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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 12th, 2021

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December 12th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika headed down the corridor to check for traps. She climbed the ladder at the end up some 60 feet to a trap door in the ceiling. She stage whispered down the shaft, "blind people, there's a ladder."

She opened the trap door revealing a narrow but finished corridor heading south. After some distance the hall ended in stairs climbing up. These were again the steep stairs of the temple. At the top of these stairs there was another trap door in the ceiling. This opened into a room where the floor was littered with husks of various animals.

Verika climbed back down the stairs, then down the ladder and let everyone know what she had seen so far. They followed here back up the ladder and up the stairs into the room with husks. The room was round and maybe twenty feet across, with a hallway heading out to the east.

Verika crept down that corridor and was paying attention to a door on the north side of the hallway at the end when she realized there was a purple glow behind her. Turning to the south, she had no idea how to describe what she saw. Hoping she hadn't been seen, she crept back to the group. "Magical death," she said, pointing to her left.

Locke, Schmidt, and Izelda crept down to the corner and peeked around. Locke and then Izelda stepped into the corridor and started toward a gigantic eye bathed in purple light. It appeared to float just above the ground. As they got closer, they could see a small dragon silhouetted at the edge of the doorway to the purple-lit room. Neither seemed to be moving.

Schmidt started slowly down the hall behind Locke and Izelda, leaving plenty of room between himself and them. Izelda and Locke entered the room, carefully stepping over a large box in front of the dragon. There were several other monstrous creatures here, all apparently made of stone. An ogre, a giant, a wight, and a medusa among others.

Elizabeth snuck down the hallway passing Schmidt. "Izelda," Elizabeth shouted, "the light is behind you!" A floating purple light shocked Izelda and another shocked Locke.

Elizabeth moved up to the edge of the room. Izelda was shocked three more times, and Locke again. The lights drifted away from Locke and Izelda. Verika turned herself invisible and then snuck up. Locke stepped to one of the lights and missed twice. Izelda missed twice. Schmidt cast resist electricity on himself and moved into the room past Elizabeth.

Elizabeth moved into the room, behind the dragon. Izelda was again shocked three times, Locke once. Verika snuck past Elizabeth. Locke missed then hit the purple light. Izelda moved and got zapped again, and collapsed from damage. Schmidt sprung in and hit one.

Elizabeth moved to heal Izelda. The glowing lights surrounded Locke and hit him three times. Verika poured an unidentified potion down Izelda's throat. Locke hit one of the lights twice, killing it, then missed a second. Izelda lay unconscious at Elizabeth's feet. Schmidt hit one and killed it, then turned and killed a second.

Elizabeth healed Izelda. The fourth purple light went dark. Verika moved over and snuck a ring off the hand of the wight using slight of hand. She then leapt onto the giant eye and worked her way down to grab a scroll case off the floor in front of it. Locke healed himself and took a step to the west where the purple light was headed when it disappeared. Izelda sat up and healed herself. Schmidt tried to track whatever the floating light was, but couldn't find it.

Schmidt headed toward the box, but noticed the scroll case apparently levitating itself. "Verika," he said, "you're bringing everything you grabbed to Izelda to identify, right?"

"All right," Verika replied, dropping the invisibility.

Verika collected the rest of the items from the statues and piled them in front of Izelda. They then gathered everything up and headed back to the room with the husks.

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