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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 21st, 2021

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February 21st, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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The next night when Izelda arrived they headed down into the lower levels of the temple. They decided they would check through a couple rooms on the first level that they hadn't really examined, as well as a stair case that they thought they knew the destination of, but wanted to be sure. On their way to the room Leve and Locke, in the lead, thought they heard something large ahead of them in the darkness. Leve lobbed a grenade down the corridor and it hit something. Locke shouted, "Contact forward," as he moved to engage.

Leve charged forward and an ogre tried to hit him as he closed, but the ogre missed. Leve hit the ogre. Verika moved up to the intersection between where she was with Elizabeth and Izelda in the rear, and checked all directions in case there was another threat from another quarter. Locke charged forward beside Leve and hit the ogre as well. Suddenly Leve and Locke were in complete darkness, their torches barely illuminating their faces and turning the ogre into a shadowy form. Biff backed through the intersection Verika was in, cutting of anyone coming from the south. Schmidt moved up and stepped into the darkness behind Leve and Locke, though he could not see them. His torch also diminished to nearly nothing. Elizabeth moved up to the corner by Verika cautiously. Izelda moved past Verika and cast bull's strength on herself. The ogre swung and missed Leve again.

Leve missed the ogre, and Spanky, Leve's monkey, missed as well. Verika ran up to the darkness and stopped, looking both ways at this intersection as well. Locke power attacked and killed the ogre, then stepped onto the body. Suddenly there was a wash of cold across Leve, Locke, Schmidt, and Verika. Only Verika was unscathed. Leve heard a fluttering noise above him, but couldn't see in the darkness. Elizabeth moved forward, halving the distance to Verika. Izelda moved up next to Verika and looked both ways as well. An ogre missed Locke twice. Schmidt sprung forward through the darkness, and out of the other side, and hit the ogre.

Leve moved up and across the first ogre's corpse and out of the darkness. Spanky tried to bite from behind Leve's shield but missed. Leve hit the ogre and killed it. Verika looked down the crossing hallway again and didn't see anything, then moved up into the darkness. Locke was unexpectedly shot from somewhere behind the ogre in front of them. Elizabeth moved up to Izelda and examined the darkness. Izelda stepped into the darkness and got on her hands and knees to start searching for the source of the darkness. The ogre moved back cautiously and Schmidt moved up to maintain his distance.

Leve cast expeditious retreat to improve his speed and moved up to close with the ogre. Verika and Locke moved up together, Locke healing himself on the way. Elizabeth looked up seeing how the darkness interacted with the walls and ceiling, and looking for a possible way over it. Then she stepped into the darkness as well. The ogre stepped forward and swung and missed Leve. Schmidt sprang up past the ogre's defenses and hit it.

Leve closed with the ogre, Spanky missed again, but Leve connected solidly and the ogre dropped.

Verika cautiously stepped down a side passage branching off at an angle and looked into the hexagonal room with the odd domed ceiling at the end, but didn't see anyone. Elizabeth and Izelda healed Schmidt and Locke.

Verika turned to head back to the group, and was struck by a sword from behind. She ran back to the group and reported that the other ogre was flying and had a sword.

Leve ran up to cast sleep on the ogre, but was instead hit with the ogre's sword, causing damage and causing Leve to lose the spell. Elizabeth healed Verika. Verika got out her crossbow and loaded it, stepping across the hall to try to get a decent shot. Izelda moved down the side hall and threw a spear at the flying ogre, missing. Then the ogre disappeared. Locke ran toward the room and used a smite on the flying ogre, whom he couldn't currently see. Schmidt ran into the room and sent Biff to block the secret door they knew was in the back corner.

Leve hid behind his shield and took a boosting mutagen. Elizabeth moved cautiously up the hall. Verika moved up keeping her crossbow aimed toward the ceiling. "We're not open yet," she shouted into the room, referencing her earlier conversation with Elizabeth and Izelda about opening the temple ruin as a bed and breakfast - half off if your room is haunted.

Izelda stepped forward looking into the room and casting detect magic. "There's nothing magical in here except us," she reported.

Locke moved forward casting entangling fire. Schmidt tried to find the thing by throwing dust and debris from the floor up toward the ceiling. "Either its incorporeal, not here, or all the way at the top," he said. Biff sniffed at the air, but couldn't detect the ogre.

Leve, looking back down the corridor, cast detect evil. "Elizabeth, move!" he shouted.


"It's behind you!"

Elizabeth cast faerie fire on whatever was behind her using her ring of shooting stars, then stepped back toward the group. Verika turned, shot, and missed. Izelda moved and threw another spear. The ogre hit Izelda. Locke cast knight's calling, but the ogre shrugged it off. Schmidt moved down the hallway.

Leve cast silence, but the ogre wasn't effected by that either. Elizabeth cast ball lighting from her ring and hit the ogre. Verika moved up. Izelda stepped up and threw another spear nowhere near the flying ogre. The ogre hit Izelda again, then stepped back. Locke ran up toward the flying ogre. Schmidt jumped and hit the ogre.

Leve moved and warded Izelda. Elizabeth stepped up and healed Izelda. Verika shot at the ogre and missed. Izelda jumped toward the ogre and missed. The ogre missed Schmidt. Locke waited for Leve. Schmidt sprang up and hit the thing again.

Leve enlarged Schmidt. Locke stepped forward and hit the flying ogre. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Verika shot and missed. Izelda jumped and hit. The ogre missed the paladin and moved away. Locke took the opportunity of the ogre moving to hit it again and kill it. It fell on Izelda. Then Locke hit it three or four more times. "To make sure it's really dead," he explained to Izelda who was trying to dodge his wild blows while pinned under the corpse.

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