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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

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August 22nd, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda took the form of a falcon to try to find their ship. They had found that it was supposedly heading across the Nyr Dyv, but nobody trusted that. Schmidt knew he could track the ship, even over open water, once they got out of the chaos entering and leaving the port, but the time necessary to hire a craft and head out would be debilitating.

Verika, meanwhile, went to try to obtain a scope of some sort. She found a jewelers that had one, but when she tried to swipe it the proprietor saw her and shouted. Verika ran out the door and started down the street in the crowd, but the halfling was able to catch her and grab her. Verika tripped, falling on the halfling. She managed to bite one of her new symptom generating capsules in her bracelet, causing her to foam at the mouth and develop pustules on her face.

The halfling called the guard again and Verika tried to escape. He tried to pin her, but was unsuccessful. She broke free, but only as two guards got to her and grabbed her. She tried to wrestle free again as one of the guards tried to get manacles on her. As the guard was trying to bind her wrists, she attempted to swap his manacles for her pair that didn't fully latch. However, she was unsuccessful and got knocked out by surprise by the other guard.

Izelda managed to find their ship, heading in a direction other than the one they stated (not surprisingly), and flew back to the port. She returned to her human form and told the rest what she saw. She turned into a roc again, and Elizabeth climbed on her back. She picked Leve and Schmidt up in her claws and flew back out to sea.

As they got near where Izelda previously saw the ship, she slowed down trying to spot it. Leve saw it first off to their left and pointed it out.

Izelda dropped low along the water to try to not be seen coming up behind the ship. However, she was still spotted and received an arrow in a wing for her troubles. She crested over the quarterdeck and dropped Leve and Schmidt. She then flew up to the crow's nest letting Elizabeth jump into the perch as Izelda grabbed the two sailors that were stationed there.

Elizabeth cast spiritual weapon and attacked one of the guys on the forecastle. Izelda looked at the two guys she was carrying and recognizing one as someone she hadn't thought of as trustworthy before dropped him in the lake as she turned back to come to the ship again. Crew members shot at Leve and Schmidt. Schmidt stepped to one and ran him through. The captain cast magic missile on Leve. Leve stepped toward the captain and cast silence.

Elizabeth killed a sailor with here spiritual weapon. Izelda released the one sailor on the foredeck and attacked another, hitting twice. Crew members moved up to try to attack, but nobody hit. Schmidt moved to climb down to the main deck. The captain moved up to attack Schmidt, hitting him. Leve cast knights calling on the captain, but she saved.

Elizabeth moved her weapon and attacked another sailor. Izelda moved and attacked another sailor, killing her. Crew members moved to attack, two provoking attacks of opportunity and being killed by them. The sailor Izelda had put down on the forecastle jumped on her back and stabbed her. Schmidt attacked, hitting the captain twice. The captain missed Leve. Spanky gave Leve a mutagen and Leve critted the captain.

Elizabeth shouted, "Stop hurting Izelda, she saved you for a reason!"

Izelda flew to the rear of the ship and grabbed the captain. The crew member on her back stabbed Izelda again. Schmidt power attacked the captain in Izelda's claws and killed her. Izelda dropped the corpse on the deck.

Izelda turned back into a human and grabbed the sailor who had been on her back. "You want to stop now?" she asked rather harshly.

Looking around, he was the only sailor alive on the ship.

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