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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 14th, 2021

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November 14th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Seeing a cable going from the door down the stairs, Verika cut it to disable the trap. She climbed down the ladder into a crampedish, roundish room with a bench on one side under a row of pegs for cloaks. On the bench was a bronze coffer and beside the bench a large iron chest. She unlocked the chest finding several bags of coins. She pocketed one, leaving the others. She unlocked the coffer and there were several potions in velvet padding. Clearly one had been removed.

Elizabeth tried opening the trap door Verika had just disappeared through, but couldn't get it to release. Schmidt then tried the door. Izelda left and flew back to the temple steps to get Leve. Leve reduced himself so Izelda could carry him over to the tower.

Schmidt showed Leve where the door was when he and Izelda got back. Schmidt tried the door again with Elizabeth and Leve's assistance, but still couldn't get it to open again. Verika tried the door from below, but couldn't get it to open either.

Leve took Locke's mace and enlarged himself. Verika knocked on the door from below. Leve smashed into the flagstone with all his enlarged strength, showering Verika in dust and cracking the flagstone. Verika dropped down the ladder and took off down a tunnel heading away to put plenty of space between herself and the roof she expected to collapse.

Leve hit the stone repeatedly until Locke shouted that he was bringing up wood chips in the rubble from the stone. Leve, Locke, and Schmidt cleared the rubble away revealing a wooded trap door with a ring in the center. Schmidt looked for a lock, and not finding one pulled the ring opening the door.

"Did you find anything?" Leve called down the ladder. When there was no answer Elizabeth and Locke climbed down. Verika came down the passage into the light from Locke's torch.

Elizabeth was looking at the coffer and the chest. "That has money," Verika offered, "the other has potions. This heads straight for a ways," she continued, gesturing down the corridor, "then almost doubles back as a more natural cave."

Verika and Locke headed down the tunnel while Elizabeth took up position on the bench. After a while, the narrow cave opened up into a much larger cavern. There was another passable passage heading off in one direction, and Verika found a secret door in another place in the cavern.

She and Locke discussed it and decided to open the door. Behind it was another natural looking cave. Locke lead the way down it, Verika following a short distance behind. This cave started sloping down fairly steeply, but was still very narrow. In many places Verika and Locke had to turn sideways to proceed. After a distance, it suddenly opened up into a finished, polished, clean ten foot wide corridor heading off beyond Locke's torchlight.

"I'm going to head back and get everyone else," Verika said. "Don't do anything rash."

Verika started back up toward the cavern as quickly as she could. Locke started into the hallway, sounding the floor with his mace.

He was moving very slowly and cautiously, so it took some time before Locke got to the corner of the hallway. Looking around the corner he saw something at the edge of his torchlight. He felt something come over him as he realized it was an eight legged lizard. Locke quickly advanced back toward the cave and started heading back up the tunnel.

Verika, meanwhile, had made it back and shouted to Elizabeth that the corridor opened up and was finished again, and Locke was down there alone. Elizabeth climbed the ladder and told Leve and Schmidt, then went outside to get Izelda who was flying around the compound to see if there were any more giant ravens.

Leve dropped his enlarge as Izelda and Elizabeth came inside. Izelda returned to her human form and followed the rest down the ladder.

Verika, as soon as she was confident Elizabeth had heard her, turned and ran back down the tunnel. She ran into Locke just past where the tunnel started dropping precipitously. "There's a magic lizard down there," Locke explained. "Where's everyone else?"

"They may be coming. Elizabeth climbed up the ladder to get them."

Verika and Locke made their way back to the secret door and closed it, suspecting a lizard couldn't open it. They proceeded back toward the entrance to the tunnels and ran into the rest. After a brief discussion they made their way back to the cavern and worked out a plan.

After insuring the secret door was, in fact, closed and latched, they all climbed back up to the tower and tried to get a good night's rest. The bandits had plenty of stores, so they ate well.

In the morning, they all headed back down to the cavern. Verika listened at the secret door, but couldn't hear anything. She tried sliding a mirror under the door, and couldn't see anything either. Convinced that the monster was not waiting there for them, Verika opened the door and started sneaking down the cave. The group quickly caught up, but there was no way to pass each other in the narrow passage, so they all moved slowly down the slope...

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