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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

March 21st, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Izelda moved up past Elizabeth and peeked around the corner, spotting two giant caterpillars with tentacles around their fang-filled mouths. Verika moved up and ducked across the intersection. Leve stepped up to the corner and tossed a shock bomb down the corridor, but missed the things. Locke yelled, "What is it?" from his position in the lumber room.

Izelda threw a spear and hit the nearer one as it started climbing up the wall by Leve. The far caterpillar started up the far wall. The near caterpillar hit Leve with one of its tentacles, then bit him. Schmidt and Biff moved up to Izelda and Schmidt cast leadblade. Locke moved up and looked at the things, determining that they were no evil. He called fire to his mace. Elizabeth waited behind everyone.

Leve stepped into the corridor in front of the caterpillars. Spanky threw more poop from his bag at the worm. Verika loaded her crossbow and stepped to where she would have a shot. Izelda threw another spear and moved next to Locke. The worm bit Locke, but didn't hit him with any of its tentacles. Schmidt ran down the corridor between the two caterpillars, and Biff followed. Locke attacked, hitting the nearer worm twice and killing it. He stepped forward onto the corpse. Elizabeth moved up to the corner.

Verika stepped into the corridor and shot the remaining caterpillar. Leve used his liberation domain to move freely over the corpse, and charged the thing. Spanky again inaccurately flung poop at the worm. Izelda threw here spear at the thing and killed it.

They returned to the door and Locke and Izelda bashed it in. The room contained a significant volume of clothing, as well as some armor and other goods.

They headed back up to camp, as they were low on spells. Izelda, Locke, and Leve came down a couple times to gather additional loot, being careful not to get ambushed or to go anywhere they felt was not yet cleared.

Before morning, Izelda shaped changed into a small bird and flew back off to her cell in the jail in Nulb.

The next night, after Izelda returned from her cell, they headed back down to the area they had flooded.

They headed east from the intersection where they fought the caterpillars and down a corridor through several turns until they got to a large storeroom with broken shelving and rotting foodstuffs floating in the water. It was difficult to tell what had been spoiled before the water washed in, and what was spoiled because of the water, but it was clear that at least some of it was spoiled before.

They headed back to the intersection and then south to the room with the now overflowing pool. Izelda used stoneshape to seal off the door, except a small opening at the top. then they headed to the east and north, passing a small side room with only some bones and broken furniture floating or bobbing in the water.

Further on, they took a passage back to the southwest, Schmidt and Biff cautiously taking the lead. As they approached a corner where the hallway turned to the south, Biff stopped and growled quietly. Schmidt quietly cast barkskin on Biff and, pulling a potion out of his pack, waived the others forward.

Izelda cast bull's strength on herself and moved around the corner past Biff and Schmidt. Locke moved up and cast divine favor on himself. Leve came forward and used his ward hex on Schmidt. Something moved in the dark room in front of them. Elizabeth moved up and Verika moved past Schmidt and Biff, loading her crossbow. Schmidt moved up and started around the corner, but couldn't get past a giant monkey standing there. The monkey bit Schmidt. Schmidt critically hit the monkey, killing it.

Schmidt suddenly had a splitting headache. Izelda moved into the room past Schmidt. Locke ran up and detected evil. Leve moved to take position beside Locke. One of the monkeys clawed Locke. Elizabeth moved up behind Izelda. Verika ran up past Izelda and Elizabeth to get a clean shot. Schmidt sprung up to the monkey that hit Locke and hit it. The one beside him missed its counterattack. Biff ran up behind Schmidt.

The largest monkey took a step to the side and missed Schmidt. Izelda hit one with her spear. Locke moved and missed, but a monkey hit him in return. Leve stepped up and cast shield of faith on Locke. Pain exploded in Schmidt's head again. Elizabeth stepped up behind Verika. Verika shot and hit one of the monkeys. Schmidt hit one twice, killing it, then stepped to the side.

The largest monkey howled, stunning Verika and Locke. Izelda stepped in and missed with her spear. Leve cast invisibility on Locke to protect him until they could do something, and pulled his invisible body back from the giant monkey. Elizabeth took a step to her left and channeled energy, healing her allies. Schmidt closed in and attacked, missing twice.

The monkey clawed at Schmidt with both hands, ripping into his flesh. Izelda stepped around Schmidt, hitting the monkey. Leve cast sleep on the monkey and it dropped. Schmidt made sure it was not getting up again. Ever.

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