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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 26th, 2021

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December 26th, 2021, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

They went through the trap door, down the stairs, through the second trap door, down the ladder, and down the corridor. Verika, in the lead, held up her hand as she stepped into the room where they had fought and killed the elf that turned out to be an orc in disguise. She thought she saw something move in the dark at the end of the room. She crept toward where she thought the saw the motion, and Schmidt crept up behind her. After a moment, Locke came up to Schmidt and gestured toward the north door. The two crossed the room and the trenches again erupted in flame. This time Verika had been watching for it. Though she didn't know how it was lit, she did see where it was filled from the fountain.

Locke and Schmidt checked out the north room. Everything seemed the way they left it. By the time they were done, the rest of the group had come up and leapt through the flames into the central room. Verika walked over and stuck her hand into the flames to open the door to the south room. This also appeared to be in order.

They spent the night in the room. During the night, Verika and Schmidt opened the scroll case, setting off a protective sigil, but not damaging the case or the scroll. In the morning Izelda, Leve, and Locke set about identifying what Izelda had been unable to identify the previous day. When they opened the case with the gold skull, Locke passed out. Leve grabbed it and it burned his hand. Izelda grabbed it and knew a bunch of its abilities, including how to work an elevator from the main temple.

They bundled everything up when Locke came around, and headed back up the cavern they had entered through. When they got to the large chamber, Verika walked around the room and confirmed there was nobody there.

They decided to take the exit that didn't lead back to the tower, Verika in the lead. This went quite some distance before it became a worked tunnel through earth, with wooden beams shoring up the walls and ceiling. The ground was moist and there was a slight swampy smell. They estimated that they had gone quite some distance and expected they would be coming up somewhere in Nulb.

Still ahead of the group, Verika spotted a ladder hanging on the wall and a closed door at the end of the tunnel. She checked the door and opened it revealing fresh air, and the end of the tunnel opening into daylight. As she approached, she saw that there was a worked stone wall some ten feet from the opening. And as she reached the opening, realized it was an open shaft that dropped below her into the darkness. Across from her, and slightly above, some of the stones in the wall were set back forming a ladder of sorts.

Verika took a few steps back and ran and jumped for the ladder, but sadly missed. The rest of the group behind her heard her grunt, shout, scream, and then silence.

Verika was in stagnant swampy water much deeper than she could reach. The walls were very smooth and would be difficult, if not impossible, to climb. After some shouting back and forth, they lowered a rope to her and she climbed up that. When Verika got to the cave entrance, Izelda showered Verika with repeated castings of create water to wash the filth and stench off.

They went back and got the latter, and leaned it across the well, almost as if it were made for that. Verika climbed out first, and when everyone else had made it, Izelda tied a rope to the ladder then climbed out pulling the ladder up behind her.

They were in a run-down farmyard, with hedges gone wild, broken down fences, a mostly collapsed shed, a small house with rotting floors and a collapsed roof, and a falling in barn. Inside the barn, however, were stores of hay and grain, and four well-kept stalls with three horses.

Verika climbed onto the peak of the barn for a better view while Leve started mending the house magically. The rest looked around the place. There was evidence that the horses were being well cared for, and there was tack for the three of them, but didn't seem to be much else of value.

Verika confirmed which direction the road was in, and Izelda transformed into a Roc to fly Locke, Verika, and Spanky, Leve's monkey, to find out if the merchants in the area were evil.

Izelda flew in low from behind the first wagon they spotted, and as they flew in, one of the merchants shot Izelda with a crossbow.

Izelda overflew the wagon, and Spanky jumped off. Izelda banked and stopped, dropping Verika and Locke in the road immediately in front of the wagon. "Stop in the name of the law," Verika said firmly holding out her hand. The merchant driving the wagon screamed. "We have you surrounded," Verika continued as the horse and wagon barreled down on them. Spanky grabbed two turnips from the wagon and tapped the merchant driving the wagon.

Locke tried to stop the horse, but only got him to veer off the road. Bouncing off an embankment, there was a sound of breaking wood from the axle or wheel. The merchant shot Izelda again as she flew back from behind Locke and Verika. "Handle your steed before we handle it for you," Verika commanded. "And don't fire on officers of the law!" Izelda flew up and grabbed the merchant who was shooting and flew off. Spanky grabbed a pouch from the other merchant and ran to Verika. "Calm down," Locke offered, "we just want to ask you a few questions."

After finding out that they were taking turnips from a farm near the Nyr Dyv to the nearby down of Bakers, and Locke confirming that they were not evil, nor aware of the temple other than ancient legends, Locke told them they could go about their business. Verika gave the merchant 100 gold to repair his wagon. Izelda flew back with the archer and picked up Locke and Verika. Spanky was already on Locke.

They flew back to the dilapidated farm, but Leve, Elizabeth, and Schmidt were gone. "They said there were heading back to the Temple," Verika said after they landed. Izelda picked them back up and flew toward the temple, spotting the other three on horseback about three quarters of the way back. Izelda landed out of sight of the horses and they made the rest of the way back to the temple on foot.

After they got back and got the new horses settled with the rest of the camp on the first floor, they decided they would take the elevator and see where it went.

They went to the throne on the dais at the head of the main temple, and Izelda pulled the golden skull out of its box. Locke lost consciousness again. They dragged Locke onto the throne, and Leve, Izelda, Verika, and Elizabeth piled on top of him. Schmidt and Biff stayed behind, as there was only so much room. Izelda commanded the elevator, "up," but nothing happened. Then it became clear that it was as far up as it could go. "Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down," she commanded and they slid down through the floor, the floor closing behind them.

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