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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 19th, 2021

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September 19th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika was still convinced that her lawyer was the best available. Even after she came back with a bail option that exceeded the value of the scope she was accused of stealing.

Those on the ship sailed back that evening and Izelda was able to recruit four more to their crew.

Leve went below decks and spend much of the night brewing potions once the ship was secured in port.

The next morning, Leve went looking for cargo to take to Nulb. He got 75 goats, which, with some negotiation, he was able to barter down in price, but had to pay up front - the farmer didn't want to wait on the money to come back, especially at the discounted price.

Izelda and Locke recruited two more sailors that morning.

Izelda then went to get Verika. She explained to the guard that they were leaving soon, and needed Verika with them. When the guard told her that Verika could not leave the jail until she posted bond, and even then could not leave town, Izelda offered a gold piece for bond.

The guard looked at Izelda for a moment, then realizing that she really was being honest about the one gold offer explained, "no, her bond is set at 8,000 gold and even with that she can't leave town."

Izelda then went to the merchant and bought the spyglass. She explained that they were leaving town and probably never coming back, and asked the merchant to drop the charges. For a little additional profit, the merchant agreed to drop the charges in the morning.

That night Leve and Izelda went to the barracks and managed to track down the members of the guard whom Verika had assaulted when being arrested. They explained that they were leaving town and the Verika would never be coming back if she could leave with them. They also explained that the merchant said he was dropping the charger after everything was paid for.

An hour after sunup Verika was marched, in shackles, to their ship. The guard unchained her and told her she needed to get on the ship and the ship needed to get underway.

Verika turned and offered the one guard from her arrest who was with them 1,000 gold and said she was sorry. The guard refused. Thinking he thought it wasn't enough, Verika tripled it. Schmidt turned Verika around and walked her onto the ship. Leve apologized to the guard and tried to explain that that was not intended to be a bribe, Verika just really didn't know what was going on. "I'll just take that, and no harm, no foul?"

Once they were all on board, Izelda started getting them underway. Verika looked around the ship and found that all of her secret stashes of stuff were missing. When she started to panic, Leve showed her where he had all her stuff together under a bunk. The only thing that was missing was her magic marble.

They sailed to where the burning ship had sunk, and Leve and Izelda dove. Izelda in the form of a giant squid, and Leve under Izelda's life bubble spell and his touch of the sea.

They found three wrecks very close together. One had many bags of coal, but the bags had disintegrated. Izelda was able to haul 300-odd pieces of coal in the remnants of leather bags to the surface.

Shortly after Izelda and Leve went down, Spanky ran up to Verika with her red marble. Verika pocketed it and spent much of the time Leve was below giving Spanky treats.

The second ship on the bottom was nearly intact. It was of shallow draft and likely got swamped or capsized by a wave. They rigged this ship to be hoisted to the surface and got the crew on deck working on hauling that up.

The third wreck had their oil amphorae, and two additional magical staffs.

It took several days to hoist the ship to the surface and get it cleaned out and drained. It's main mast was snapped just above the deck, so it was not going to sail reliably on its own. It was narrower and shallower, so likely faster than their current ship, but longer, so it may not be as maneuverable.

With the second ship in tow, it took them longer, but they eventually made it to the cove where they had loaded the ship previously.

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