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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 10th, 2021

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January 10th, 2021, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Leve took a moment from the corridor to figure out what the blobs were. Locke stepped up and power attacked, hitting twice and killing one of the things. Izelda cast guidance on Verika. The oozes moved toward the party. Elizabeth waited for something profound to happen. Schmidt sprung forward and hit one, returning to the far wall, out of reach, afterward. Chi moved up toward the nearest ooze. Verika shot and missed.

Leve shot one and split it. Locke hit another. Izelda cast stonecall again, hurting all of the oozes. The oozes moved toward the party and one tried to hit Locke. Elizabeth stayed where she was, partially shielded by Locke. Schmidt sprung up and hit one again, springing back to the far wall. Chi crept closer. Verika loaded her crossbow and shot again, splitting one.

Leve moved up and shot and hit another. Locke power attacked and cleaved through two. Izelda cast truestrike on herself. The oozes moved forward and one flung a pseudopod at Chi and missed her. Elizabeth cast flamestrike at the one that tried to hit Chi. Schmidt sprung forward, hit one and killed it, then bounced back to where he started. Chi shot one and it split. Verika shot one and nothing happened.

Leve moved up and threw a bomb into the middle of them. Locke stepped forward and killed the last two of the things.

Leve searched through the remains and they discussed what they wanted to do next.

When Leve was done, they moved across the grand hall and into a smaller side passage. this proceeded to the northwest then north then to the northeast before joining another corridor from the southeast and heading north. At the juncture was a door, and Verika checked it for traps before signaling everyone else to come forward. While everyone was coming up, she cautiously opened the door and looked inside. She could hear water lapping against stone, and see a raised pool.

The rest of the group caught up to her as she backed out of the room. "I'm not taking her in there," Verika explained, indicating goldfish Izelda. "There's a pool of water."

Leve and Locke entered the room and looked around. Water dripped down the slime covered walls in the southern portion of the room, into a large pool. There was a wall bisecting the room and keeping the water from flooding over the north part of the room where they were. Leve pulled out a hair and dropped it on the water. It bobbed gently on the waves.

"It's just water," Leve declared. Maybe we should bring Izelda in so she can check it out without risk of drowning.

Verika sighed, but brought Izelda in and carefully poured her into the pool.

Izelda swam down into the pool and found that there was a current leading out through a grate on the bottom.

Watching the goldfish swim around in the pool, the rest of the group also saw the grate at the bottom. They started discussing how to remove it, while watching Izelda and expecting an attack at any time. Izelda swam back up and Verika let her back into her carafe.

The group decided that they would tie a rope around Locke and give him a freedom of movement ring they had, then lower him down into the pool where he could tie another rope onto the grate. Then everyone could pull Locke back out, then they could all together pull the grate back out.

As they discussed this, Izelda jumped out of the carafe and resumed her human form. She took the end of the rope tied around the paladin and tied the other end around her waist and cast bull's strength on herself. She then dove into the pool with the other rope.

She reached the bottom of the pool and tied the rope off to the grate, then tugged on it a couple times to get everyone up top to start pulling. She pulled as well, but kept slipping in the muck on the bottom of the pool interfering with their plans.

She climbed back up on her rope, with assistance from everyone (and only a couple slips).

"I'm going to go back down there and tie this rope," she gestured at her waist, "to the grate as well. Then I'll climb the other one back up and we can pull from both corners of the room."

She dove back in and tied off her rope to the grate. She then noticed something else round under the muck. Brushing it off, she found a shield. She strapped it to her back and climbed back up the rope.

She deposited the shield on the floor, and now, with two ropes and everyone contributing, they were able to pull the grate up.

Then Izelda, with a rope tied around her again, dove back in and into the drain. The current was strong, and before too long, it got too tight even for her to continue. She cast light on a small stone and tossed it into the current. She could see that she was now in a natural feature carved by the water, and lost sight of the stone as it bounced and rolled around a couple bends in the passage. She tugged on the rope to be pulled back up.

They headed back and checked a couple of fountains to see if the light stone had shown up somewhere, then decided it would be easier or better to just block the drain at the bottom of the pool and see which fountains stopped working in order to determine where the water was going.

They headed back up to their camp for the day and night, and Izelda and Verika made several trips to haul out bodies and loot.

The next morning they headed back down with an extra shield, the plan being to block the drain at the bottom of the pool and see which, if any, of the fountains or other pools stopped running.

Izelda was lowered into the pool again with this shield and, after several scraped knuckles, got the shield in place. They watched for a while and confirmed that the water level was rising in the pool. As they were leaving, Izelda ran a fox skin seal around the door, and Leve and Verika spiked it shut.

They headed back to the large octagonal room, and Leve and Locke entered, this time with Izelda. They did not approach the braziers, but this time went to the alabaster altar. Leve grabbed the knife and there was the sound of an eerie tinkling gong. The three were immediately grabbed in a whirlwind which deposited them around the hole in the floor, somewhat away from the altar.

While they were standing on the edge of the pit, the swirling mist on the floor making it impossible to tell how deep the pit was, Locke felt a cold breeze. He looked around and though he heard something, he did not see anything.

Izelda knelt at the edge of the pit and stuck her head in the mist, but could not determine the depth of the pit. "I think I can deal with two issues with one spell. If I stoneshape the altar, we can push it into the pit and find out how deep it is as well as get rid of the altar."

Then something cold hit her. She looked around quickly, but didn't see anything. Then something cold hit Leve. He stepped back from the pit and toward the altar.

Locke watched closely as Izelda reached out to push the altar stone toward the pit. Something hit her from behind. Verika and Locke saw a shadow pop out of the mist and claw at Izelda before disappearing again. Locke cast knight's calling and watched for a foe to target.

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