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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 27th, 2021

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June 27th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika attacked one of the demons but missed. The demon teleported away from her. Schmidt hit it as it disappeared, but Biff and Verika missed. The other demon hit the paladin twice but missed with its other attacks. Leve opened the door from the hallway after recovering Spanky and immediately warded Izelda. Elizabeth stepped over to where she could cover Izelda and Locke and channeled to heal them. Izelda defensively attacked the demon hitting once. Locke used a smite on the second demon then hit it twice killing it. Schmidt and Biff moved toward the combat.

Verika moved toward the combat. The demon took a step toward the paladin and missed five times. Leve moved into the room coming down the stairs while casting. Spanky slipped on the gargoyle cloak and flew over to the demon. Elizabeth channeled again. Izelda stepped up and hit the demon. Locke stepped over to get flanking from Izelda and hit the demon twice, killing it.

Izelda insisted there was a hidden or secret door in a fourth wall, matching the three they had found, but nobody could find it. Verika did, however, find a hidden trap door in the floor in one of the passage. In the bottom of the pit they found a magic device they could not identify. After searching the room again, but carefully not touching the knife or bowl, they decided to head back up to camp.

Izelda headed back to jail, with vines growing out of her body, many serious wounds, and seriously intoxicated. The next morning she was rudely and abruptly awakened by a pair of guards who marched her down to the docks to get the ship floated and repaired. After various attempts with ropes and block and tackle, even with the added strength from some local draft animals, were unsuccessful, at the end of the day Izelda summoned several water elementals and had them push the ship out of the water where it could be examined and repaired.

The next morning Elizabeth and Verika headed into town. They first went to the blacksmith's shop and picked up their picks and the barding for Biff. Verika questioned the blacksmith about missing people or disappearances or unsolved crimes in the area. Otis told them that he was not aware of anything like that, though there was some amount of petty crime as you would expect from a small, poor town like this. Verika was sure that Otis was hiding something, but she still warned him that a purge was coming, and he and his apprentices may want to be away when it happened.

They then went on to the jail and Elizabeth tried to get compensation for the injuries the her servant, Verika, had sustained at the hands of the guards. After some badgering back and forth the guards in the jail informed them that they could not have the current prisoner as a slave until Verika had fully recovered, and that they were fortunate that Verika had been released to Elizabeth in the first place, and if they really wanted to push it, they could both be put in the cell.

Elizabeth grabbed Verika by the sleeve and stormed out of the office in a huff. They walked around town a little, and took a quick look in the tavern, then headed back to the temple with the barding for Biff.

When they got to the temple, Verika informed Locke and Leve that the town was, in fact, evil, and that she suspected they were in league with whatever was going on in the temple currently.

Leve and Locke prepared to head into town to recover Izelda, since Elizabeth's plan clearly had not worked. They prepared to disguise themselves, but quickly realized that wouldn't work. They then talked Elizabeth into letting them borrow her gargoyle cloak so they could both sneak into town in gargoyle form. As they prepared for that, Schmidt announced that he was going with them. Schmidt had already disguised himself successfully, so Leve and Locke decided to walk into town and use the gargoyle cloaks once they got closer.

When they got close to Nulb, Leve and Locke donned the cloaks, and Locke immediately attacked Leve, missing each time.

Leve stepped back and cast command, ordering Locke to remove the cloak. Locke appeared unaffected by the spell. Schmidt grabbed Locke and attempted to remove the cloak, but could not find any seams or clasp. Locke tried to bite Schmidt, but missed.

Leve cast command again and ordered Locke to remove the cloak, demonstrating by removing his own. Locke did not comply. Schmidt pinned Locke and told Leve to manacle him.

Leve pulled out a pair of manacles and cuffed Locke. Schmidt then tied up Locke's wings.

"Well," Leve declared, "now I have something to be hauling on the ship once we claim salvage rights on it."

Since Leve was not going to be wearing the gargoyle cloak, Schmidt helped him disguise himself, and they headed into town with a struggling gargoyle in tow.

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