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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 24th, 2021

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January 24th, 2021, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda managed to tip the stone-shapped altar on its side. An eery tinkling gong sounded and a whirlwind came out of the pit and engulfed her and Locke. Bashing them together, the whirlwind deposited them on the edge of the pit. Leve retreated up the stairs and god Chi back away from the doors. Verika saw the shadowy creature, took a few steps down the stairs, and launched an arrow at the thing, but missed. Locke saw the thing and targeted his knight's calling against it but it resisted. Elizabeth moved down the stairs cautiously but quickly.

The shadowy thing hit Izelda. izelda grabbed at it, but her hands went right through. Verika walked up and blew on the thing. Locke moved over and used a smite on the creature. Elizabeth came in and used her channel energy to try to hurt the undead, but it seemed to have no effect.

The creature hit Locke. Izelda moved to push the altar into the pit and Verika joined her. The altar grated on the crystal floor then fell and immediately stopped, hitting what sounded like solid stone. Locke entangled the shadowy thing in tendrils of magical fire, tying it to him then swung his mace at it, but missed. Elizabeth channeled to heal everyone.

The thing hit Verika. Izelda stepped onto the overturned altar in the pit, then down into the pit. The floor seemed solid. "Locke, it's tied to you, drag it outside," Izelda suggested. Verika poked it with her finger. Locke called fire to his mace and Elizabeth channeled to heal everyone.

The thing tried to hit Locke, but missed. Izelda cast shillelagh on her staff and moved up near Locke. Verika jumped into the pit and started searching for treasure or traps. Locke hit the thing with his mace. Elizabeth firebolted the creature.

The thing tried to pull away from Locke. Izelda hit it once, but missed on her second swing. Verika found the knife and tossed it out of the pit. The tinkling gong sounded and the whirlwind grabbed Izelda and the creature, pulling Locke along for the ride, bashing them all together and depositing them at the edge of the pit. Locke hit the thing twice as soon as they landed, killing it.

Izelda started looking for the knife while Verika looked around the room. Verika spotted three secret doors around the room before Izelda found the knife. Verika then got into the pit and Elizibeth climbed the stairs to open the doors. Izelda grabbed the knife and threw it toward the top of the stairs. The eery gong sounded and the whirlwind appeared and grabbed Izelda and Locke, bashing them together and depositing them at the edge of the pit.

Izelda climbed the stairs to the knife and waited while Verika and Locke got out of the room. Izelda grabbed the knife and the eery tinkling sounded as the whirlwind appeared, grabbed her, bashed her into something and deposited her at the edge of the pit.

Verika came into the room to help Izelda find the knife. They found it on the altar.

Izelda climbed out of the room. Verika grabbed the knife and threw it at the doorway. The tinkling sounded and the whirlwind appeared, but did not succeed in grabbing Verika.

Verika climbed the stairs to the knife and grabbed it again and threw it the rest of the way up the stairs. Again the gong sounded and the whirlwind appeared and this time grabbed Verika, bashing her into something, and depositing her on the edge of the pit. Izelda shut the door as soon as the knife was out of the room.

Verika climbed the stairs and opened the door, letting herself out of the room and closing the door behind her.

Locke and Izelda grabbed the knife together, and they heard the gong through the doors. The whirlwind appeared, coming through the doors and grabbing the two of them. It pulled them through the doors, breaking the doors in the process, and deposited them at the edge of the pit.

They headed upstairs and got everyone's wounds cared for. The next morning they headed to town, Izelda carrying as much as she could. As they approached town Elizabeth and Verika headed off separately toward the hedge behind the stable, so as not to be seen with Izelda and Locke.

Izelda was ahead of Locke as they got to town. Surprisingly there was a group of the town watch standing across the road. One of them called, "Halt," to Izelda as she approached.

Izelda slowed, but did not halt.

"Stop where you are," the watchman stated a little louder.

Izelda closed the remaining distance between her and the watch, set down the a couple of the heavier and bulkier items she was carrying, and asked, "Okay, so where's the hot chick?"

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back," the watchman ordered.

Izelda did, and the watchman put a pair of manacles on her.

Locke approached the group, and the watchman told him to submit his weapons and turn around with his hands behind his back. Locke refused, countering that he had done nothing wrong, and was on a holy quest. Their interference with him or his quest must be met with the strongest resistance.

"If you believe I have wronged you, I challenge your champion to single combat. If I am victorious, you will see that your claims are in err!" Locke declared. "Now release her, clear the way, and allow us to pass and conduct our business in your town."

"You are charged with destruction of property, theft of goods, and starting a fire in the warehouse district," the watchman countered. "It is up to the magistrate to determine your fate. You will submit yourself, quest or not, to be retained until the magistrate can arrive and determine your sentence."

Locke proceeded forward. "We did no such things."

As he approached the line of watchmen, they drew their spears on him.

"Lower your weapons and allow me to pass," Locke stated, drawing his mace as one of the watchmen lunged at him.

Locke took out one of the watch in his first attack. Four of them moved up into flanking positions and attacked him, missing.

Locke took out three in his next attack, hitting a fourth. The remaining watch retreated, shouting for the guard. Izelda ran after them still shackled shouting, "Wait for me."

Locke started advancing into town, his mace at the ready.

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