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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 30th, 2021

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May 30th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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They headed back down to the stairs they hadn't checked from the jail area on the first level. Verika snuck down the stairs and checked around.

The stairs went down for about ten feet, dropping nearly thirty feet in that distance. Then there was a landing and the stairs resumed their descent. Verika could not find any secret doors or passages on the landing, so she proceeded cautiously down the stairs.

They continued for another ten feet, again dropping about thirty feet in that distance. Here they opened into a room. Half the floor was even with the bottom of the stairs. The rest was ten feet further down.

Staying on the stairs, Verika examined the room. She could tell in the darkness that the bottom was wet, but it did not look like it was deep water. She could see some bones and things sticking out of whatever was on the floor, so it really couldn't be that deep. Looking around and stretching out over the ledge, she could see that the room below extended below the floor, possibly with a passage heading back to the south.

She went back up and reported what she saw. Then, with the rest of the party in tow, she headed down. At the bottom of the stairs, Verika started out onto the ledge, which immediately collapsed under her weight, spilling her into the muck below. She was able to keep her feet, but let loose with a string of profanity.

Looking around the room, she could see that there were numerous tiny holes at the bottom, and just a few feet above the ground the walls were polished smooth to prevent climbing. When the swarms of rats started out of the holes is when she screamed. She took one swing at them but realized as they started to bite that there were just too many.

Verika turned and stepped back to the corner where the stairs were and, leaping up, managed to grab the bottom step. Izelda threw a flamestrike into the room behind Verika, decimating the rats as Verika pulled herself up.

Izelda created water over Verika to clean her as Verika stomped up the stairs. "I hate rats," she grumbled.

Izelda jumped down into the pit and started searching around in the muck. From time to time she would find another coin and create water to clean it, then tossed it up onto the stairs.

"All right, Izelda, lets go," Schmidt finally said. Locke had lowered a rope for her to climb out.

After Izelda cleaned herself off mostly, they headed down the large spiral staircase and Verika checked the first door on the right. They had passed it several times, but never gone through. She opened the door and stepped in and was almost immediately shot. Izelda and Locke leapt into the room to see where the bolt came from, tearing tapestries from the walls.

One of the tapestries hid a door with a small closable port in it at about chest level. The port was currently closed. Locke and Izelda hit the door several times trying to break it down before Biff came in and barrelled into it, splintering the door. Schmidt ran through the door and was missed by several crossbow bolts.

Izelda ran into the room and threw a spear, killing a crossbowman. Two crossbowmen turned and ran through another door instead of reloading, a third shot Izelda. Verika ran full speed back to the statue room, figuring that this had to be connected to the other door in there. Schmidt sprung in and hit the crossbowman who hadn't fled. Locke ran in after him.

Izelda moved up and missed. Five crossbowmen missed Schmidt standing in the doorway. One guy with a sword also missed. Verika reached the door and checked it for traps. She didn't find any, but the door exploded anyway as a spiked arm swung down from above and through the door as well as the rogue... Schmidt ran through the group, seeing Verika through the now gaping door and hit one of their attackers. Locke stepped up and hit and killed the swordsman in the door.

Izelda moved up and missed. One of the guys yelled, "get Feldren," as he swung and missed Locke. Schmidt missed the guy ducking past him. Three swordsmen missed Locke. Schmidt moved and hit one of the guys. Verika extracted the spike from her abdomen. Locke moved up and missed.

Izelda moved through the group and hit one. Their leader hit Izelda as did another. Two others missed Locke and another missed Schmidt. Verika stepped in and missed one. Schmidt hit one and killed another. Locke missed.

Izelda missed twice. The leader hit Izelda. Three others missed Locke. Verika missed. Schmidt moved and hit one. Biff missed. Locke hit and killed all three standing around him.

Izelda missed. The leader dropped his sword and raised his hands, palm out, while cautiously stepping away. Verika waited. Locke asked the guy for information, but he remained silent. Verika checked the rooms, just finding clothing and some coin, other than the weapons the men were using.

Locke shackled the prisoner, who still refused to talk. Schmidt pointed out to Verika that they one guy who was sent to get someone didn't run out a door, but ran to one corner of the room. That led Verika to find a secret door.

Locke forced the door open, ran in, and detected evil. One person in the room was evil. Verika continued trying to get information from their prisoner, now resorting to singing to him. Izelda ran in after Locke. A guy with a short sword missed Izelda. Another missed Locke. A guy with a long sword stepped to Locke and missed as well. A guy in nicer armor hit Locke and another short swordsman hit Izelda. Three others missed Izelda. Schmidt stepped in and missed on guy but hit another.

Locke hit an killed one, but missed another. Verika offered to get the prisoner drunk, if Izelda hadn't already consumed everything. He still didn't talk. Izelda missed. Schmidt missed one but hit another. One hit Izelda, but three others missed her. Three more missed Locke.

Locke missed. Verika tried making up the prisoner's story to see if it would get him to talk. Izelda missed twice. One hit Izelda. One hit Locke. Schmidt hit.

Locke hit one and killed him, but missed another. Verika sighed and forced the prisoner to his feet. Izelda hit and killed two, then stepped to the side. Seven of them missed their targets. Schmidt hit one and killed him.

Locke hit two, killing both, and moved. Verika entered the room, prisoner in tow. Izelda missed twice. One hit Schmidt. Another entering the room hit Locke from behind with a poisoned dagger. Two hit Izelda. Schmidt moved and hit one.

Locke turned and used a smite on his assailant, and hit him. Verika, ignoring the combat, offered the prisoner some food from the table. Izelda hit one guy and killed him. The poisoner missed Locke. Two guys missed Izelda, and a third missed Schmidt. Schmidt hit another. Biff ran into the room hit one and killed it.

Locke hit his guy. Verika looked up at her semi-panicked prisoner. Izelda withdrew from the room. Locke was missed, but Schmidt was hit. Another guy stepped up and missed the paladin. Schmidt hit twice. Biff missed.

Locke used his other smite on another guy coming through a side door, then hit his guy twice. Verika handed the prisoner off to Izelda, saying, "be nice." Though it was not clear who she was talking to. She moved over and missed her target. Izelda healed herself. The bad guy attempted to poison Locke again. Another guy hit Locke. Schmidt moved up and hit and killed a guy. Biff missed and moved.

Locke missed. Verika entangled the leader in his own pants, but took a slash to the ribs in return. Izelda cast bulls strength on the paladin. The poisoner threw a dart at the prisoner, hitting and killing him. Schmidt hit and killed a guy, as did Biff.

Locke hit and killed his guy, then hit and killed another. Verika stepped out of the way. Izelda hit and killed two. One missed the paladin and turned, but Verika and Locke took him down. Another missed Izelda and one missed Biff. Schmidt stepped over and killed the two still standing.

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