental in that corner smashed the mephit on its way to the middle of the west wall. The elemental engaged with Leve, Locke, Schmidt, and Biff attacked the paladin twice, missing both times. The other elemental moved toward the middle of the east wall.

Locke attempted to cast defensively, but failed, losing the spell. Schmidt stepped up and attacked, missing twice. Izelda moved around Biff to Schmidt, preparing to heal him. The elemental attacked Leve, missing. The other two elementals moved back to their respective corners of the pyramid.

Locke stepped up and hit the elemental. Schmidt hit twice. Biff moved in and hit and killed the elemental.

(And, yes, we're stopping in the middle of combat.)

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