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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 13th, 2021

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June 13th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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The next morning the magistrate arrived in Nulb. Izelda was escorted from her cell to a room in an adjacent building. Her charges were read, and the magistrate ordered reparations for the ship, which Izelda claimed she could get back out of the water and repair, and an additional 90 days of confinement. And he clarified that that was to be without her leaving her cell, which Izelda objected to. When the magistrate clarified that her 90 days "start tonight," Izelda immediately animal shaped into a small bird and flew to the temple.

When she arrived, Izelda explained the situation. Locke told her not to worry, that he would have a word with the magistrate and get this all straightened out.

However, they headed down into the lower levels of the temple anyway. On their way across the first level, they encountered a gelatinous cube and were able to lead it to what they had been referring to as, "the poo room." There Izelda stoneshaped the stone around the door and trapped the cube in the room.

They headed back down to where they had fought the group of bandits earlier that morning and reexamined the rooms. They found little else. Heading through the door in the back of the leader's room, they found another lounge like room with a couple cots in an alcove to the north. Other than some furniture, this room was empty. A door to the north opened to a corridor that led to the great hall they had been through many times.

Verika, who had been sneaking down the corridor in the dark to see where it went, came back and walked around searching walls in several places. "These walls don't line up. It may be hiding a secret room," she explained to the other's puzzled looks. However, she didn't find anything, so they went on.

Verika led the way to the processional hall they had first entered this area through and to the large, sunken, pale gray and white octagon room where she claimed she had found several secret doors.

They entered the room cautiously, and Verika and Locke made their way to the door to the right of their entry. Verika checked it for traps and Locke opened it. Verika stepped in and found stairs heading down. She started down them, then though better of it. She walked to the door to the left of their entry and checked it for traps. Declaring it safe she moved on to the door across from them and checked it. Izelda walked over to Verika while Schmidt went to the door she checked and walked away from.

Schmidt opened the door and found a dusty hallway leading up into the darkness. Following it he found it turned and continued upward, then ended. He returned to the octagon room.

Izelda opened the door she and Verika were at and stepped through. She then was hit - and chilled - by something she didn't see. She fell to the ground shivering.

"Verika," Locke shouted from the top of the stairs where they entered, "what hapened?"

"She just fell," Verika said, leaning forward and giving Izelda some of her wine.

Elizabeth ran to Izelda to see what had happened. Izelda continued shivering. Locke moved and detected evil, sensing something near the tipped altar. Schmidt got a potion out and cast leadblades.

The evil thing moved over the pit in the floor. Verika drew her magic dagger, moved, and attacked where Locke said the thing was, hitting something. Elizabeth channeled energy to harm undead in the area. Izelda got up and checked the room she was in. It appeared to be empty. Locke moved and smote the evil thing, then called holy power to his sword. Schmidt moved up to the pit. Biff ran to Izelda on the other side of the room.

The shadowy thing moved. Verika looked around and ran to where she thought it was. Elizabeth moved into the pit and tried to firebolt where she thought the thing was. Izelda moved to the pit as well, and the thing hit her as she moved past, not realizing where it had moved to. Locke moved and cast fire of entanglement where he thought the thing was, and it was momentarily visible to everyone as the fire leapt around it. Schmidt threw holy water on the thing, and it splashed into the brazier beside the pit, causing an invisible gong to sound in the room. Biff ran back toward his master as two demons began to materialize.

The shadow appeared to withdraw to the east. Verika ran the other way, getting behind a half-materialized demon. Elizabeth faerie fired the shadow thing, outlining it in a green glow. Izelda ran over to the shadow thing, and it hit her again. Locke moved toward it and cast knight's calling. Schmidt cast resist electricity and stepped toward Verika, drawing his demon bane axe. Biff moved up to the shadow and bit, his jaws closing on nothing.

The shadow tried to move between Izelda and Biff to move toward Locke, but was unable to. Izelda hit it and Biff again bit through nothing. Verika readied an action to attack as soon as the thing was solid, and stepped to get flanking from Schmidt. The demon between Verika and Schmidt shrieked, stunning Verika and Elizabeth. It then released a cloud of something causing Verika and Schmidt to cough. It then attacked Schmidt, hitting him four times. The other demon disappeared from where it was and reappeared behind Izelda. Being stunned, Elizabeth did nothing. Izelda stepped away from the demon and attempted to aid Locke and Biff in their attacks. Locke charged the shadow and power attacked, killing it. Schmidt stepped to get better position and attacked the demon between him and Verika, hitting twice. Biff moved back from the demon.

Verika, being stunned, did nothing. The demon hit Schmidt twice, but missed three times. The other demon hit Locke three times and missed twice. It then released a cloud of whatever on Izelda and Locke. Elizabeth cast protection from evil on Verika. Izelda tried to move but failed. The demon hit her. Locke smote this demon and stepped up to it, hitting twice. Schmidt hit his demon twice. Biff hit a demon and tripped it.

(And yes, we stopped in combat again.)

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