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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

January 23rd, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika instructed the skull to take her and the throne up. Leve stepped onto the throne despite Verika's displeasing countenance. Schmidt sprang in and split one of the oozes. Locke hit all four he could reach. Izelda moved the flame to a violet fungus then hit and killed a pudding. The oozes moved in and one hit Locke.

Verika brought Leve down. Leve leapt off the throne and moved toward the door where he could see Locke and Izelda. Schmidt sprung in and split another ooze. Locke hit the four he could reach, killing two, then stepped forward. Izelda kept the fire on the violet fungus, took a step, and hit another pudding. Three oozes missed Locke and one hit. A fungus hit Izelda. Three oozes missed Schmidt.

Verika looked for other secret doors. Leve hit and moved into the room past several oozes. Schmidt split two more. Locke hit the five he could reach, killing two. Izelda stepped up and killed a blob. Four oozes missed Locke and another missed Izelda. Two more missed Leve.

Verika attempted to grab a golden chain suspended in another room with a grappling hook, but missed. Leve enlarged Schmidt. Schmidt split four more oozes. Locke hit the six he could reach, killing three. Three blobs missed Schmidt. Three missed Locke, but a fourth hit. Another hit Izelda and latched on to her.

Verika checked the second hall to the east, then, deciding she didn't want to deal with the weird magical lights, went back to where everyone else was. Leve warded Izelda. Spanky threw poo at a blob. Schmidt split seven puddings he could reach. Locke killed one and hit two others. Izelda hit one and killed it, then moved the fire onto a fungus killing it. Five blobs missed Locke, but a sixth hit him and grabbed him. Two missed Schmidt. Two missed Izelda. One hit Leve and grabbed him.

Verika moved back toward the throne. Leve took a mutagen then hit and killed a blob. Schmidt hit six, but only four split. Locke killed two and hit two others. Izelda killed a blob then moved the fire but missed. Three blobs missed Locke. One missed Schmidt, but another hit him and grabbed him. One missed Izelda, but another hit. One missed Leve.

Verika climbed back on the throne. Leve used a judgement and hit one, then started to move but another hit him and grabbed him, stopping him from moving. Spanky grabbed one of Leve's knives and threw it. Schmidt escaped from the blob that had a hold of him, put his axe away, and grabbed his mace. Locke killed two and hit three others he could reach. Izelda hit one and killed it, then moved the fire and killed another. Two missed Locke. One missed Schmidt. One missed Izelda, but two others hit her, one grabbing her.

Verika got off the throne and, from beside the throne, looked into the room where everyone was fighting. Leve hit one. Spanky split one with another knife. Schmidt hit five he could reach, killing a sixth. Locke killed three and stepped toward others. Izelda hit one and killed another with her fire. The one active pudding missed Schmidt.

Verika casually strolled to the door she had kicked in earlier, carefully stuck a foot into the room, and then stepped on a section of the charred carpet. Leve hit one. Spanky threw more poo. Schmidt stepped over to the corner and hit a couch which became another blob then hit the pudding beside it, killing it. Locke healed Izelda. Izelda moved her fire to an ottoman, turning it into another blob. The blob that used to be an ottoman slammed Locke.

Verika walked in and hit a chair with her great axe. Leve hit a blob, damaging his weapon. Schmidt hit a blob twice. Locke missed. Izelda moved her fire and hit another thing that turned into a blob. A pudding missed Izelda. A fungus hit leve and tried to grab him.

Verika ducked tentacles and hit then missed the thing trying to grab Leve. Leve stepped to the side and cured himself. Schmidt killed the thing trying to grab Leve. Locke hit the blob next to him and Izelda twice. Izelda hit another blob thing. It hit her back. The other missed Locke.

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