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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

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May 2nd, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika checked the door in the hallway, looking for any traps. She found a peephole about chest level, stuck her finger in it, and then looked through. She could see painted walls inside what looked to be a square room.

Opening the door, it was revealed in the light of Leve's torch, that the room was nearly square, with an alcove on one site with a fountain of sulfurous water. The plastered walls were covered with murals showing evil fantasies involving the four elements.

Verika checked the door in the opposite wall, which led to the room where they had fought the bugbears, while Izelda started inventorying the room to see what she wanted to take upstairs first. In particular she and Leve found a nice, high quality tapestry.

Verika checked the remaining door in the room where the combat had occurred, revealing a formerly nice bedchamber which had been used for some time by bugbears as a nest.

They headed down the halls the way Schmidt and Biff had run to corner the bugbears and veered off into an angled hallway. After two corners in the hallway, Verika came across a door. She checked it for traps and then proceeded on down the hallway to a pair of doors which she also checked. Locke opened the first door.

A bugbear stood and kicked a sleeping ogre next to him. Elizabeth waited down the hallway. Locke stepped into the room, hit the bugbear and killed him. Izelda ran down the hallway away from the combat and took a near U-turn into an adjacent hall to watch for anyone coming at them from behind. Schmidt ran in and to the left, followed by Biff. Verika came back to the door with her loaded crossbow and shot the ogre. The ogre got up and swung at the paladin, missing.

Elizabeth moved up to Verika's side. Locke missed the ogre twice. Izelda crept to a corner in the hallway and watched. Schmidt sprung up to the ogre but missed. Biff moved in and hit the ogre, tripping him. Verika moved back to the two doors further down the hall. The ogre swiped at Biff from the ground, but missed.

Elizabeth stayed at the door. Locke hit the ogre, then missed. Izelda moved around the corner into a large open room. Schmidt hit the ogre and killed it.

Verika came back into the room with the ogre body. There were four locked doors off the room. She tried each, but was unable to pick the locks. Fortunately, Schmidt was able to get them unlocked. One cell had three humans in poor shape, another had four elves, also in poor shape. The elves fell to their knees and begged for their lives when Locke came around the corner in his green robes. Once they realized that it was the robes that were causing the elves such distress, Locke explained that they were not his clothes, they just helped in getting around some places in the temple.

The prisoners spoke of being sacrificed to the elements: the elves to water, the humans to fire. Locke determined that one of the humans, Erik, was evil, and did not trust him unless he was shackled. They started heading back up with the former prisoners, Verika and Locke in the lead. They came around a corner and were surprised by several trolls.

Verika loaded her crossbow while one of the trolls stepped forward and hit Locke.Elizabeth threw a firebolt at one of the trolls, hitting it. Izelda lit several torches, handing one to each of the former prisoners. Schmidt cast cat's grace on himself and moved through the prisoners toward the combat. Locke stepped forward and hit the troll that had hit him.

Verika shot a troll and reloaded. The troll missed the palidin three times. Elizabeth hit with another firebolt. Izelda pulled out a scroll and moved forward. Schmidt pulled out two potions. Locke hit the troll twice.

Verika ran up and shot another troll. That troll stepped forward and missed Verika. The other troll missed Locke. Elizabeth hit with yet another firebolt. Izelda cast flamestrike on the trolls, right in front of Verika. Schmidt moved and handed the two alchemist fires he had pulled to Elizabeth and Izelda. Locke climbed on the one troll to hit the other.

Verika drew a dagger and stabbed the troll Locke was standing on, keeping it from getting up again. The other troll tried to push the paladin back but failed. Izelda threw her alchemist fire at her feet, injuring herself, Schmidt, and Elizabeth. Schmidt cast leadblades. Locke hit the one troll, dropping it, then hit it again.

Verika got an alchemist fire from Schmidt's pack. Another troll showed up behind the group, Leve and Biff sounding the alarm. Elizabeth threw her alchemist fire at the two fallen trolls by Verika and Locke. Izelda started burning the fallen trolls with oil and her lit torch. Schmidt and Biff moved to the troll behind the group. The troll missing Schmidt as he ran up. Locke ran to catch up with Schmidt.

Verika threw an alchemist fire onto the troll she and Izelda were not standing on. The troll missed Schmidt. Elizabeth firebolted the fallen trolls. Schmidt tumbled between the troll's legs. Locke moved and hit the troll.

Verika slit one troll's throat as she watched it healing from the damage it had been dealt. The standing troll swung at the paladin and missed. Elizabeth firebolted a troll again, and Izelda continued to burn the two that had fallen. Schmidt hit the troll twice, Locke hit and missed.

Verika jumped on the other body and slit its throat as they both healed further. The standing troll clawed Locke. Elizabeth drew her scimitar and hit one of the fallen trolls. Izelda burned them more. Schmidt hit the remaining troll twice, dropping it.

Over the next several minutes they were able to burn the trolls enough that they quit healing.

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