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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 29th, 2020

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November 29th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda proceeded to haul most of the loot up to their camp on the main floor, with a little help from the others. When she was hauling corpses of the zombies out to the vines, she spotted a woman standing at the bottom of the stairs to the temple.

"You want to come up over here, not in the middle," Izelda offered, startling the woman, "Those doors are nasty."

Izelda led the woman inside and introduced her to the group. Her name was Chiacire and she was learning the ways of self-discipline to abolish evil. She was traveling to the city to meet others when she got lost and ended up here.

They headed back down the next morning, taking Chia with them, and went back into the water room. They looked around the room again, and nothing seemed changed. They headed through the curtain at the back of the alcove before Izelda helped Verika up the wall to take the curtain down.

Behind the alcove the room extended another ten feet or so, with double doors in the south wall, and a single door both east and west.

Verika checked the door to the west and then opened it revealing a nice sitting room with a couple of green armoires, several nice green chairs, bowls of fruit on the green table, and green hangings on the walls. The fruit had something granular on it, as though it had been sugared. Izelda licked one to see what it was, and it was very bitter.

Verika checked a door to the south as the others gathered up loot including the bitter fruit.

The door opened to a long, fairly narrow room with a desk and chair in the middle, and a bed and dresser at the end. There was a door in the east wall.

Izelda and Leve checked out the items hanging on the wall above the bed, which included a magical trident. Izelda grabbed this to identify it and was overcome with the urge to immerse herself in water. She quickly went into the previous room and laid one of the armoires on its back and began filling it with magically created water.

Elizabeth followed Izelda and immediately began trying to keep Izelda's head above water.

Meanwhile, Schmidt opened the door to the east and Leve stepped through. As soon as he stepped into the room, he heard a voice pleading in his head, "Save me, rescue me from the pool before the kraken on the wall manifests his true form and kills us all!"

Leve detected evil and chaos in the room, but found neither. There was a mosaic on the south wall of a kraken. As well as decorative green tapestries hanging on ether side of the double doors to the north. The rest of the room was polished green stone, except a large pool in the center of the room with someone chained at the bottom, and the crystal dome of the roof.

"Quickly," the voice repeated in Leve's head, "Save me."

Schmidt stepped into the room, and he and Leve both heard the telepathic plead, "Hurry, rescue me. Only together can we defeat the kraken!"

Schmidt made toward the north doors and opened them. Leve detected good and detected law, but found neither. Leve stepped back into the bedroom they had been in, and Schmidt stepped through the north doors back into the vestibule where Locke was waiting. Schimidt cast owl's wisdom on himself and came back into the room.

Verika stepped into the room from the bedchamber and made her way to the side of the pool. Schmidt dove into the pool, and was immediately burned. Verika hesitated as Schmidt dragged himself out of the pool. Then Verika was suddenly compelled to dive into the pool.

Chia left Elizabeth and Izelda and stepped out with Locke to watch what was happening with the pool through the double doors. Verika's gargoyle cloak disappeared as she dove deeper to get the person at the bottom of the pool. Elizabeth continued to try to keep Izelda's head above water as Izelda created more water. Schmidt finished dragging himself out of the pool and turned to Verika. Schmidt suddenly felt a compulsion to jump back into the pool, but shrugged it off. Leve moved into the sitting room and shouted, "Don't go in that room," gesturing toward the room with the pool.

Chia turned toward Leve asking, "Which room?"

Verika tried to get out of the pool after trying to reach the person at the bottom, but passed out from burns all over her body. Elizabeth smacked Izelda, trying to snap her out of whatever loop she was stuck in, then stepped away from the armoire. Schmidt pulled Verika out of the pool and dragged her to Locke and Chia, where Leve joined them a moment later.

Schmidt again felt compelled to jump into the pool, but shrugged it off. "Something wants me in the pool," he stated.

Leve stabilized Verika and asked, "Is that some kind of ooze?"

Chia asked, "Can I help stabilize her?" looking at Verika.

"I think she's stable," Leve replied, "but any healing would be helpful."

Izelda created water again, and stood up. Verika sat up and coughed. Elizabeth moved to Verika and healed her. Schmidt closed the double doors. Leve case a healing spell on Verika and tried to determine whether the wounds were alchemical in nature.

Leve stepped into the other room and managed to get the trident away from Izelda, came back and opened the double doors and threw the trident, wrapped in one of the brown cloaks they had collected, and threw it into the pool. As soon as he opened the door, Verika started toward the pool. Schmidt and Locke both grabbed Verika to stop her. Leve felt an urge to jump in the pool himself, as he watched the cloak unravel around nothing and then dissolve itself as it sank in the pool.

Leve stepped back into the room with the others, and Chia spiked the door closed behind him.

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