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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, April 18th, 2021

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April 18th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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They searched around the monkeys' storage room for a bit, and then headed back down the corridor out. Turning to the right and immediately right again following the corridor, they came across a path to the left. Verika crossed this and continued to where the corridor turned, then branched again in rapid succession. When Locke signaled her, she came back. Biff was disturbed by something he smelled from that corridor she had passed.

They headed down the corridor and the smell started getting worse. Verika could see where the corridor opened into a room, and in that room was a cauldron lashed to three leather-wrapped legs, with three ropes hanging down from the lip.

There was some discussion of Verika climbing up to see what may be in the cauldron, or if it was the same slimy filth that was on the floor here. As she approached the cauldron lashed out with two of the ropes, grabbing her, and turned and tried to bite her. Locke moved up, the thing missing him as he passed, and hit it from the side away from Verika. Verika managed to get control of the tentacle that had a hold of her. Schmidt sprung past it and hit it from behind. Leve moved in, shouted, and missed. Spanky flung poo at it from behind his shield and hit. Izelda ran toward the combat and drew a spear. The thing wrapped Verika tighter and bit her.

Locke hit the thing twice more and it collapsed. Leve turned and shot a box that was in the corner of the room, in case it decided to grab and bite them...

After Locke healed Verika somewhat, she opened the box and pulled out a silver scroll case and handed it to Schmidt. Locke cut open the body of the cauldron thing to see if anything was inside. In the process he found a hole in the floor under the thing in the muck and filth.

Verika and Izelda spotted a door in the corner and opened it. It led to another corridor, this one much shorter. At the end of the corridor was a iron-bound door which Verika opened and stepped through and around. She was immediately attacked by five bugbears, two of which hit her. Locke stepped up and killed one of the bugbears and Leve took up position beside him and killed another. Schmidt cast and then waited for room to move. Izelda cast bull's strength on herself and moved toward the combat.

Verika shouted, "I'm going to eat your livers if you don't get out of my way!" but no one really thought the bugbears understood any of it except the tone. Several of them hit Verika, dropping her. Locke waited for Leve to get into position and leave room for Schmidt. Leve moved around Locke, trying to draw attacks away from Verika, then turned and missed one fo the bugbears. Once Leve was in position, Locke killed two and missed a third. Schmidt sprung forward and hit one. Izelda ran up behind Schmidt.

Verika bled on the floor, just inches away from Leve. Locke was hit with a spear, but three others missed him. Four front-line combatants missed Leve and three missed Locke. Leve hit one. Locke hit one and then hit and killed three others. Schmidt hit one and sprung away. Izelda stepped in and grabbed Verika and pulled her back. One of the bugbears hit Izelda as she moved through between Leve and Locke.

Verika stabilized. One of the bugbears hit Locke, but three others missed. Three missed Leve. Leve took a mutagen to boost his armor. Locke hit and killed four of the bugbears. Schmidt sprung back in and killed another. Izelda healed Verika with a wand.

Verika stood and grabbed a healing potion from Locke's pack. None of the bugbears hit. Leve missed, but Spanky hit with his poo. Locke missed, but Schmidt hit. Izelda dragged Verika back further and healed her.

Verika drank the potion she had retrieved from the paladin's pack. One of the bugbears hit Locke, but two others missed. Three missed Leve. Leve and Spanky both missed. Locke hit two and missed the third. Schmidt sprung in past Leve and killed the biggest bugbear in the room. Izelda threw a spear after Schmidt, but missed.

Verika drew a dagger as she moved up. The bugbears turned and broke for a door. Verika and Leve each hit one as they moved away, but Locke and Schmidt missed. Leve charged at them as they were slowing to move through a door and killed one. Locke charged and hit. Schmidt turned around and headed back toward the room with the filth, hoping to be able to cut them off. Izelda ran up and killed one with her spear.

Verika ran through the door, but stopped down the corridor. The bugbears ran around a corner. Leve cast longstrider and moved through the door. Locke moved after Leve. Schmidt and Biff ran down the corridor. Izelda ran and caught up with the bugbears.

Verika ran after Izelda. Izelda was hit by two bugbears, but the third missed her. Leve invoked liberation and moved. Locke ran after Izelda and Verika. Schmidt and Biff ran down unknown corridors, hoping they were going in the right direction. Izelda hit one and killed it.

Verika grappled one. The other, seeing Biff coming down the other corridor, stepped in and missed Izelda. Leve hit the one attacking Izelda, killing it. Locke healed himself while running. Schmidt arrived and killed the one Verika was wrestling with.

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