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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 6th, 2020

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September 6th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Locke moved toward the elemental to the south and healed himself. Leve followed Locke and healed him as well. Schmidt and Biff moved across to the wall behind Leve and Locke. Izelda moved up and healed Schmidt. The elementals continued their march.

Locke charged the elemental and hit, using one of his smites. Leve moved up behind Locke. The elemental's attack on Leve missed. Schmidt moved in and hit. Izelda moved up and cast stoneshape. The elemental hit Locke twice.

Locke hit the elemental twice, killing it. Leve healed Locke again. Izelda also healed Locke. Schmidt and Biff moved around the far side of the pyramid from the doors, toward the remaining elemental. The elemental continued its march as though Biff and Schmidt weren't there.

Locke started to move around the near side of the pyramid only to realize he was getting into the area of effect of the doors and wanting to retreat. He and Locke proceeded around the far side of the pyramid after Schmidt and Biff. Leve used the wand to heal Locke on the way. Schmidt and Biff moved toward the elemental. Izelda moved up to Locke and healed him again. The elemental moved across its corner of the room.

Locke and Leve ran the rest of the way around the pyramid to the elemental. Schmidt moved up to the elemental and the elemental hit him. In return Schmidt and Biff both hit the elemental. Izelda moved up and healed Schmidt. The elemental missed Schmidt twice.

Locke moved up smiting this elemental. Leve moved up, the elemental missing him. Locke hit the elemental, then Schmidt hit it twice more, killing it.

Schmidt climbed up the pyramid as Izelda and Leve healed Locke, and opened the bronze box. It contained several items, but as soon as he started to pull them out of the box, Locke snapped his attention on Schmidt.

"Those need to be destroyed," Locke insisted, "there's no place for them in this world. They are absolute evil."

Schmidt closed the box and handed it to Izelda. "We'll need to get them somewhere else, then, and figure out how to destroy them."

"We obviously don't want to leave them here for the next evil priest," Izelda asked, "Do we?"

Schmidt dug into the side of the pyramid a little, but didn't find anything.

They went out and gathered Wonillon and headed up to camp for the day.

Meanwhile, Jacob, Robert, and David had brought back two other women, a half-elf and a half-orc, who seemed to be together. When Izelda got into camp and saw the newcomers, she ran up to them and hugged them, making them ill with here presence.

After the girls were introduced as Elizabeth and Varika, Izelda returned to the box. As soon as she opened it, Tsadok and Hakak were up and drawing weapons, causing David and Urak to step out of their way.

"What is this abomination?" Hakak demanded.

"It's a bowl and a knife and a couple other things I was going to identify," Izelda responded. "But it's not magical, Schmidt."

"How would you suggest we destroy it?" Schmidt asked Hakak.

"It must be consecrated first," Tsadok stated.

"Okay, how do we do that?"

"Talk to the priestess," Hakak offered, pointing to the half-elf, Elilzabeth.

"I know the theory," Elizabeth said, looking sheepishly at the box, "but I don't know the prayers yet."

Izelda and Schmidt chained up the bronze box, and then hefted it up into the rafters while Varika dug through the piles of stuff in camp to find enough intact rugs and tapestries to wall off a section of the space for Elizabeth to bathe out of view of the men.

The next morning Elizabeth and Varika joined Locke, Leve, Izelda, Schmidt and Biff heading downstairs. they got to the north end of the structure and Schmidt and Izelda carefully entered the elementals' room. When nothing happened, they beckoned everyone else forward.

They crossed the elementals' room, and Izelda scooped a bunch of the dirt into a barrel. On the other side, they started east down the northernmost corridor off the processional. There was a door to the north and Schmidt and Verika checked it out. It was unlocked and appeared not to be trapped. On the other side was a corridor to the north, which forked to the east after a short distance. Further to the north, the corridor opened into a room. The room was littered with broken glass and ceramic containers, crushed metal flasks, broken shelves, and the remnants of whatever the various containers had previously held.

"I'm not going in there," Elizabeth declared. "Doesn't anybody clean around here?"

Izelda looked at her as Schmidt turned around and walked off. "It's just junk, lets move on," Schmidt stated. Izelda swept a vague path through the debris for Elizabeth.

After Elizabeth walked down the path and looked around she agreed with Schmidt, but quietly told Varika, "She looks like she will come in handy."

The corridor to the east led to a large, triangular room with a very large eye painted on the ceiling. The eye appeared to follow movement in the room. Izelda counted the plush chairs and benches in the room and started figuring how long it would take to haul them up to their camp.

They returned to the main corridor to the east and continued on. There was a side passage off to the southeast, and Verika stepped down that as everyone else went past. Even with her darkvision, she could only see to the next corner where the hall turned to the south.

Schmidt, Elizabeth and Izelda continued on to the east. At the end of the corridor there was a door in the north wall. This door was made of bronze with brass bindings and hinges, and a series of silvery runes at about eye-height for the humans.

"Well, it's magic," Izelda offered.

"Maybe I'm going to wait back there," Elizabeth suggested, heading back to Biff and Varika, and stepping around the corner into the dark hallway Verika just checked out.

Leve, Izelda, and Schmidt checked out the door and finally decided the only option was to open it. The lock was difficult, but Schmidt was able to pick it. Leve headed back to the rest of the group and planted his shield.

When Schmidt opened the door, there was a blast of cold. Izelda took the brunt of it.

The door revealed a room with dark niches carved into the walls about three feet off the ground. Locke and Schmidt went in to check it out, while Izelda stayed at the door.

Upon investigation, the niches held desiccated corpses wearing the same brown robes they had seen in several rooms. The second one they looked at released a mote of dust that weakened Schmidt. After another did the same, he left the room.

Izelda stepped in and had Locke bring the bodies toward her, but not too close, so she could check them for magic. One had a magical cloak. After they were all checked, Locke and Leve set up a pyre to burn the bodies.

They returned to camp, as it was clear the dust had done something to Schmidt.

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