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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 17th, 2021

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October 17th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Locke cast resistance. The vines attacked, two hitting Locke. One of the ravens hit Locke. Schmidt moved toward the tower and cast. Izelda flew back toward the temple.

Locke withdrew toward the tower. One plant hit Locke, two hit Schmidt. The ravens dove, but they all missed. Schmidt moved up the ramp to the door. Izelda flew toward the temple.

Locke ran up the ramp. One plant hit Locke. The birds circled. Schmidt picked the lock on the chain across the door. Izelda landed at the temple. Elizabeth healed Izelda.

Locke stepped to Schmidt, laid hands on himself, and pulled out his sword. The plants moved toward Schmidt and Locke. Izelda started flying back with Verika and Elizabeth. Schmidt tried the door which was still locked, so he picked that lock.

Locke waited to smash through the door, if Schmidt instructed him to. The plants moved up, but missed Locke. Izelda continued flying back. Verika pointed out the birds on the tower. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Schmidt picked a third lock he found on the door, then opened it. Locke stepped in and was shot repeatedly.

The plants moved in, but missed Schmidt. many arrows were fired, but only a few hit Locke and Schmidt. Verika waited to attack the ravens if they came up. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Izelda continued flying. Schmidt stepped in and closed and barred the door. Locke moved up to a couple of archers at the end of a partition wall, but missed.

Several bandits hit Locke with spears thrust through their ranks. Several archers missed. One pulled a cord and a massive amount of rocks and debris fell on Schmidt. Though he was able to minimize damage, he was still blinded by dust in his eyes. Verika shot at a raven and missed. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Izelda flew closer, but stayed high to try to keep the ravens from attacking. Schmidt, dazed, tried to wipe the dust from his eyes. Locke hit and killed a bandit, then hit another.

The bandits attacked, one hitting Locke and one hitting Schmidt. Verika held acting until she had a better chance of hitting. Elizabeth healed Izelda yet again. Izelda tucked, rolled, and dove toward the tower door. Ravens attacked, hitting Izelda seven times as she dove. Schmidt used his staff to summon an air elemental. Locke swung and missed.

The bandits attacked, one hitting Locke. Verika hit and killed a raven. Elizabeth firebolted a raven and got hit. Izelda failed to cast, and flew to the ground nearly scraping Elizabeth and Verika off on the ruins of the upper tower wall before landing before the door. Verika knocked on the door and picked the lock. Schmidt instructed the elemental to whirlwind through the ranks of the bandits, picking up many and killing most of those. Locke hit and killed one of the remaining bandits, and hit another.

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