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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 28th, 2021

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November 28th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Locke, Schmidt, Elizabeth, and Izelda headed back down the narrow, steep cave to where Locke had seen the basilisk. On the way down, Izelda cast lifebubble and split it between them. Locke and Schmidt cast several buffing spells on each other, then Schmidt snuck around the corner to where the basilisk encountered Locke previously. Locke followed and saw the basilisk around the second corner, further than he had gone previously.

Izelda moved forward and cast bear's endurance on Locke as she passed him. Elizabeth moved up to the corner and cast spiritual weapon down the corridor. Schmidt moved around the creature and hit it. Fire erupted along the edges of the room where the basilisk was. Locke stepped through the fire. The basilisk gazed at Schmidt to no effect, then tried to bite Locke.

Izelda grabbed the basilisk by the tail and tried to shove it into Schmidt and Locke's attacks. Elizabeth moved up toward the flames, then moved her weapon and missed the basilisk. Schmidt hit really well and Locke hit it also, killing it. Schmidt saw something behind him and turned as the basilisk's body disappeared.

Suddenly Locke shouted in pain as an elf appeared behind him, stabbing him. At the same time a tiny demon appeared on his other side and tried to claw him. Izelda stepped in and tried to interfere with the elf's attack. Elizabeth moved her spiritual weapon over to the elf and attacked. Schmidt stepped up grabbing his demon-bane axe and destroyed the demon. Locke smote the elf and hit her.

The elf pleaded with them not to hurt her. She claimed that the demon forced her to attack. Izelda ordered the elf to strip and started pulling off her armor. The elf attacked Izelda but Locke forced her to hit him instead. Elizabeth missed with her spiritual weapon again. Schmidt sprung up and missed her as well. Locke hit her twice solidly, killing her.

They collected valuables off the elf, discovering that she was an orc in disguise. By this time the fire in the small trenches had died down, but there was still oil burning in two reservoirs in the corners. Schmidt checked the door behind where the elf had appeared and discovered it to be free of traps. The checked the room then went across to the other door that had been hidden by the flames. Opening this one, Locke charged across the room with his arms spread, in hopes of finding whatever invisible thing it was the Schmidt had seen a few minutes ago. Izelda stepped in behind them and saw papers on the walls with strange symbols on them, "Don't read the papers," she warned.

Izelda carefully collected the papers and rolled them up. One door revealed a small work room, but another was locked. Schmidt couldn't unlock it, so they took turns bashing it, until it occured to Locke that Leve made short work of the stone in the floor of the tower with Locke's own mace. A couple strikes with the mace revealed that there was a wall of force behind the door. And a few more bashes with the mace took that down as well.

Schmidt and Locke went down the room and verified that there was nobody invisible in there before they started checking it out.

After taking time to collect what seemed of value - other than items that couldn't readily be carried like the bed - they headed out and back down the hall to the south. At the end of the hall was a narrow ladder leading up into the darkness.

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