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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, January 13th, 2005

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January 13th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week we start with Raven missing two fingers and tied up by the Chinese, and Giggy and Buckwheat conducting a frontal assault on the compound...

So, picking up from there... Buckwheat and Giggy gathered up some ammo and a couple of pass keys from the fallen guards and then zip tied the one guard who wasn't actually dead. They carefully went around the east side of the building, and along the wall to try to maximize their cover. They cam across an alleyway leading between two buildings in the compound. The alleyway led to a garage door in a third building that was recessed back from them about 10 meters.

The two of them started back into the alleyway, and discovered a pair of double doors into the back of front building. Giggy swiped his card through the card reader, and the doors buzzed open, they quickly stepped into the dark room beyond. Hearing something behind them, they quickly shut the doors as the garage door at the end of the alley way shot up.

Buckwheat stepped to the side of the doors as Giggy rolled away from them just as the doors burst open, sending broken pieces of steel against Buckwheat. As the ringing in his ears cleared, Buckwheat risked a glance out the doors to see what they were up against: a pair of guards in full body armor with a pair of grenade launchers.

From his place of concealment in the darkness, Giggy rolled over and took a shot at one of the guards, but his flichette just scattered against the guard's armor.

As Buckwheat turned to run away from the doors further into the dark room, one of the guards launched a grenade at him, detonating it as it passed him. The blast knocked the wind out of Buckwheat, but he still managed to get around the corner.

Giggy took another shot from the darkness, this time aiming up launchers. With a lucky shot, he was able to detonate the chambered grenade as well as those in the magazine. The concussion from this blast took down both of the guards, but also put Giggy in a worse state. However, it also broke one of the crates Giggy was hiding under, letting him see that it was full of assorted guns.

Buckwheat and Giggy snuck around through this warehouse until they found another set of doors. The windows in these doors revealed a clean, white, brightly lit hallway. Pushing carefully through the door into the hallway, the two here was a door down a side passage to their left, which they assumed went into the garage that the last two guards came from. Ahead they saw a couple sets of double doors down the right hand wall, and some single doors and a couple more side passages down the left side.

The first set of doors was to the right, and they carefully opened them, looking into a dark room. Giggy turned on the light and revealed two long tables with assorted gun parts scattered along them and an assortment of tools bolted onto the table tops.

Crossing the hall to the first doors on the left, Giggy swiped his card at the door and opened it to reveal a pink room, with a pair of canopy beds and a vanity in the corner. Whimpering from between the beds drew Giggy's attention, and the two of them entered the room to find four young Chinese girls cowering between the beds.

Giggy quickly zip-tied the girls to keep them from following them or reporting them, and then Buckwheat and Giggy moved on. The next door, also on the left side of the hall revealed a room that was a mirror image of the girl's room, but done in green rather than pink, and devoid of young whimpering Chinese girls.

Back across the hall, the two opened a pair of double doors to see a long, high ceilinged room with two rows of long, low, wide workbenches leading toward a garage door at the west end of the room.

Returning to the other side of the hallway, and skipping a side passage, the two opened the third door on this side of the hall. Giggy noticed that there was something warm and large in the room before Buckwheat got the lights turned on, revealing a curved wall in the middle of the room, covered in highly polished black tiles from floor to ceiling. This was obviously the source of the heat.

Without speaking the two agreed that Buckwheat would pass around to the right of the curved wall and Giggy would go down the left side so that they could come at whatever was behind it from both ways at once. Creeping around the wall, they found that the wall actually described a 270 degree arc, with the opening facing south east. In the center of this small round space was a fire grate with still-glowing embers covered with some ash. The inside of the curved wall was done in a mural of brightly colored 1cm tiles depicting a traditional Chinese landscape.

Continuing on down the hall, the two found that the last passage to the left provided stairs going both up and down. Ignoring the door at the end of the hall, they decided to go down the stairs because, as Giggy put it, "If I were holding someone prisoner, I would put them downstairs."

At the bottom of the stairs was a wide hallway running east-west. Turning right, Buckwheat opened a door in the north wall to a bathroom. Across the hall from that was a door which revealed a narrower corridor to the south with nine steel doors on the east (left hand) side.

Telling Buckwheat to keep the door they had just opened open, Giggy stepped forward to swipe his passkey at the first door, only to realize that these were not electronically locked, but were locked with a traditional key. Giggy put his passkey away, and took a swing at this door. The door dented, but did not give.

Meanwhile, Buckwheat was standing in the open doorway between the two hallways, watching for any activity, when suddenly, there was a pillar of fire in front of him.

Buckwheat dropped his gun and took a swing at the fire elemental - with no effect, as Giggy turned around to see what the commotion was.

