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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 9th, 2022

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January 9th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika, Locke, Elizabeth, and Izelda got onto the throne and Izelda commanded it to go down. they felt a sensation of descending and then were in a disgusting room with slime and fungus over everything. There was a faint glow from an undetermined location, and colored light coming in from several archways. Directly across from them was a set of the sealed bronze doors faintly illuminated by their own glowing runes.

Izelda quickly went to check out the three archways without going down any. One went a short distance with a purple-lit room with gold chains hanging from the walls. The next went to a room with shifting lights in many colors. The third and largest immediately went down stairs to another purple-lit room with metal columns surmounted with metal skulls.

After some debate, Izelda gave Verika the golden skull so she could operate the elevator, rather than leave her down here with so many temptations. As Verika returned to the throne they all realized that the throne here was quite different from what it had been above.

Verika commanded the throne to rise and it did. She tried arranging herself in a sultry and domineering position on the throne as Schmidt approached in the upper level. "Just a sec," Verika said, commanding the throne to go down. When she got there, she realized that with the change between the two thrones, she was no longer in the position she wanted to be in. "Dammit!" she shouted, and commanded the throne back up. This time she let Schmidt and Biff on with her before going back down.

When they got down, Elizabeth was examining part of one wall. "There's a secret door here," she said to no one in particular.

Verika put the skull back in its box and ran over to Elizabeth. "Where?" she asked.

Elizabeth pointed to a section of wall and Verika kicked it, breaking down the door. She stepped in and was immediately surrounded in a yellow-brown cloud. She started coughing and wheezing and feeling weak. Izelda and Elizabeth pulled Verika back and determined that she was poisoned. Schmidt treated her with suggestions from Locke, Izelda, and Elizabeth.

After Verika quit coughing a couple minutes later Izelda and Locke looked into the room. It had golden carpet and regal looking couches, chairs, and divans with silk and velvet pillows. Locke pulled out and alchemist fire and tossed it into the room. It burst into flame, charring a section of the carpet.

"Don't burn the carpet," Verika yelled and ran into the room again, crossing the charred carpet and grabbing a pillow. She was immediately surrounded by another cloud of dust and the pillow turned into a ball of slime engulfing her arm and burning her.

Locke stepped back and cast bull's strength on himself from a wand. Izelda crept back to the dais. Schmidt cast resist acid on himself and moved into the room to Verika. Biff watched their flanks. Verika bashed the goo on the floor in between fits of coughing. The thing fell off her arm and grabbed her leg, burning her. Elizabeth came to the door and cast create water over Verika to try to wash the thing off.

Locke called fire to his mace and entered the room, swinging at the thing on Verika's leg. Izelda checked behind them and moved to the door. Schmidt power attacked and hit the thing twice, and was able to rend it, killing it. Verika ran out of the room coughing.

Schmidt and Locke looked for other targets. Izelda investigated what had been on Verika. Schmidt hit one of the cushions and it turned into an ooze as well.

Schmidt cast resist acid on Locke. Izelda went back out and she and Elizabeth healed Verika.

Verika took the skull in its box and went to the odd-looking throne on the dais. Schmidt hit his cushion twice, killing it. Locke hit another twice, killing it. Izelda and Elizabeth each went up and healed Verika where she was sulking.

Schmidt and Locke got out of the room and Schmidt went to close the door when he realized what condition Verika had left it in. He started working on fixing the door. Izelda walked back and tossed a flaming sphere into the room.

Izelda moved the fire and called to the blob it revealed. Another thing in the room turned into a giant purple tentacled mushroom. The purple thing moved and lashed out at Izelda. Schmidt stood and barkskinned Izelda.

Verika discreetly pulled out the skull, facing away from everyone. Schmidt cast leadblades. Locke stepped in hit and killed the purple thing, then struck the blob on the floor. Izelda moved her fire and woke another blob. Elizabeth stepped to Izelda and healed her. Locke looked over the room and said, "Izelda, light it up." One of the blobs moved over but missed Locke.

Verika tried to get the elevator to take her to one of the other thrones she had seen in the temple, but it wouldn't. Schmidt stepped to a blob and hit it. Izelda called a flamestrike to the center of the room and moved her ball of fire along one wall. Elizabeth ran back to the dais.

Verika investigated the skull further, seeing that it had sockets for four gemstones. Schmidt and Locke held for things to come to them. Izelda called another flamestrike and moved her ball of fire. Several blob things moved toward Locke and Schmidt, slowly.

Verika asked the skull what would happen if she put it together with its gems, but didn't get an answer. Schmidt sprung to one blob, hit it and split it in half. Several other blobs tried to hit him but couldn't. Locke stepped in and clove three blobs, killing one. Izelda moved her ball of fire and cast stoneskin on Locke. Elizabeth waited to see who would need healing next. Blobs moved. One missed Locke.

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