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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

November 1st, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda wild-shaped into a giant octopus. Leve used one of his mutagens and stepped away from the statue. Elizabeth stepped into the room and cast firebolt at one of the gargoyles. Locke stepped to the side and used a smite against the statue. He then hit once and missed on his second swing. Verika stepped back into the room they had come out of. Two of the gargoyles hit Izelda, a third missed Locke, and the fourth stood and hit Biff. Schmidt moved up and attacked the gargoyle by Biff. There was a burst of light, and in the gargoyles place on the ground was a zombie. The statue sprayed a jet of water at Locke, pushing him and the gargoyle behind him back against that gargoyle's plinth, then moved to Schmidt.

Izelda hit one of the gargoyles three times, killing it, then hit a second gargoyle five times killing it, then hit the statue twice. Leve stepped around the altar and cast enlarge person on Schmidt. Elizabeth moved to take cover behind Leve and cast another firebolt at the statue. Locke hit the gargoyle twice and stepped back. Verika knocked an arrow and fired at the statue, missing. They gargoyle stepped forward and missed Locke with his claws, but did successfully bite. The zombie stood and Schmidt killed it. Schmidt dropped his dagger and shield and drew his sword, then hit the statue. Biff hit it as well. The statue moved across the room right over Biff, nearly killing him.

Izelda cast cure moderate wounds on Biff, then slithered away from the statue. Leve moved to Locke's side, hit the gargoyle and killed it. Elizabeth ran around the altar, keeping it between her and the statue, and proceeded behind Schmidt into the corner behind the gargoyle plinth nearest Biff. Locke waited for Leve to move so they could move together to the statue. Verika closed the door between her and the combat. Biff played dead on the floor while Schmidt stepped up to the statue and hit it twice. The statue rolled across the room right over izelda, and blocking the door Verika had just closed.

Izelda noticed a priest casting in the corner behind where the statue started. Izelda hit the priest five times, killing him, then hit the statue three times. Leve healed Locke with a wand, then the two of them approached the statue together, Locke on the near side and Leve stepping between the statue and the altar to get behind it. As he did so, the statue slammed into him. Locke took a swing at the statue and missed. Elizabeth stepped out from behind her column and healed Biff. Verika knocked on the door which was pinned shut and asked, "Is everything all right in there?" Schmidt jumped on the altar, caught his balance on the slick edge, and swung down and hit the statue. Biff moved behind the altar to be away from the statue, as another priest came from the curtain and swung at Biff. The statue rolled over Locke and into the corner.

Izelda moved again and reached out and killed the priest before he could attack Biff again. Another priest appeared in the corner and hit Biff, knocking him unconscious. Leve stabilized Locke, then moved back into the corner and planted his tower shield. Elizabeth moved and hid behind the column again. Verika opened the door, grabbed Locke by the foot, and dragged his body out of the room. Schmidt healed Izelda with a wand. The statue moved back toward the middle of the room. Schmidt hit it as it moved past, but it hit Schmidt harder in return.

Izelda hit the statue five times, killing it, then turned and grabbed the cleric with her tentacles. The cleric hit Izelda with his mace, knocking her unconscious. She reverted to her normal human form. Leve healed Biff, then moved away from the priest. Verika searched Locke, finding a healing potion and pouring it down his throat. Schmidt attacked the priest, hitting him twice and killing him, then jumped down from the altar.

Leve healed Izelda and Elizabeth came out from behind her column and moved to the center of the room and channeled energy to heal everyone a little. Between various wands, potions, and spells, and Elizabeth's channeling and Locke's laying of hands, they worked through getting everyone healed.

Meanwhile, Verika went around the room and looked for valuables, stacking most of it in front of Izelda for her to carry back up.

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