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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 11th, 2021

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July 11th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Leve and Schmidt headed into town with the struggling gargoyle (Locke) in tow. Leve looked around for a guard patrol, but didn't see any. They headed toward the jail and Leve went in to talk to whoever was on duty. There was one guard looking board sitting at a desk.

"Do you have a cell with hefty locks where we can house this beast until we can take it out of town?" Leve asked.

"Our cells wouldn't hold that," the guard said, looking out the door, "but we do have a stake out back for posting various beasts."

The guard showed them to an iron stake in the ground about 30 feet behind the jail. After some struggling, Leve and Schmidt were able to get the gargoyle shackled to the ring on the top of the stake, leaving the gargoyle somewhat hunched. Schmidt struck the struggling gargoyle over the head, knocking him out. Leve re-bound the gargoyle's wings with iron chain while the guard continued to watch somewhat interested.

"Is there another stake here so we can fasten his feet?" Leve asked. "We don't want him running off in the night."

The guard grunted and gestured to another stake about twenty feet from the one they had chained the gargoyle to. Leve got out another set of manacles and bound the gargoyle's feet, then ran rope to the second stake and tied it off. He then stood there looking at the unconscious gargoyle's tail which was twitching slightly.

"Well, Locke doesn't have a tail," Leve thought to himself, "hopefully this doesn't hurt him too much." He drew his sword and chopped off the gargoyle's tail.

Instantly the gargoyle reverted to Locke. The guard shouted for help. Leve cast sleep on the guard and he fell to the ground.

Schmidt grabbed the unconscious Locke and started a fireman's carry heading out of town toward the Temple. Leve dragged the guard into the jail and poured wine on him and spilled some on the desk. Leve wrote out a quick note to Elizabeth and handed it to Spanky and sent him to the Temple.

Leve looked over the ledgers on the desk and found records of Izelda being taken out and brought back in. He created another matching entry, grabbed the guard's keys, and let Izelda out.

"I need to stay here for 90 days, though," Izelda objected.

"It's all right, I checked you out," Leve replied. "Is the ship ready?"

"Just about."

Leve grabbed the gargoyle cloak he was not wearing and slipped it onto the sleeping guard. Since the guard was asleep, he couldn't tell if the cloak gave him the appearance of a gargoyle, or if it actually turned him into one as it had with Locke.

Izleda and Leve headed out and down to the dock, Leve acting at guarding Izelda. After they got there, Izelda got the ship ready to sail. Leve headed back toward the tavern. On the way, he ran into the captain of the guard and told her that the guard at the jail was drinking again and had turned into a gargoyle, but he was unconscious currently. She grumbled and headed back to the jail, telling Leve to go about his business.

Leve went into the tavern and nosed around for a few sailors. He was concerned about how many of the people there were evil, but the selection was very limited.

He found a potential crew and was able to negotiate their fees, and convince them that he had a ship from salvage, and plenty of cargo. They just needed to get upriver to where they could get the cargo. Kariss, the captain explained to him that they couldn't go upstream. Even if it weren't for the shoals and sandbars that shift all the time, the bridge on the other edge of town blocked anything with a mast.

Leve took them to the ship and they got underway under cover of darkness. They headed a good distance downstream to a place Kariss knew where they could load cargo and remain secluded. Once they knew where they were heading, Izelda transformed into a bird and flew to the Temple.

Schmidt was returning to Nulb with Bill the donkey to get a wagon while Elizabeth, Locke, and Verika were figuring out what to prioritize on their trip. Over the course of four days, they were able to get 18 wagon loads of goods, mostly armor and weapons, to the ship. Schmidt took Verika south along the road and found the tree where Izelda had stashed their old chest of treasure when they were fleeing the Nulb militia.

It was two days down the river and then another two on the great lake it opened into before anything of merit happened. The sailor in the crow's nest called out, "Serpents! To arms!"

