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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 7th, 2021

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February 7th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Locke paused and watched his adversaries retreat. Seeing that she wasn't being followed, Izelda shouted back, "I'll catch up with you guys in three days!"

Schmidt and Biff caught up with Locke, and they started dragging the bodies to the edge of the road.

Elizabeth and Verika snuck around the edge of the stable, and saw guards starting to gather at an intersection across from them.

Shcmidt cast anthaul on Biff, and he and Locke started loading what Izelda had carried to town onto Biff's back.

Izelda followed the captain down the street and into a building. The captain opened a cell and gestured for Izelda to enter. As soon as she entered, the captain closed and latched the door.

"So, are we dating now?" Izelda asked the captain through the bars. The captain raised an eyebrow at Izelda and gestured for her to turn around. Izelda did so and the captain released the manacles.

"You're gonna come in here and sleep with me tonight, right?" Izelda asked the captain.

"Hardly," she responded, and turned and walked out of the building. She said something to the men outside, and two came in and sat at the desk in the main room, in sight of the door of Izelda's cell. Izelda started investigating the cell.

Schmidt and Locke headed back to the temple and unloaded Biff. Then Locke headed back toward town.

Elizabeth and Verika snuck around the stable and blacksmiths, then to the front door of the blacksmith's shop. As they snuck through the door, Verika came up short, causing Elizabeth to bump into her before realizing that Verika had stopped because there was a sword to her throat.

"We're looking for Otis," Verika said cautiously. "Leve said he could help us."

"I'm Otis," the man said sharply, lowering his sword, but keeping it ready.

"One of our friends stirred the hornet's nest," Verika offered, cautiously stepping into the room.

"Friend?" Elizabeth snorted derisively.

"We just need to lay low until it calms down a little," Verika clarified. "But we may have some business with you."

"What business would that be?" Otis asked.

"Well, do you have any magical swords?" Elizabeth asked.

Otis laughed out loud. "Magical? Really?" he asked. "Eh... no... definitely no... I've got axes, swords, daggers, and knives, but mostly horse shoes, nails, plow blades, and other tools and utilities. Definitely no magic."

"Well, how about a set of lock picks, then?" Verika asked. "Good ones."

Otis looked the two of them up and down for a minute. "That I can do. It'll take a couple days."

"Two sets," Elizabeth clarified.

"Then probably three days," Otis replied and turned back to his work.

Elizabeth looked outside and could see a group of guards returning. The talked to someone, and then there was some shouting, and the posse started to break up.

"I wonder what happened?" Elizabeth asked.

"My guess," Otis offered, "is that your friends have left, and the posse has nobody to chase down and kill."

"I suppose that's good," Verika said. "Things seem to be getting back to normal. I suppose we'll head out. Thanks for your hospitality, Otis."

Verika and Elizabeth exited the smith's shop and headed toward the herbalist. When they got there and were confronted with Mother Screng, it occurred to the two of them that they had no idea what they needed to get here, just the Izelda wanted them to pick stuff up for her.

"A friend of ours was here a few days ago and picked up some supplies, and she sent us to restock."

"Very good," the herbalist croaked. "What does she need?"

"Well, she didn't exactly say," Verika said, looking to Elizabeth.

"How about you just give us some of everything, then," Elizabeth suggested. "Do you have a box to put it in?"

Mother Screng looked at the two of them and shrugged, pulling her shawl closer around her face. She stepped into the back and came out with a box with several smaller parcels already in it. "Now, some of these are toxic. Does your friend know what she is doing?"

"I think so," Verika said.

"But maybe put the toxic stuff separate so we can keep it away from the food," Elizabeth suggested.

Mother Screng finished packing up items and took payment of several hundred gold from Verika. Verika took the box and she and Elizabeth headed to the inn to get something to eat, and, as Elizabeth insisted, a warm bath and a nice bed for the night.

After eating, while Elizabeth went to get her bath, Verika grabbed the box of herbs and headed out of town. Locke spotted her despite the twilight and whistled for her from the grove of trees he was waiting in.

Verika left the box with the paladin and explained that Elizabeth was at the inn and Izelda appeared to be in jail. Locke verified that Schmidt and Biff were back at the temple. Verika wanted to get to Izelda to talk to her, and Locke agreed. He wanted to move closer to town so he could see better, and gave Verika an Alchemist Fire so she could send up a signal in the dark that he could see, if she needed help.

Verika came into town under the cover of darkness and found her way to the back of the jail. She could hear Izelda's voice coming from one particular window, and climbed up the wall to peek in.

Izelda was grilling the obviously exasperated guard about the captain's personal life and habits when the guard noticed something and threw a small object from the desk to his left where neither Verika nor Izelda could see.

"Psst," Verika hissed through the window, "how much more money do we have to get a boat?"

Izelda explained where the chest was up in the tree east of Nulb, as well as how much was still out at the camp in the temple when suddenly Verika shouted in pain and dropped out of the window.

"What are you doing here?" the guard asked as he stood over Verika.

"I was just..." Verika started before she was interrupted by another guard prodding her with a spear and telling her to get up.

Verika was marched into the jail and to a cell adjacent to Izelda's, though they were separated by a stone wall.

In the morning when Verika had not returned to the room, but after a hot breakfast from the inn, Elizabeth started toward the temple to see where Verika had gotten to. On her way, she spotted Locke's camp and approached, expecting Verika to be there as well. Locke explained that Verika had come and dropped off the box of herbs, but had returned to town to see if she could talk to Izelda. When she hadn't come back to the camp, he expected she had returned to the inn.

Locke took some time to disguise himself, then he and Elizabeth went back to the blacksmith's.

Locke discussed getting barding for Biff from the blacksmith, and paid him for it in advance. Otis also confirmed Elizabeth's suspicion that Verika had gotten herself arrested - or at least an unfamiliar half-orc climbing the jailhouse...

Elizabeth headed to the jail to see what she could do, and walked right in demanding to know where her servant was. Izelda immediately chimed in that she was the servant, but Elizabeth looked down her nose at Izelda and replied, "Hardly."

Elizabeth haggled with the guard a bit, but eventually bribed him to release Verika. A process that they found surprisingly easy.

The two left the jail and as they headed out of town, stopped at the smith's and picked up Locke. A few hours later they arrived at the temple.

A couple hours after Elizabeth and Verika left, the captain finally returned. "All right, so I'm done here," Izelda stated. "When can I leave?"

"That depends on what the magistrate has to say about your crimes. Until then we'll feed you and you can stay here," the captain responded.

"Okay, so when does the magistrate come by? Lunchtime?"

"Either he'll be here in four days, or it will be two weeks after that," the captain stated, obviously annoyed with Izelda. "It depends on his schedule."

"Well, then, let me out," Izelda offered, "and I'll come back in four days when he's here. You see, I have a prior commitment."

"No, you can stay in your cell," the captain retorted. "And you can remain quiet, or we can remove your tongue."

Izelda harrumphed and sat on the cot.

A couple hours when the captain left and another guard took over, Izelda started up her incessant questions about the town, the captain, and whatever else she could think of until she acted as though she fell asleep late that night. She then turned herself into a hummingbird and flew out of the cell and to the temple.

Once there, she talked to the rest of the group about her predicament, and that she needed to be in her cell during the day, so they should go into the temple at night. It didn't matter, after all, since the temple was all under ground and they were all using artificial light anyway.

On the way back to the jail under cover of darkness, Izelda gathered the materials she would need to create an effigy to leave in her cot the next time she flew out. She stashed these on the roof of the jail before returning to her cell. Since there didn't seem to be any commotion in town, she assumed her absence was not discovered.

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