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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 4th, 2020

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October 4th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda took all the lengths of rope they had with them and lashed the pieces together, then tied a harness into one end. The other end she coiled on the ground in front of the door. They ended up with about 180 feet of rope.

Verika got into the harness, and Izelda grabbed hold of the rope, feeding out a little for Verika to get through the door and on the landing. Leve and Locke grabbed hold of the rope behind Izelda to provide additional breaking should Verika slip.

Verika made her way down the stairs carefully. The stairs ended unexpectedly, and there was still just darkness below her. But as she looked around, she realized that a short distance below her she could no longer see the walls of the shaft. It may be opening into a large chamber.

She carefully lowered herself off the bottom stair and noticed that the toe of her boot disappeared. She pulled her foot up, but it was intact. She signaled to be pulled back up.

She had Izelda cast light on a small piece of bone, and put that in her pouch where it wouldn't interfere with her darkvision until she was ready to have it out. then she went down again. When she got to the bottom, she pulled out the bone and let her eyes get used to the light. Even with the light, the walls of the shaft just disappeared into darkness about 6 feet below the bottom of the stairs. She dropped the light and watched as it fell. It disappeared immediately at the edge of the darkness, but she heard it hit something a couple seconds later. She signaled to be brought back up.

Izelda assured Verika that there couldn't be more than 60 feet to the bottom from where she was, so they went back up to camp with Elizabeth to look for more rope - or something equivalent - while Locke, Leve and Schmidt stayed down and rummaged through the bones for anything of value.

Izelda, Elizabeth, and Verika came back down with another couple hundred feet of rope, and even with Izelda's assurances that it wasn't that far, she insisted on Izelda tying the rest of the rope onto the length they already had.

Once she was convinced everything was secure, Verika made her way back down to the bottom of the stairs and lowered herself into the darkness. Once she was off the stairs, Izelda continued to lower her slowly.

Verika emerged from the darkness into a large octagonal room that was lit by a glowing mist swirling around the floor. She could see an altar below her, along with a large square of bronze with several holes in it. There were four flights of stairs coming up from the bottom of the room to large bronze double doors, one pair of which was sealed with lead and chained, with runes that appeared to match those on the front doors to the temple. Directly below her it looked like the shaft continued down, but it was hard to tell through the glowing, swirling mist. On either side of where the shaft appeared to continue down were large bronze braziers which, while not lit, were producing smoke.

Verika signaled that she be brought back up, and Izelda complied. Once in the corridor of bones, they discussed what Verika reported, and decided that they did not want to head down that way into an unknown environment with no means of retreat.

They gathered up the various weapons and armor that Schmidt had uncovered and hauled it up to their camp, then returned down to where they had encountered the hydra and owlbears. They headed to their left toward where they had picked up Charles, spiking two doors shut on their way past.

They entered the complex of rooms where they had liberated Charles (and killed most of his colleagues) just a couple days ago. Moving cautiously, Verika and Schmidt checked the door, then moved in, Locke and Leve followed not far behind, with Elizabeth and Izelda following at a cautious distance with Biff.

Verika and Schmidt moved across the still bloody room to the door opposite them, ignoring a door to their left. This opened onto a ten-by-ten room with a door opposite. Verika moved across and checked the door, then Gestured for Locke to open it. This revealed a larger room that had obviously recently been sleeping quarters for some of their previous assailants. There were several green robes on a set of pegs on the wall here.

As Izelda took them down and started stuffing them into her pack, Elizabeth took one and said, "I think I'm going to put one of these on. They look like a uniform, and may get us past some guards, or at least get them to pause." She tossed another cloak to Verika who also put one on. Behind the cloak that Elizabeth took down for Verika, an axe was hanging on the wall. Izelda also donned a green robe.

While the group was looking around the room, Verika noticed a doorway hidden behind a torn tapestry on the south wall. She checked the door and then gestured to Locke again, who opened it.

This opened onto a much larger room with an eerie green light that appeared to come from nowhere in particular.

Schmidt stepped into the room. There was a fountain in the far west, and an altar in front of an alcove just south of the center of the room. In the wide and shallow alcove there was a statue of some kind of hideous writhing mass of vile aquatic creatures. The creepy light in the room made the statue appear to be writhing in place. In each corner were triangular columns with a gargoyle on top of each.

Locke and Leve moved past Schmidt and cautiously made their way toward the altar. Izelda stepped in and started toward the fountain. Verika and Elizabeth looked at each other and stayed in the smelly bugbear room, shaking their heads.

Schmidt headed over to the east door to take a closer look at that. Leve and Locke reached the alter and started inspecting its west face.

Izelda cast rage on Biff as he moved off to Schmidt, then proceeded toward the fountain. Elizabeth and Verika waited at the door. Locke called fire to his sword and confirmed that the altar was evil.

As Izelda reached the altar, the statue in the alcove moved toward Locke. Verika drew her bow, shot, and missed. The gargoyles on their plinths all moved. The one closest to Biff hit him, the one closest to Schmidt missed. The other two attacked Leve and missed. Schmidt hit twice and stepped back. Biff hit the one that hit him and stepped away. The statue hit Locke.

[yes, and we stopped in the middle of combat again...]

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