Leve moved from his position in a forward cabin with the chest toward the door. Verika looked up from her place aft with the captain. Several snake like creatures moved through the water toward the starboard side of the ship. Several members of the crew moved, some taking up arms. Elizabeth located a coil of rope at one of the ladders down from the forecastle. Izelda retrieved her shield and started chewing on the rim, falling down the ladder to land at Elizabeth's feet. The captain stepped forward and secured the tiller.

Leve came out on deck and ran across to the starboard rail. Verika moved to the forward edge of the quarterdeck, then to the starboard rail. A huge snake-like thing with a human face climbed onto the main deck in front of and below Verika. Something pushed two sailors over the rail into the water. Suddently it looked like there were maybe a dozen of these things. Schmidt moved to the rail. Three sailors shot from their positions, two hitting. Elizabeth moved toward the rear of the ship. Izelda moved, threw a rope to one of the sailors in the water, and hissed at the snake thing on the deck. The captain dropped the sea anchor, hitting one of the things and pulling it under. The ship lurched and bucked between the force on the sails and the drag of the sea anchor.

Leve moved past the creature on the deck, provoking it, then used a mutagen to improve his attack and hit the thing with his sword. Verika grabbed the end of a rope and dove over the rail, landing on the head of one of the things still in the water and driving it down. The thing turned quickly and bit Verika. The thing on the deck missed Leve. Another hit Schmidt with an acid splash. Schmidt cast and then climbed into the rigging and headed aft. Two sailors grabbed the unsecured rope Verika had dove in with. Two others missed with their crossbows. Elizabeth got to Izelda. Izelda hauled in the sailor she had thrown the rope to. The captain moved and grabbed the rope Verika was on.

Leve warded Izelda, then stepped to the left to provoke from the serpent thing. Verika floated toward the sailor. One of the things cast an acid arrow at Leve and missed, another hit Izelda. The one on the deck missed Leve. Schmidt moved down the ship and cast. Two of the crew hit their targets, another missed. Elizabeth cast firebolt and hit the one on the deck. Izelda ran to the rail and dove overboard. The captain braced Verika's line.

Leve moved around and enlarged Schmidt. Spanky threw poo at the creature on deck. Verika was pushed under by one of the things and tugged on the rope. The creature on deck missed Schmidt. Another killed a sailor. Another cast on Leve, but Leve saved. There was a scuffle in the crow's nest. Schmidt hit the thing on deck. Two crewmen helped the captain pull Verika and the unconscious sailor up. Elizabeth firebolted the thing on deck again.

Leve moved to provoke again and the thing finally hit him. Spanky managed to hit it with more poo and killed it. Verika attempted to climb but failed and fell back into the water, going under with the unconscious sailor. Another creature had crawled on deck toward the prow and moved toward Elizabeth. Another missed Leve while one in the water threw acid at a crew member trying to help Verika. Schmidt hit the one advancing on Verika repeatedly, killing it. There was more fighting at the top of the mast, then an arrow shot down from there at Elizabeth. Crew members tried to pull Verika and the sailor out. Elizabeth ran for the door to get back in the forward cabin. Izelda shape changed into a giant squid and grabbed Verika and threw her into the ship. The captain grabbed a discarded bow and moved forward for a better view.

Leve moved and tossed a shock bomb at one of the things in the water. "You're a horrible pirate," Verika shouted as she tried to disentangle herself from the rope. One of the things tried to bite Biff, but missed. Schmidt sprug forward to hit it and killed it, dropping it back into the water. There was a scream from above and everyone looked up. One of the sailors was falling. The captain cried, "Janice!" Elizabeth cracked the door open again. Izelda grabbed the corpses of the things in the water. The one that wasn't dead she healed. The captain leapt into the rigging and started climbing toward where Janice was falling.

Leve cast longstrider and tried to get under Janice and break her fall. Verika ran and jumped into the rigging with the captain. Schmidt checked the other crewman, but knew he was dead when he saw the damage up close. Janice bounced off Leve's upraised shield and slid to the deck. Elizabeth ran out to Janice's side. Izelda clambered back on deck pulling the one living creature with her. The captain dropped out of the rigging and moved to Elizabeth.

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