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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 31st, 2021

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October 31st, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Several of the vines attacked Elizabeth, tripping her. Another hit Izelda. Inside the tower bandits shot at Schmidt and Locke and missed. Verika bashed the door, trying to break it down and failed. Elizabeth tumbled between Izelda's legs putting the giant bird between her in the vines and standing up beside Verika at the door. Izelda placed a wall of fire across the ground right in front of her beak, incinerating several vines. Schmidt's elemental killed several more of the bandits and injured others. Schmidt moved rock to allow the door to partially open. Locke moved and healed himself.

Several of the plants moved away from the fire, and three more died in the process. One of the bandits hit the elemental he was suspended in. The other missed. Verika tried the door again and screamed in anger when she failed. Elizabeth healed Izelda. Izelda cast shout, killing more of the vines and one raven. Schmidt cleared more debris. The elemental dropped they two guys it was carrying around and picked up the sergeant again. Locke healed himself.

The plants again tried to move away from the fire and two more died. The remaining bandits attacked the elemental, one hitting and one missing. Verika bashed the door again. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Izelda looked around, turned, and bashed the door, but also failed. The elemental dropped one guy at Locke's feet and moved off. Shcmidt moved debris. Locke hit and killed the bandit at his feet and moved back into the room.

Plants continued to move away from the fire. The one remaining bandit missed the elemental he was engulfed in. Verika waited. Elizabeth healed Izelda again. Izelda bashed the door. The elemental dropped the bandit and helped Schmidt pry the door in. Locke moved to an interior door, looking for an invisible person.

Verika squeezed her way through the broken door and past Schmitd and the elemental. Elizabeth healed Izelda yet again. Izelda squeezed in through the door, breaking it further. The elemental squeezed out and moved up the wall. Schmidt moved into the tower to help Locke search. Locke kicked the door in front of him and failed to break it down.

Verika moved to the other interior door. Elizabeth healed Izelda still more. Izelda squeezed the rest of the way into the tower. Schmidt tracked the missing bandit to the door Locke was kicking. The air elemental got to the top of the tower. Several ravens attacked the elemental and were killed for their efforts. Locke tried opening the door and confirmed it was locked, then broke it down.

Verika checked the door she was at for traps, then opened the door. Elizabeth moved to heal Izelda further. Izelda moved to Locke and looked into the room he had opened. The air elemental killed the remaining ravens. Schmidt checked the room Locke and Izelda were looking in.

Verika tried picking the lock on a chest in teh room she was checking, then just attacked it with her axe. Locke attacked a lock on an iron box in the room he and Schmidt were checking. Opening the box, Locke found it was trapped with a poisoned needle.

Not finding anything of interest to her, Verika joined Locke and Schmidt, and found a secret door in the floor hidden under a loose flagstone. She opened the door, and started down a ladder, pulling the door shut above her. The flagging in the floor fell back into place...

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