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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

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October 3rd, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

As they reached the cove, Izelda changed form to a bird and flew to the temple to see how their camp was holding up. She had the guys in camp start preparing various items to send with the ship back to Dyvvrs and then flew back to the ship.

They loaded up some oil and other gear, including the gifts Izelda had bought for the guys in camp and headed to the temple with a wagon. Leve and Verika sent a crew member into Nulb to try to sell some of the goats. Over the course of a day, they sold some goats, got the ship loaded again with loot from the temple, and sent the ship off to Dyvvrs with instructions to come back to the cove after selling gear. Some of the crew stayed behind to work on repairs to the other ship.

The next morning they decided that they would head over to the tower instead of heading down into the temple. Izelda talked to the plants explaining that they needed to be allowed through, and if the plants didn't allow them through, they would be burnt. However, as they started to move though the growth, the group was attacked. "Back off or there will be fire from the sky," Izelda told the plants, but they continued to attack.

Verika stepped up to the nearest plant. Locke failed his attempt to cast, but called fire to his sword and stepped up to another plant. Elizabeth critically firebolted a plant. Schmidt cast featherstep on everyone except Locke and moved to close with a plant. Biff followed Schmidt. Several plants hit Izelda and one hit Locke.

Izelda called fire on many of the plants, killing one. Verika moved in and was missed by a plant. Locke hit and killed two. Elizabeth failed in her casting and stepped back from the plants. Schmidt sprang up hit and killed one. One hit Verika twice but didn't hurt her.

Izelda stood her ground and killed one with flames. Verika hit the one she had approached and killed it. Elizabeth hit and killed the last of the ones they had seen.

As they moved back to the road, they saw several more of the plants approaching where they had been.

After some discussion, they decided that rather than fight all the way over, they would fly over, as they had been contemplating when they first arrived.

Izelda took the form of a Roc and took Locke and Schmidt in her talons and flew toward the tower. The tower rose maybe a story above the mound that was all that remained of the wall. The top of the tower was covered with rubble and partially collapsed walls. There were a couple of ravens on the top, and as they approached, the ravens started calling.

Izelda veered away and took another pass. As she got closer this time, the ravens first started calling, then took off from the rubble. As they got close, Schmidt thought they looked like they were getting bigger. Another group of six ravens were approaching from the west. Locke shot at one nicking it, then started reloading his crossbow. Izelda swung around and headed back toward the main temple where everyone else was waiting.

Schmidt convinced Izelda to head back to the tower and dive in quickly, dropping him and Locke near the ramp to the door, then heading out to retrieve more of the party.

They took off into the air and headed back. As the ravens approached, Locke shot again and missed. He dropped his crossbow as a dozen ravens closed on them, attacking Izelda. Several of them hit her causing enough damage to get her to transform into a hummingbird, dropping Locke and Schmidt. Schmidt managed to tumble breaking his fall.

Izelda returned to the group and Elizabeth healed her. Schmidt stood and cast leadblades as the ravens descended. Another of the vines swiped at Locke and missed.

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