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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 25th, 2021

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July 25th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Leve climbed up the main mast. The creature Izelda was holding bit her. Schmidt treated Janice, stabilizing her. Two arrows came from the crow's nest, missing Locke. Locke ran from the door to the base of the main mast. Elizabeth healed Janice. Izelda squeezed the creature that had bitten her and grabbed the captain with another tentacle. The captain tried to escape and Izelda released both. The creature tried to bite Izelda again and missed. Izelda grabbed Leve and Locke and started raising them to the top of the main mast.

Leve and Locke climbed further with Izelda's assistance. Schmidt made sure each of the creatures on deck was dead. Elizabeth healed Izelda. The archer in the crow's nest shot at Schmidt, missing. Izelda got Leve and Locke to the crow's nest, partially climbing the main mast and rigging herself.

Leve cast friendship on the sailor in the crow's nest. "What are you doing?" Leve asked.

"We have to kill you all," the sailor replied, as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Izelda," Locke asked, "can you take the weight of this guy?" as he grappled the sailor.

Schmidt waited for the guys to come down. The guy Schmidt was grappling struck Izelda. Elizabeth moved over to Verika to see how injured she was. Izelda moved down to the deck carrying Leve, Locke, and the sailor, and set them on the mid deck. She held on to the guy who had been attacking them while Leve got him manacled. Though all of this, the sailor kept trying to attack. They kept him shackled until it was clear the spell had worn off.

A couple days later as sunset is approaching, the watch in the crow's nest calls, "Fire to port." A crewman on the quarter grabs a scope and confirms, and the tiller calls to retrim the sails and leans the tiller to port. The captain comes up from below when the course is so obviously changed, and starts conferring with the officer of the watch. Izelda changes into a Roc and Elizabeth climbs on her back. Izelda takes off and swoops back to the ship grabbing Leve in one talon and Locke in the other before flying off. As soon as they are at height, they can see the fire on the lake.

The source of the fire was a ship alight and adrift. It was a short flight, but would take their ship several hours. There were two launches on the far side of the ship moving away, and a third on the near side, burning. Izelda dropped Leve and Locke in the burning launch and headed to the burning ship.

The boat Leve and Locke were in cracked. Leve cast reduce person on himself. Izelda flew back and created water over the boat. "Knock it off," Locke shouted to her as Leve reduced him. Locke and Leve both started bailing with their shields onto the fire to put it out.

Elizabeth shouted to Izelda that she saw four sailors in the water on the near side of the ship. Izelda flew down and grabbed two, flying them over the burning ship to the other launches and dropped them onto one, knocking another sailor out of the launch. Leve dropped the reduce person on Locke so they could bail faster. Izelda grabbed the other two sailors and flew them to the other launch across the burning ship.

Leve and Locke got the fire out, and much of the water out of the launch, but had drifted considerably closer to the burning ship. Izelda flew over them and grabbed the two of them. She then flew to the burning ship. "Don't..." Locke shouted as Izelda dropped them on the quarter deck of the burning ship. She flew to the forecastle and landed. "Get off the ship," Elizabeth instructed.

The sailors in the launches to port screamed and shouted.

Izelda took off and flew the length of the ship, grabbing for Leve and Locke as the ship exploded. Elizabeth managed to jump off Izelda's back and into the half-burnt launch. Izelda, Leve, and Locke were caught in the blast.

As they fell, Izelda had the presence of mind to shape-change into a squid and grab Leve and Locke. As they started to go under, Izelda was able to deposit Leve and Locke in the launch with Elizabeth.

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