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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 13th, 2020

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December 13th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda changed shape into a goldfish and jumped into a crystal carafe they had picked up somewhere. She created water so she was immersed and felt comfortable. Leve had his monkey pick up the carafe and carry it downstairs with them as they returned to the green room with the altar and the fountain.

They went through the curtains again, and Verika checked for traps on the door to the east which they had not yet opened. She cracked the door and Locke checked for evil, but there wasn't any beyond the normal for the temple.

They cautiously entered the room, and observed its green furnishings. This room, like the one across from it, was lit with green glowing light globes. Leve and Locke spotted a concealed door behind one of the tapestries which they surmised led into the room with the pool, where they did not want to go currently. Adjacent to this was another door which Verika checked again, then allowed Schmidt to open.

This revealed a divided bedchamber set up for two individuals to have some privacy. They looked through some trunks, and Izelda got very excited in her goldfish bowl about the nice beds.

They headed back out into the larger room with the altar and Verika checked the bronze double doors to the east. They were not trapped either, so she opened them and stepped through. This room was also lit with an eerie green glow, but the color seemed to change further down the passage, though it was hard to tell as it was somewhat murky. A couple difficult steps further down the corridor and Verika felt like she was drowning. She grabbed at her throat and Schmidt stepped in, grabbed a hold of her, and pulled her back into the room with the altar.

Leve had his monkey start down the corridor carrying the carafe with Izelda. The monkey went a few steps and then looked back since nobody was following. Leve encouraged him to go further, but the monkey was hesitant. Leve convinced the monkey to slide the carafe down the corridor further, and Izelda quickly started thrashing and convulsing in the container. Leve convinced the monkey to grab the carafe and run back, but the monkey also felt he was drowning and ran back. Schmidt leapt into the corridor and grabbed the carafe with Izelda and returned, having the same experience as the others.

Verika again stepped into the corridor and examined everything very closely, but could not find any trigger for the trap. She came back into the room with the altar and she and Elizabeth looked over everything in there very closely as well, and still couldn't find anything.

They decided to try the bronze double doors to the north instead. These also weren't trapped, and Verika stepped through. This corridor headed to the northeast and had frescoes on the walls showing grotesque scenes of torture and carnage, but also showed processionals led by priests in robes bringing sacrifices.

Verika stepped back into the room with the altar and put on one of the green robes they had, took the carafe with the goldfish from the monkey, and stepped through the doors to the north holding her goldfish above and before her. "Follow me," she instructed the rest.

They proceeded down the corridor following Verika with her goldfish on high and where the corridor turned to the north there were double doors to the east.

Verika put down Izelda and checked the doors. She opened them a crack after determining that they were safe and revealed a large octagonal room with another altar in the center, and a glowing grey-white mist swirling about the floor fifteen feet below her.

She closed that door, "It doesn't look like anything is in there," she stated. Picking up the goldfish, she started down the corridor to the north.

This came to a grand ballroom scattered with bones and debris. The room was only forty or fifty feet across, but was long enough that their torchlight didn't illuminate to either end. Directly across from them a smaller hallway headed off to the northeast.

Verika looked both ways, and then started off to the west, staying near the wall. At the end of the ballroom there was a hallway to the north, and Verika, goldfish still raised, headed that direction. Before long there was a hallway to the west with a lit room at the end with tables.

Verika headed down this corridor and reaching the end encountered several bugbears poised for combat. "Bow before my goldfish!" she shouted at them.

Izelda cast from the carafe, engulfing most of the room in flame, killing several of the bugbears. Verika attempted to intimidate them again. Elizibeth moved into the side hallway where she could see. Schmidt moved up past everyone and attacked and killed one of the remaining bugbears. Biff stepped back into the hallway away from the combat. Chia moved down the hallway where she could see. Leve scooped his monkey into his shield and cast expeditious retreat to give himself better mobility in the fight. Locke moved up to Leve and set his shield. Several goblins ran out and attacked Schmidt, missing. One of the bugbears hit Verika, another missed Schmidt.

Izelda cast call lightning and hit one of the bugbears. Verika tucked the carafe under her arm, drew her dagger, and missed a bugbear. Elizabeth moved up and healed Verika. Schmidt stepped forward, hit and killed one bugbear and hit another. Chia moved up and hit one of the bugbears. Leve stepped up behind Chia and killed the bugbear she has hit. Locke moved up in step with Leve. The last bugbear missed Verika and the goblins missed Schmidt and Leve.

Izelda threw another lightning bolt, killing the last bugbear. Verika stepped up and killed a goblin. Elizabeth moved up and healed Verika again. Schmidt hit and killed two goblins. Chia stepped forward and killed the last goblin.

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