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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 30th, 2004

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December 30th, 2004, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

We started this week with Raven waking up in a cold, damp concrete room with no windows and a single light bulb hanging from a bare wire through a small hole in the ceiling. Still with a horrible wound, he staggered to the only door to the room, a solid steel fire door, with only a small gap below the door. He regained consciousness some time later, back on the bed.

When raven came to, he saw that the light was off. The next time he came to, he got up again and went to listen at the door. However, he did not hear anything before the door hit him in the head and he lost consciousness.

When Raven again regained consciousness, the light was back on. He again crept to the door and tried to open it, only to discover (surprise) that is was locked...

Meanwhile, Giggy and Buckwheat discovered that the Raven was not in any hospital in the area, nor was he being held by Lone Star or KE. So, after a few days of not being able to get a hold of Raven, Giggy called Mr. Sama's secretary to find out if Sama had any information. Later that afternoon, Mr. Sama's secretary called Giggy back and told him that Mr. Sama would like to meet him that evening at the club. At about 6:00pm, Giggy collected Buckwheat and the two of them went downtown. After waiting several hours, one of the children came up to Giggy and asked him to come to the back room. On the way, Giggy gestured to Buckwheat who followed them back.

They got to the back room, and the child opened the door, but when they stepped in, Mr. Sama was not in the room. In stead, another Japanese man was sitting at the head of the table. "Hello, please, have a seat," he said in a flawless Perth accent.

"We were expecting to meet Mr. Sama, he had informed us that he had some information for us," Giggy said as he took a seat.

"Yes, I have your information. You are looking for your friend and accomplice.

"We believe you will find him at a facility north of Sydney, about 6km off of the Pacific Highway to the west. It's a large, walled, industrial facility on the south side of the road," the man said.

"Do you know who he is being held by?" Giggy asked.

"We have an idea."

"Well, is it a family type organization?"

After a brief pause, the Japanese man responded in the affirmative, then as he was getting up to leave, he turned around and said, "Mr. Sama has asked me to inform you that you now owe him two."

Giggy and Buckwheat left the room and then left the club. On their way down in the elevator, Giggy turned to Buckwheat and told him that the Yakuza have Raven.

The next morning, the two of them headed north to see the facility. As promised, it was obvious. There was only one entrance from the street, and it looked more like a prison than anything else.

Raven came to strapped into a chair with his arms spread and his hands slightly above head level. When the lights came up, he realized, because of the feet walking across the floor in front of him, that he was hung suspended from this chair.

A fat Chinese man came in and lifted Raven's chin, and as another two Chinese men came up beside him, one grabbing either hand.

"Who are you working for?" The fat Chinese man asked.

Raven looked at him, then began to stutter something. The fat man gestured toward Raven's right, and Raven's right index finger was removed with a pair of poultry sheers.

When Raven came to again, he was still suspended in the chair. After a while, the lights came on and the three Chinese men came back into the room. The fat man again asked Raven who he was working for, and when Raven began to be lippy, he slapped Raven across the face.

When Raven came to again, he could tell he was severely drugged. The lights were already on and the men were already in the room. He was again asked who he was working for, and when he started stuttering again, the fat man gestured to his left, and again, a finger was removed.

When Raven came to, the room was lit and the fat man was sitting in an armchair in front of him. "Well?" he asked as Raven looked around.

"OK, all I have is a name."

"That will suffice."

"His name is Sama."

Meanwhile, Buckwheat and Giggy returned to the prison facility on the north side of Sydney and planned their entry. Buckwheat had already surveyed the area astrally and discovered that there was an astral barrier of some sort around the facility. The plan was that they were going to break a hole in the gate and get in and get Raven and get out.

They got to the gate and Giggy hit it four times rapidly, damaging several bars and finally breaking the hinges. While Giggy was breaking down the gate, Buckwheat pulled out his light pistol and took a shot at the one guard that was running toward them.

"Get a real gun if you're gonna use one!" Giggy complained between swings at the gate, as the guard took a shot at them.

"Why?" Buckwheat asked, shooting the gun out of the guard’s hand, then shooting the guard's other hand to prevent him from using his radio. Unfortunately the guard had already called for backup.

As the gate fell, Buckwheat took one last fatal shot at the guard. Buckwheat and Giggy stepped over the gate, and Giggy noticed a warm swath in the ground crossing the road and extending to either side. Giggy and Buckwheat jumped over the meter-wide strip as a group of guards rounded the corner of the building.

Buckwheat grabbed the fallen guard's HK227-S while Giggy took aim with his shotgun and fired a burst at the first guard. A second burst took out the first guard as the remaining four guards fired back. One hit Giggy and one hit Buckwheat, but Buckwheat's armor took the brunt of the wound. Then Giggy and Buckwheat returned fire again, and another of the Guards went down.

Meanwhile, Buckwheat realized that he was starting to sink and that the ground was swelling up around him. Buckwheat was occupied with the earth elemental while Giggy tried to take out the other three guards. Several wounds later, Buckwheat took the last shot at the last of the guards. When he fell, Giggy and Buckwheat wasted no time in gathering up their guns and ammo...

To be continued

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