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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 7th, 2021

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March 7th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

They headed back down the hall to the intersection and then west toward the room they had left a few days earlier. Leve and Locke, in the lead, detected a strong odor as they headed south. Locke moved ahead, convinced he was least likely to get sick from whatever was causing the odor. Izelda, the only one carrying a normal torch - or any flame - for a light source, came up past Leve and whatever was causing the odor exploded.

After they gained their senses again, Izelda made her way to the room with Locke. The floor was covered in waste and filth and who knows what all else. The smell was nearly overpowering. "There doesn't appear to be anything magical in there, or about the room itself," Izelda reported. Leve sent Spanky up to fill a small sack with the poo and other muck on the floor.

They decided they should track down a gelatinous cube and see if they could lure it to the room to clean up everything in there except the metal and stone. Izelda gave Verika instructions to where they had last seen a cube, and Verika and Elizabeth took off in that direction.

Several times on their way through the first level of the temple, Verika or Elizabeth got distracted by some feature o oddity of the place and had to be reminded by Schmidt or Izelda that they were looking for a gelatinous cube and should move on.

As they wandered through the mostly silent corridors, Elizabeth stopped Verika because they had passed a secret door. Izelda clarified that they knew it was there, but none of them could find it. This door cut a significant distance off their trek to the earth temple, but also meant that there was a significant distance of hallway they had not checked for possible cubes...

As they neared the earth temple, Verika heard some skittering sounds from one of the broad processional corridors. Shortly after that Elizabeth heard them too. Leve donned one of the green water temple robes and ran down the corridor. "Intruders!" he shouted in orcish, "come, we must vanquish them!"

Verika ran in the opposite direction, believing she could cut through the earth temple and get behind whatever Leve was after. Izelda and Elizabeth ran after her. Schmidt and Biff followed at a more leisurely pace.

Locke and Leve ran around the corner to the south together.

Verika entered the earth temple and through some pebbles randomly into the room as she had been doing to see if any stuck mid-air to indicate the presence of a cube, and continued running across the temple. Schmidt and Biff followed slowly. Leve tossed a bomb at the humanoids at the edge of his light, but missed. Izelda ran past Verika, and Elizabeth caught up with Verika. Locke walked forward and cast bull's strength on himself. The four humanoids in brown robes ran forward revealing themselves to be gnolls, and attacked Leve and Locke, despite Leve's green robe (or maybe because of it). One of them hit Locke.

Verika ran down the hall toward the combat. Schmidt and Biff walked into the earth temple. Leve bashed one of the gnolls with his shield and Spanky tried to throw poo from his bag at the gnoll. Izelda ran up and positioned herself to provide flanking for Locke. Elizabeth ran up to Verika. Locke hit one gnoll, killing it, then hit a second even harder and stepped onto its corpse. The remaining two gnolls fled, Izelda killing one as it ran past her.

Verika grabbed the remaining gnoll as it tried to pass her. Schmidt and Biff moved across the temple. Leve cast sleep on the gnoll, but the gnoll shrugged it off. Izelda took a step back and stabbed and killed the last gnoll.

At this point they gave up on finding a gelatinous cube and just headed to the spiral stairs. Sticking to the outside edge, these stairs were actually easier than other staircases since they at least had enough tread to support a natural foot position.

At the bottom of the stairs, Verika checked both directions a little before Izelda instructed her to head to the west, which was quickly turned southwest then south. After a short distance, they entered a room with a fountain in the center. It took a few minutes, but eventually most everyone recognized it as where they had killed the Minotaur.

From there, Verika led them down, around, and back to the room where they had blocked the water flow out of a pool and then attempted to seal the door. When they reached it, the door was wet through and dripping.

While everyone else stood back around a corner or two, Izelda kicked at the door, then Verika pried on the door, and so on until the door finally split, releasing a torrent of water that washed the two of them a considerable distance down a corridor, bounced them off a stone wall, and into a room stacked with firewood and lumber.

Verika and Izelda got up and waded through the ankle deep water to a clean and well-maintained door by the corner where they had struck the wall. This had two separate shiny new padlocks securing the door. Verika tried to pick them, but failed on both. As Schmidt caught up to them, he tried the first lock, but was not able to open it.

"Hey," Elizabeth said, standing back a bit and pointing down the corridor into the darkness, "why is the water rippling from over there?"

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