Giggy ran back to Buckwheat and looked past him down the hall to see what else was coming, and though he could not see anything, he could smell someone else nearby. Pulling back sharply from the heat on his cheek, Giggy patted out the side of Buckwheat's jacket which had started to smolder from a well placed swipe from the fire elemental, while Buckwheat continued to try to fight the elemental back.

Widening the choke on his shotgun to try to cover as much area as possible, Giggy shot two bursts down the hall. Hearing some kind of clatter, he squeezed past Buckwheat and the fire elemental to get back into the main hallway. Hoping to draw (gun)fire away from Buckwheat, Giggy crept along the side of the hallway while Buckwheat dealt with the elemental.

After a few seconds, the bodies of two other Chinese guys appeared bleeding on the floor of the hallway, about three meters from where Buckwheat was engaged with the elemental.

Not seeing anyone else in the hallway, Giggy stripped off one of the guys' jackets, and ran back to Buckwheat to try to 'put out' the fire elemental. After a few more seconds, Buckwheat was able to get the upper hand and from there was able to make short work of the elemental.

"Just a sec," Giggy said, pulling out his phone and dialing.

"Hey, Claudia," he said when the line was connected, "It's the Gigster. Would you guys be interested in some guns?"

"Sure. How many and where?" she responded.

"As many as you can possibly carry, at a Yakuza facility about twenty clicks..."

"A what?"

"It's a Yakuza place about twenty clicks from downtown Sydney. It's a walled compound about halfway between the Pacific Coast Highway and Galston. Can't miss it."

"Did you say Yakuza?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I don't know man. That's steep."

"Well, think about it. Crates of guns..." and he hung up.

Giggy went back to the door he had been trying to break open, and, as he got ready to make another swing, Buckwheat said, "If you hit it and another one of those things shows up, I may shoot you," from where he was standing in the doorway.

Another swing broke the door from its hinges, allowing a strong and foul odor of urine, feces, vomit, sweat, blood and mildew to pour forth from the room. Clearing the tears from his eyes and suppressing the urge to vomit himself, Giggy looked into the room to see an emaciated Japanese man with tattoos over most of his exposed upper body and arms, chained to the bed and lying in his own filth. Looking at the man, Giggy asked if he had seen Raven, who might have been brought in in the last few days. The man responded in mumbled Japanese, while Giggy broke one of his chains free of the bed, and offered the man a nutrition bar out of his jacket pocket.

"Look, we'll be back to get you out, don't worry." Giggy said to the Japanese man as he was leaving the room.

"Buckwheat, we need to find keys or something else to get through these doors. I don't have time to try to punch through all nine of them to see if we can find Raven."

"But, he's Yak," Buckwheat commented, looking at the guy on the bed. "Tattoos."

"Yeah, but that doesn't matter. The Yak have him tied up, and if they took Raven, and they have this guy tied up, then getting him out will upset them too," Giggy replied.

Buckwheat sighed and stepped back out through the door into the main hallway. Giggy followed him to the other end of the hallway, where they opened the door on the north side of the hallway to reveal the upper level of a boiler room. Not seeing any keys or any heavy tools, they closed this door and tried the door across the hall. This door opened onto another restroom. Having checked all four of the doors off of this hallway that these two found, they decided to take the stairs up on the south side of the hallway, ascending into the larger building.

Coming up to the ground floor and seeing just another hallway, they decided that if there was anyone in here, they were obviously at the top of the building, the just ran straight up the stairs to the top floor.

From here there was more bright hallway, except these hallways had narrow floor to ceiling windows at each exterior wall. They stepped out into the hallway and passed a door on both the left and the right, to look down what appeared to be the central east-west hallway in this building. The opted to go to their left to the east-most end of the hallway, and then through the right-hand door almost at the end of the hallway. This door was not locked, and opened to reveal a darkened room with somewhat eerie light coming in from the yard lights shining through the tall, narrow stained-glass windows and shining on a very large heavy wooden table standing on an oriental rug.

Deciding that that room didn't contain tools, keys, or Raven, they closed the door and opened the one across the hall from it. This opened onto a laboratory-type room. They walked through it toward a door that opened onto the hallway at the top of the stairs, they heard an explosion and felt the building shake. Not seeing any useful tools or keys in this room, they went quickly through the door, and across the hall to another one, expecting this room to have windows where they could look out to see what happened.

This room did, indeed have one small window, high in the southeast corner of the room. However, what got Buckwheat and Giggy's attention more quickly was Raven, suspended from the ceiling in an odd contraption, hanging from his ankles and wrists... And unconscious.

