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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 27th, 2020

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December 27th, 2020, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

They came out of the kitchen and started down the hallway again. At the end there was a door on the left and a door at the end. Verika checked the door on the left and then opened it. In return for this she got an arrow in the arm. Elizabeth grabbed her and healed her.

Verika stepped back behind Elizabeth. Schmidt ran in and cast barkskin. Elixabeth pulled Verika behind everyone else with her. Izelda swam around here carafe in a panic. Bugbears moved up in the room, closing on Schmidt. Three missed him, but one hit. Leve moved through the room, provoking from the bugbears who apparently could not hit him. He shield bashed the last bugbear. Locke moved in behind Leve, cleaving through several bugbears, killing two.

Verika bowled Izelda's carafe into the room, but it stopped when it hit Schmidt's legs. Schmidt sprung forward past the bugbears hitting one of the gnolls in the back. Elizabeth stepped up and pushed Izelda's carafe into the room past where Schmidt was standing. Izelda called lighting to kill one of the bugbears. Behind Elizabeth, the door opened revealing several other bugbears. One hit Elizabeth, another missed Locke. Leve moved toward the newly opened door and threw a bomb into the room. Locke attacked the remaining two bugbears, hitting the first and missing the second. A gnoll shot at Locke and missed. The other gnoll grabbed his axe and attacked Schmidt, missing.

Verika moved up and grabbed Izelda's carafe. She was hit by a bugbear for this action. Schmidt stepped up and killed both gnolls. Elizabeth withdrew down the corridor past Chia and Biff. Izelda called lighting into the room from which Elizabeth had been attacked. Three bugbears missed Leve, one hit Verika. Leve hit one and moved away. Locke cleaved through three.

Verika stepped up and stabbed a bugbear, killing it. Schmidt moved into the other room. Elizabeth moved back up and healed herself. Izelda called lighting on a bugbear, killing it. The bugbears swung, all three missing. Leve hit one and killed it, and Locke moved up and killed another.

Verika moved into the room and the last of the bugbears hit her. Schmidt killed it.

They searched through these two rooms. While they were searching, Elizabeth healed people. There were two doors from the east room, one from the west. Verika checked one of the doors in the east room, then Schmidt opened it revealing a small, smelly room, obviously where the gnolls slept.

Verika then checked the door to the east and Leve opened it revealing a grey room. This room was well furnished and stocked. Izelda splashed in her carafe.

Leve's monkey found a door hidden behind a tapestry. Verika checked the door the monkey found, and Locke opened it. It lead to a corridor to the northeast. about twenty feet down this corridor was a fountain, and behind that a pile of armor. Beyond this was a large wooden trunk which Locke and Schmidt dragged back. Beyond where the trunk was stashed the corridor split to the east and to the north. To the north were stairs down. To the east the corridor ended after a short distance.

After dealing with the locked trunk, they decided to go to the west corridor and head north. This led to a door which, after Verika checked it, opened onto a large room with a pool in the center and a broken fountain.

Leve and Locke entered the room and started along the wall to the east. Schmidt and Biff followed the wall to the north.

As Biff passed the center of the wall, the minotaur they all thought was a statue or part of the fountain suddenly got up and attacked Biff.

Izelda cast flamestrike on the minotaur. Schmidt sprang past the minotaur and attacked from behind. Biff hit the minotaur and tripped it. Leve cast sleep on the minotaur who saved, and moved up to strike. Verika ran up to the prone minotaur and missed. Elizabeth stayed at the door and watched with Chia. The minotaur attacked Biff from the ground and hit, then tried to crawl away at which point Leve, Schmidt, and Biff all hit it, killing it.

Verika looked down the corridor to the north and observed that it turned to the east after a short distance. At this point they decided to head back to the large octagon shaped room and investigate further.

Once they arrived, Leve opened the door cautiously. Nothing happened. Verika shot an arrow at the tripod holding one of the smoking braziers but missed. Locke and Leve went into the room and down the steep stairs to the floor and approached one of the braziers. The smoke had a sickly-sweet odor.

Leve shrugged at Locke and tried to shove the tripod and brazier into the pit. The apparatus rocked and began billowing smoke much faster. Leve and Locke started coughing severely, Leve worse than Locke. As the room started filling with the smoke, they shoved on the brazier again, but it wouldn't collapse, or even move. The smoke was getting worse, and both were taking damage.

As Leve and Locke struggled back up the stairs and the smoke was approaching the floor of the corridor where the rest of the group were watching, Elizabeth cast a firebolt at the floor of the room to see if the fire would do anything to the smoke. It did not.

Schmidt closed the doors as Leve and Locke collapsed coughing on the floor of the processional hallway.

While Leve and Locke healed themselves, Verika walked to the grand hall to the north. Looking up and down the great room, she noticed what looked like a giant blob of mucous on the wall to the east. She stepped toward it and Izelda called lighting on the blob. The blob split in two and one struck out and missed Verika while the other oozed its way onto the floor. Verika turned around and ran back to the group shouting, "There's giant boogers on the wall back there!"

Leve shot the thing coming around the corner and it split in two. He ran to the door back toward the water room. Locke moved across the hall to Leve's side and pulled out an alchemist's fire. Izelda recognized what the things were, but realized she had no means of communicating with the rest of the group other than picking at the lettered teeth Leve had dropped in her carafe. The blobs moved toward the group. Biff an Chia ran back into the side corridor behind Leve and Locke. Schmidt moved to Locke and cast protection from acid on the paladin. Elizabeth cast firebolt on the nearest blob and commented, "fire seems to work." Verika stepped past Schmidt and held up Izelda in the carafe.

Leve shot the one in the back, splitting it in two. Locke moved up and called fire to his weapon. Izelda cast stonecall on the area the blobs were in. The blobs moved forward and one missed Locke. Elizabeth cast firebolt again. Schmidt cast resist acid on himself and moved to engage. Verika took out her crossbow.

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