Giggy quickly got Raven down, while Buckwheat went back to the 'meeting room' to get a chair with wheels. Putting Raven in the chair, they wheeled him out of the room and into the hallway. Realizing that there were stairs going up as well as down, they decided to see what was on the roof, and left Raven's unconscious body in the hallway. At the top f the stairs, Giggy opened the door, revealing a helli/VTOL pad on the roof, but no vehicle on it.

Returning to Raven, the two hoisted him down to the ground floor. On the way down, Giggy pointed out that they would need a covered vehicle to get Raven anywhere, and with the other guy, there was no way that they would be able to get back to Sydney with both of them. As they got to the ground floor, there was another loud crashing sound, and Giggy got his phone out again.

"Hey, Claudia, what are you guys doing out there?" he asked.

"'Scuse me?"

"Isn't that your guys outside blowing things up?"

"Probably, but nowhere near you. We just can't take a risk as big as the Yak right now. Sorry bro," Claudia responded.

"All right, man, but it's your loss. By the way, are we still on for Saturday night?"

"Giggy, explosions, dead Raven, come on! Now's not the time." Buckwheat said looking at him in shock.

"Sounds like you'd better get going. Call me later," Claudia replied.

Buckwheat and Giggy went around the corner in the hallway, then around another into a side corridor that opened onto the garage through a large door. In the garage there were a couple of sports cars, a couple of pickups, a mini-SUV, a van and a couple of large trucks. Giggy looked around and found a large pry bar and a hand-held cutting torch on a tool bench in the middle of the garage.

"I'll be right back," he said grabbing the tools and heading back out where they just came in. "You get a car started."

Buckwheat immediately went over to the Eurocar, but couldn't find keys for it. Nor were there keys in the Saab. However, he found a spare set of keys for the mini-SUV sitting under its floor mats.

Meanwhile, Giggy went back downstairs and quickly cut through the Japanese man's chains, then helped him out into the hall. Returning, he went past each door and if there was response to his knocking, or if he could smell someone on the other side of the door, he broke through them to let the occupants out. He found a teenaged Chinese girl and an older white man.

Giggy radioed Buckwheat. "Do you have a car yet?"

"Yeah, I got a little jeep thing."

"I don't think that will hold all of us. Especially since you gotta go get those girls out of the pink room."

"Why?" Buckwheat replied. "They're fine. They're just gonna slow us down."

"If the ammunition stores are going up, I don't want them here when the building comes down. They didn't do anything."

"Fine," Buckwheat grumbled. "I'll get 'em."

Buckwheat went and got the four girls, and untied their feet, then herded them them back to the garage, where Giggy had already started the two big trucks.

"The front one has a bunch of stuff in it, but they can all fit in the back of this one. I'll have to drive the first one out and have the autopilot on the second one follow it. You take the jeep out the other side and attract whatever gunfire there is so I can get out of here with the people," Giggy said as Buckwheat shoed the four girls into the garage and toward the truck.

Giggy got the last of the people into the truck and closed the back end as Buckwheat flipped the switches to open the garage doors. As Giggy started carefully out of the west door, Buckwheat sped out the east, unceremoniously bounding off of the bodies of two fallen guards. He slid his jeep around the corner into the kill zone between the building and the perimeter wall, and grabbed his HK-227S. Looking around, he didn't see anyone, so he started toward the front of the compound. Meanwhile, Giggy trundled along with his trucks, approaching the front gate carefully on the narrow driveway.

As Giggy was getting to the front gate, Buckwheat came around the corner of the building, and skidded the jeep to a stop, as both front tires went suddenly flat. Jumping out of the jeep, and running toward the other two trucks, Buckwheat radioed to Giggy, "Duno what happened, both tires just suddenly went flat..."

"Well, jump in one of the trucks as it goes past."

Buckwheat got hold of the second truck as it was trying to negotiate over the broken down gate with its autopilot, and they were able to get out of the compound. Giggy stopped and sent the bikes home. On the way into town, Giggy called a hotel that he know to be able to operate as a safe house, and arranged for adjoining rooms for the people they had gotten out of the building. Meanwhile, Buckwheat called a U-Stor-It in a less reputable part of the south side of Sydney to get a large vehicle storage space.

After dropping off the 'prisoners' at the hotel, and making sure that they would be sent good meals shortly, Giggy and Buckwheat took the two trucks to Buckwheat's U-Stor-It, where Buckwheat healed himself, then healed Giggy, then, true to form, failed to heal Raven.

Once the healing was as done as it was going to get, they took Raven to a hospital, checked him in under an assumed name, and then proceeded to confirm that the people in the hotel were still fine.

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